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Did You Do the Napkin Tops? (Lisa Doyle, 1991)
A humorous account of the artisf s crummy-sut-high paymg jobs Utilizing repetitive edit-ng techniques and a rambling, ranting voiceover, the film takes a tongue-in-cheek ook at that daily phenomenon … Read more

... ... In December 1985 two Nevada teenagers car­ried out a suicide pact in the playground of a local church. Ray Belknap succeeded in blow­ing his brains out, but James Vance survived with … Read more

EDWARD II (Derek Jarman, 1991)
Anyone who has followed with interest the films of Derek Jarman will find cause for dehght m Edward II It seems to be the culmina­tion of everything the bold British director has been toying with… Read more

Eggshells (Mariana Rondon, 1991)
A woman sells tickets in a seedy art-deco cine­ma, as voices from a passionate melodrama float through the foyer, disembodied. The clean­er, reflected and distorted in a mirror, becomes the f… Read more

Final Payment (David Evans, 1991)
A farmhouse in New South Wales and a man and woman lie dead from gunshot wounds. Forensic scientists begin to reconstruct the crime, but somehow the clues don't add up. The time of death becomes cruc… Read more

First Comes Love (Su Friedrich, 1991)
Last year's Grand Prix winner Su Friedrich (Sink or Swim), returns with something of a departure from her usual style First Comes Love uses footage shot at weddings, married with a soundtrack of pop-… Read more

Flitters (Christopher Tuckfield, 1991)
Flitters concerns the special quality of two brother's friendship as one of them is placed in an institution. ... Read more

Franz Kafka (Piotr Dumala, 1991)
Black and-white images show Kafka's world through the eyes of his childhood and sexual­ly-aware adolescence, up to his creative period (occasionally taking his viewpoint from that of an insect) T… Read more

Freud (Tanja George, 1991)
1898, a cold winter's night in Vienna. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, has finally arrived at his theory of dream analysis. ... Read more

Give AIDS the Freeze (Cathy Joritz, 1991)
Give AIDS the Freeze is an extremely entertaining scratchfilm animation. To the tune of Frank Sinatra's Strangers in the Night it provides some sober advice on how to stop the spread of the AIDS viru… Read more

Gold (Klaus Weller, 1991)
Gold is a precious commodity, it playfully transforms as it changes hands It falls like rain, enchants like music. The piece of gold which passeth all understanding be amongst you and remain with you… Read more

Gritty (Maeve Woods, 1991)
When seen on screen this beach becomes something like lunar beach, yet film heightens the intensity of all the beach's separate sensations. The calm water has an even more unctious surface, the sun's… Read more

GUILTY BY SUSPICION (Irwin Winkler, 1991)
Veteran producer Irwin Winkler makes an assured writing - directing debut with this involving drama about Hollywood professionals affected by the insidious blacklists of the early 1950's, the infamou… Read more

HANA-BI (FIREWORKS) (Takeshi Kitano, 1991)
Police detective Nishi (Takeshi) ditches stakeout duty with his partner and best friend Horibe to visit his wife in hospital. During the visit he is informed that his wife's condition is incurable an… Read more

Hassan (Virginia Pitts, 1991)
The occupied west bank. Curfew has fallen. Hassan has not returned home. There are gun­shots in the streets... (JB) ... Read more

Hear My Cry (Maciej Drygas, 1991)
On Polish national day, 1968, Ryszard Siwiec self immolated in front of thousands of people in a Warsaw stadium. He was protesting the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact forces. The world rema… Read more

HEARTS OF DARKNESS: A FILMMAKER'S APOCALYPSE (Fax Bahr, George Hickenlooper, 1991)
Like Gone With The Wind, Cleopatra and Heaven's Gate, Apocalypse Now had one of the most troubled shoots in cinematic lore. Eleanor Coppola had been on most of her husband's previous shoots, but for … Read more

HEROES OF OUR TIME (Catherine Marciniak, Cathy Menkel, 1991)
Early last year the filmmakers approached Greenpeace Australia with the idea of filming an inside look at how Greenpeace was undergoing a major resurgence and upping its profile as a watchdog on Aust… Read more

Leo Berkeley's debut feature is a leisurely tale, enlivened by its singular sense of humour and passages of technical brilliance which recall the best of the French New Wave. The film focuses on the … Read more

Homage by Assassination (Elia Suleiman, 1991)
The filmmaker in his apartment in New York awaits news of his family in Nazareth during the Persian Gulf War. Television reports the missile attacks from Iraq are landing in Israel. The filmmaker's h… Read more

Home Stories (Matthias Mueller, 1991)
An adept collage of footage culled from various Hollywood films of the early 1950's and 1960's (Sirk's melodramas, Hitchcock's psycho-sexual thrillers.) It provides an incisive commentary on this dom… Read more

This low-budget film, with English and Dutch dialogue, concerns a group of lovesick losers in a very unglamorous Amsterdam. Their 'hardboiled but tragicomic adventures' lend the film its raffish sens… Read more

HOW'S BUSINESS (Colin Finbrow, 1991)
From the director of Hard Road and Doombeach comes the latest feature from the Children's Film and Television Unit in Britain. How stays busy making business deals and dodging bombs during the raids … Read more

IL CAPITANO (Jan Troell, 1991)
A tense triple murder tale straight from the Swedish newspaper headlines. ... Renowned Swedish director Jan Troell (Oscar-nominated for The Emigrants) examines the dark dynamic between a couple of ki… Read more

In and Out of Time (Elizabeth Finlayson, 1991)
This sensitive study of the filmmaker's grand­mother who has Alzheimers disease, explores the nature of time and memory. The tyranny of memory loss means that she, an accomplished portrait artist… Read more

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