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Falstaff on the Moon (Robinson Savary, 1993)
Falstaff is dying, he requests the moon, so he asks his daughter. Why would Dad want the moon on his deathbed. An offbeat French short full of wonder and feeling. ... Read more

FEARLESS - THE HUNTERWALI STORY (Riyard Vinci Wadia, 1993)
"HEYYY!" she would belt out her trademark cry, and briskly proceed to whip men, toss them over her shoulders, and punch them in their collective solar plexuses. She would swing from chandeliers, thro… Read more

Field Trip (Adva Magal, Eyal Benbensity, 1993)
Yael and Natalie run away from their annual school excursion in search of adventure. Their runaway adventure eventuates as more than they had intended. How will they deal with guilt? What will they d… Read more

Folded Follies (Van McElwee, 1993)
The rigorously experimental Folded Follies is an improvisation on Bernard Ischumi's decon-structionist follies at Pare la Villette in Paris. The structures, which the architect has described as "post… Read more

FONG SAI YUK (Corey Yuen, 1993)
"Jet Li stars as irascible folk legend Fong Sai Yuk in Corey Yuen's period martial arts riot. Li's charisma and agility have never been more perfectly showcased, and Josephine Siao Fong-Fong is equal… Read more

For Starters (Marc-Henri Du Fresne, François Morel, 1993)
Maurice and Lucien live in the same street in the same suburb. One is single, the other a widower. They probably have nothing in common but that they both value frankness and plain speech. A wry come… Read more

Franz Kafka's It's A Wonderful Life (Peter Capaldi, 1993)
"As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning he found himself transformed into a gigantic..." - what? In his Prague garret, Kafka is tormented by noisy neighbours, writer's block and a sinister stranger search… Read more

Franz Müller's Spring of Wire (Heinrich Sabl, 1993)
Puppet animation which explores the world of Dada, with numerous references to the artist Kurt Schwitters, in the context of animation as social document. Like Vertov, Sabl adopts the role of Man as … Read more

Frickenstein (Stephen Gurban, 1993)
A Frankenstein spoof with a social comment that twists. Fun time animation - what a treat! Anyone call Dial A Chicken? ... Read more

FROM THE EAST (Chantal Akerman, 1993)
This stylised documentary from the (always art) House of Akerman is the product of the director's travels from East Germany to Moscow shot over some six months. Without the conventional documentary t… Read more

Girl From Moush (Garine Torossian, 1993)
A wild mesh of traditional images of the Armenian landscape set against a haunting voice-over of longing, Garine Torossian's almost cubist collage technique edits and disassembles its images with a p… Read more

GO FISH (Rose Troche, 1993)
No fishing expedition, this first feature is an insider view of lesbian life in the nineties by a writer and filmmaker team who are as good at angst as they are at irony. Go Fish has already been dub… Read more

GRIEF (Richard Glatzer, 1993)
Schizophrenic opera divas, circus performing lesbians and Tourette Syndrome sufferers, these are the characters that Mark (story editor for a sleazy daytime TV court soap) conjures up to fuel the his… Read more

Haunts of the Olde Country (Keith Melton, 1993)
Eleven year old Anthony is on vacation with his family in the 'olde' country where, together, they all visit an old castle. After being banished to the bus for his alleged misbehaviour, Anthony's rea… Read more

Haze (Tim Bridwell, 1993)
In July of 1969, Jimi Hendrix visited the city of Essaouira on Morocco's Atlantic coast. More than twenty-five years later, Jimi's music still reverberates from the cafes. A 'documentary' crew come t… Read more

Heart of Pearl (Andrew G. Taylor, 1993)
Protected by dense tropical jungle a Japanese soldier maintains a fragile defence against the passage of time, immersing himself in imperial and domestic ritual. Expressive visuals tell the story of … Read more

HIGH BOOT BENNY (Joe Comerford, 1993)
With his third feature, Irish director Joe Comerford constructs a powerful allegory on a conflict which has, over the decades, produced more deception than truth. ... Murder, retribution and betrayal… Read more

Holding The Viewer (Tony Hill, 1993)
A trick film of roller-coaster cinematic spin-outs and precarious unbalancing of both camera and viewer. ... Read more

Hoping For Better Times (Jonas Raeber, 1993)
A malfunction in the industry of big business creates an evil and deathly solution. Thematically appropriate to the politics of today the bold, hard-edged graphic quality of this eel animation suits … Read more

How to Make a Decision (Matt Brunner, 1993)
What would you take, the money or the box? A computer animation that reveals the human factor behind the techno wizardry. ... Read more

I CAN’T SLEEP (Claire Denis, 1993)
Though ostensibly based on a true story-of the 'Granny Killer' Thierry Paufin, who terrorised the outer arrondisements of Paris in the late 1980s, murdering a string of elderly women—Denis here… Read more

If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now (Marina McDougall, 1993)
Archival and original footage is mixed to describe architectural, automotive and electronic realms that have shaped the great American nomadic experience. From mobile billboards to karaoke machines, … Read more

In Cuba They're Still Dancing (Richard Downes, 1993)
Agnes McLean is a life-long socialist and aficionado of Latin dancing. The film follows her from her modern sequence dance class in Glasgow's Pollok Centre to the famous Tropicana nightclub in Havana… Read more

Intermezzo (Daniel Guyonnet, 1993)
A playful series of five short animated exercises - from the fun parlour to Palm Beach. The witty concepts are stylishly executed and tautly paced. ... Read more

JAMES ELLROY (Reinhard Jud, 1993)
The legion of James Ellroy fans could require nothing more of this Austrian canonisation of their hero, the uninitiated no better primer. A 'mood' documentary, Jud's film seeks to be more than simple… Read more

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