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Films In 1991

The Match That Started My Fire is a joyous hymn to the female orgasm — as unwittingly discovered and experienced by women in their childhood and early teens. Climbing a rope, descending a slide, being stung by insects...a host of women tell, on the soundtrack, their hilarious anecdotes of the ... Read more
In Thaddeus Grimm's comic strip factory, there is no rest for the funny. Then, one miser­able day, the Midas Touch company sends downtrodden cartoonist Archibald Scoggins a pen to change lives. Scoggins thinks he has fantasyland made but, as they say, th-that's not all folks... (SB) ... Read more
For many centuries elopement in the Middle East has been the only alternative for women who object to pre-arranged marriage. If the woman is caught while eloping, she is either brought back home, or killed on the spot by members of her community. The film offers an insight into the fate of women ... Read more
Ali needs a job. Reza needs it more. There is only one opening in the printing shop where they have both been taken on trial, after impassioned pleas from uncles and neighbours have got them through the door. ... On this simple premise director Alireza Davudnezhad has mounted a sensitive story that ... Read more
Three Latino boys who scrounge for a Dicken­son scrap merchant to help their families sur­vive, discover a horse and decide to keep it. Using one location — a slice of urban waste­land — and the simplest of narratives, the film plays out a small drama of poverty and an ... Read more
... ... The Party takes place over the course of a drunken evening in a yuppie couple's home. The film's alternate title. Nature Morte (still life) reveals a clue to the status of the cou­ple's relationship. Queenie and Burrsie have been living together for some time. They wake up in the ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
... ... The rapture with which this very strange film is concerned is the experience, antici­pated by some fundamentalist Christians, of meeting Christ midway in the air upon his return to the Earth. (The saved are the first to leave Earth, spared Tribulation and Armaged­don which follow.) ... Read more
A nice little house in a working class suburb of Luxembourg city. One day the government decides to build a bridge to connect the old town with a new area, where they are building the offices of the European Community. The only problem is that this bridge passes right over a house, a garden and a ... Read more
"The streets down there are full of sick peo­ple." Dad bars the window and bolts the door against the siege from without, then begins his own siege at home. But as he hammers his son's locked bedroom door, the whole apart­ment building shakes with his rage until cracks appear...A fairytale ... Read more
One of Easter Island's ancient stone Gods comes to life, and discovers that the modern world is no place to be worshipped. The Secret Of Easter Island is a wordless cinematic gem from Jeff Berry — a tall tale of ancient statues, air travel and beer! (LJ) ... Read more
... ... The great Indian director Satyajit Ray died in April, shortly after receiving an Oscar for his lifetime achievements. His last film,The Stranger, is a deceptively simple but affecting moral story, and a fine. Parting from the esteemed filmmaker who was a guest of this festival in 1966. ... Read more
Everybody on the block wants to be famous, don't they? ... A new short from the director of The Unbelievable Truth and Trust. ... Read more
A young Iranian woman meets with an under­ground leader under the cloak of London's cold night. Her mission to seduce a suspect businessman to find the traitor in their midst Religion, sexuality, and revolutionary politics, meld, crystallize and shatter in the veiled spy's story (RR) ... Read more
... ... Minneapolis is a place rarely associated with filmmaking. Yet it's unquestionably home sweet home to director, writer and editor Eric Tretbar, who seems to know the territory like the back of his hand — from landmarks like Lyle's Liquor and Grill and a strange memorial to a spoon ... Read more
This true story of the transformation of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia has the feel of an anaent fable Blind, 90-year-old Baba Damtew xecalls the changes m his valley from child­hood through the dreadful years of famine, and the possibilities of the future. Beautifully shot and carefully ... Read more
"The ecstasy of vertigo lays down my body into the ashes from my silent wedding..." ... Read more
"In the beginning we were unsure. Would it even work? With the news of our success, we were at first relieved. But then, what fol­lowed...the horror. What have we done? What have we invented?" (HB) ... Read more
Evocative and haunting vision of individual isolation. Set in the bleak American mid-west of desolate highways, hospitals and hotels, this nine-minute film manages to traverse the dan­gerous terrain of gender construction, illness and death, in a style that resonates in the mind long after the ... Read more
Bobby's return to society from prison is jolted by he calling and threats of Ruby, his mysterious and jilted lover After delicately dumping Ruby, Bobby must decide between the safety and security of his family, and the unchartered waters of new and risky love Starring one of New York's hottest new ... Read more
The bar room is reflected in the mirror, like a scene from Manet's Bar at The Folies Bergere," but it isn't a mirror it's a hologram. ... Paula Dawson travels on a train through strange territory and leads us, the other passengers, through the equally strange high tech territory of her art form ... Read more
A man wakes up, he goes to work. Everywhere he goes to he encounters pollution. By taking this psychedelic 'trip' into a surreal world you are reminded and even warned to protect the environment. ... Read more
Traces explores the theme of cultural disguise on several layers visually through the metaphor of clothing, through a narration highlighting both an individual's denial and a nation's reclamation, and musically, through the blending of traditional African music mto later forms of North American ... Read more
Part of the award winning "Long Ago and Far Away" series made for children by the Public Broadcasting Service in the USA, Uncle Ele­phant tells the story of a young boys blossom­ing relationship with his Uncle. ... Read more
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