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Films In 1991

... ... A world of B-girls and B-boys, browners, normals, thrashers, posers and posses. In this 'Canadian 35-Up', filmmakers Adrienne Mitchell and Janis Lundman document the day-to-day lives of five, fifteen-year-old girls over the course of one year. ... ... ... Talk 16 shows the unique conflicts ... Read more
... ... Shinya Tsukamoto's original Tetsuo: The Iron Man, was a hyper-energized account of a young man who suddenly discovers that his body parts have been replaced with sharp metal blades. Little seen outside of Japan (and, when it was, without subtitles), the first Tetsuo looks more like a ... Read more
Jan Oxenberg's latest film is a deeply moving journey into the life of her family on the eve of her grandmother's death. An intense personal diary, Thank You and Good Night documents an extended period of time during Grandma Mae Joffe's illness. ... Oxenberg balances verite footage of the family ... Read more
The films of Atom Egoyan (Family Viewing, Next of Kin, Speaking Parts, seen at previous MFFs) depict a claustrophobic universe of dys­functional families wrestling with neurotic sex­ual drives, individuals simulating their media-generated projections and stifling mid­dle-class ... Read more
In a dark subterranean landscape the amphib­ian has lost its way Highly textural and atmo­spheric animation blended with a comical creepmess (RS) ... Read more
We all know the Wright brothers were the first people to fly. ..but who was the second? ... Read more
Young Rory sees no harm in taking the size­able carp he has caught to a new home in the family bathtub Finally everyone must bathe Guided by the surreal creatures of his imagina­tion, Rory decides what to do (CB) ... Read more
The men on this factory floor resemble roosters with their preening and combing Who will get the beautiful girl? A highly comical tale of haute coiffure and obsessive love. Our hero must overcome his absurd fixation with hair and its violent consequences (CB) ... Read more
Madame Bnssonskaya's only daughter Tatyana and grand-daughter, Sophie, have for­gotten to come to her birthday party The old lady (a former Lithuanian Ballerina) decides to celebrate her birthday on her own Sophie, left alone, dresses up in a tutu and has her own lit­tle party Both parties ... Read more
A rivetting and intimate docudrama about the casually intertwined lives of two women only just surviving on the frmge of society Director Pat Baum has a keen eye for simple yet dra­matic images and these are captured in the stark hues of black and white by cinematographer John Campbell &mdash ... Read more
A modern-day romance begins with a rendezvous in a bar between a man and a woman. She is surprisingly frank about her past, he a perfect listener... a professional. (GWC) ... Read more
Thai cinema may be one of the great unknowns in Western film study but a healthy national industry exists, making polished and popular films. Its international profile has been hampered by governmental indifference and producer reluctance to make films available or to subtitle them, however over ... Read more
... ... Uh-oh. Angus can't communicate with Julia, his gorgeous, strapping girlfriend His dad, the wheedling Dr Jack Snack, is keep­ing more secrets than he should. Mom's sud­den re-upholstery project has thrown the family into chaos. The dog died. And worse, nobody can dance. There's a ... Read more
... ... Niagara Falls. Eighth wonder of the world. Kitsch capital of Canada. Hundreds of metric tonnes of cascading cliche per minute. The Falls captures the terrible beauty of this natural marvel, the crass industries that have risen up around it, and the odd obsessions of the people drawn to it ... Read more
... ... Featuring a stunning cast and the assured hand of director Ben Lewm, The Favour, The Watch and The Very Big Fish is a surreal and romantic comedy based on Marcel Ayme's book Samt-Sulplice. This area of Paris used to be lined with shops selling religious artifacts ranging from statues and ... Read more
... ... During the last years of the Pinochet regime m Chile, a mathematics teacher, Ramiro Orellana (Patricio Contreras) is banished to the backward, rain-soaked island La Frontera It is a rough, desolate land bearing the imprint of natural catastrophes, it is the bottom of Ameri­ca, the end ... Read more
Life is tough, battling the bad guys in the wild west of Yorkshire A new supermarket threatens the livelihood of an Indian grocer's family, but the son decides to fight back against financial rum Watch out for the shop­ping trolleys on the ridge (RR) ... Read more
A great deal of material has been produced recently on the Greenhouse effect, but one group of people, who stand to be the most affected by it, seem to have missed out... the early teens. ... A positive and colourful look at environmental issues and some possible solutions. ... Read more
The coastline of Lithuania is also the border of the USSR Every day the USSR army drives a tractor with a harrower along the beach, smoothing and cleaning the sand so that enemy footsteps will show up in the smooth surface. This way they can tell if anyone cross­es it — spies, terrorists ... Read more
House Of Science explores the discovery of the psyche, and examines the 'guilt' inherent in such discovery, particularly in the stages of puberty for the western woman. It is a disturb­ing discovery, and a remarkable exposition. It demonstrates Sachs' natural gifts as an autobiographer, a ... Read more
... ... While travelogues have become the joke of film history, there is a wonderfully per­sonal sort of travel film — the memoir or essay — that is still very rare in cinema. In this spe­cial type of film, the author's or narrator's ideas share equal billing with the surprises ... Read more
1990's computer animation creates a comic par­ody of a 1950's detective story. The massive technology behind this simulated period piece is never boasted, as content, style and an old fashioned punch-line dominate this film. Can the invisible detective.find what he needs to satisfy his true ... Read more
A black comedy about the white right in South Africa. The Leader, His Driver and The Driver's Wife, examines issues of white racism from the oblique angle of the innocent documentary maker abroad. Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield set out to make a film in the spirit of Springtime for ... Read more
A tale of epic proportions depicting romance, revolution and sordid activity in political back rooms. An essay on the relationship between good books, popularity and power. ... Read more
Bertolt Brecht is a catfish and Lotte Lenya's a black lesbian docomaker in this wild and crazy all singing, all dancing musical satire, on the set of "Monsters", a telemovie about gay-bashing from Candian enfant-terrible, John Greyson. ... Read more
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