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Jerusalem - Rhythm of a Distant City (Dan Geva, 1993)
So, this is what Jerusalem looks like from a bread delivery push-cart? Some great steadi-cam work and editing propel us through this ancient city's back streets and market places; from the strange tr… Read more

JOANE'S LAW (Dominique Faix, Dobrivoie Kerpenisan, 1993)
Director/writer Dobrivoie Kerpenisan spent his childhood in a remote, rural Romanian village. Joane's Law retraces his steps on a journey to the village, and his relatives, after an absence of over t… Read more

Just Desserts (Monica Pellizzari, 1993)
While Maria Stroppi is discovering her body and her sexuality, her mother is in the kitchen. Maria's first period is evoked through the crushing of grapes for wine and making of Venetian fritters par… Read more

Kanada (Mike Hoolboom, 1993)
Prolific Canadian experimental filmmaker and activist, Hoolboom turns his hand to an ambitious multi-narrative tale of his country as collectively traumatised by war, greed, gender difference and hig… Read more

KANEHSATAKE: 270 YEARS OF RESISTANCE (Alanis Obomsawin, 1993)
Kanehsatake: 270 Years Of Resistance (Winner of Best Canadian Feature Award 1993 Toronto Film Festival) provides searing images for the standoff between the Mohawks of Kanehsatake and the forces of t… Read more

Karaiba (Lea Zagury, 1993)
Lea Zagury is a Brazilian filmmaker who has been living and working in the United States for some fifteen years. ... In a series of collages and stop-motion, she explores the relationship between Bra… Read more

Khajuraho (Pan Nalin, 1993)
Myths and mysteries of love surround Khajuraho, the ancient site of a sacred Hindu temple of ecstasy. Here, man has attempted for centuries to find Liberation through Love, Deliverance through Desire… Read more

Kissing Time (Frederic Cassidy, 1993)
A 'reverential and referential' tribute to the silent film say the filmmakers. Kissing Time beautifully captures the concerns and con­straints of this oft neglected genre. Black cats, mild dreams… Read more

Kitchen (Pamela Woods, 1993)
Ford Maddox Ford's kitchen tableau evokes a disquieting atmosphere of the forbidden world of adulthood. Pamela Woods' animation uses three-dimensional objects and cut-outs to emphasize the unsettling… Read more

KO Kid (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 1993)
Synopsis not available Read more

Lady (Ira Sachs, 1993)
Performing gender and reframing the fictional/ factual film debate, Lady is an intriguing blend of 70s-style mockumentary and confessional melodrama. Is the Lady of the title a woman playing a man pl… Read more

Lallie (Melanie Coombs, 1993)
"Lallie is a film about my grandmother, Lallie Coombs. Her stories about her life were always deemed inaccurate by the rest of the family. I remember my father saying, 'Mother, You never let the trut… Read more

Le Criminel (Gianluigi Toccafondo, 1993)
With clear references to film noir, Toccafondo presents a masterwork of animation that has both a luminosity and a richness of texture. Accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack, Le Criminel explores … Read more

LETTERS FOR AN ANGEL (Garin Nugroho, 1993)
Garin Nugroho's evocative feature, Letters For An Angel, was shot on Sumba, one of the chain of islands in the Nusa Tenggara group, stretching from Bali to Timor. The film mixes documentary and ficti… Read more

Life Forms (Georgia Wallace-Crabbe, 1993)
A young girl surrounded by the ever changing life-cycle of nature must contend with changes in her own life, as she learns that adulthood is a macro-world in which the rules are often bro­ken. ... Read more

LIFE IS IMPOSSIBLE (John Lynch, 1993)
How did life begin on Earth? When science seems to know so much, why has this great question been impossible to answer? Microfossils found in rock show that life was underway four billion years ago, … Read more

This is a beautifully executed film about life, dreams, homeland, journeys and the told through the letters of a mother in Denmark, as her son travels across the open plains and deser… Read more

Lipstick (Harriet McKern, 1993)
Australian women speak out: all you've ever wanted to know about red lipstick, and more. A fast, snappy 'microdoc' that moves between the tongue-in-cheek, the inside story, and good ol' exotic Vogue-… Read more

Little Wolf (An Vrombaut, 1993)
A humorous animation about a group of wolf-like creatures. Through some folly, the smallest member of the pack goes the highest. But having jumped so high, the little wolf now has far to fall... ... Read more

Living on the Comet (Kathy Smith, 1993)
"The Comet is a metaphorical image — sym­bolising the cycle of life." This animation by Australian artist, Kathy Smith, examines the way we interpret and evaluate the patterns of our lives … Read more

LOADED (Helen Bowden, Susan MacKinnon, 1993)
Loaded gets under the skin of the men (and some women) whose lives are immersed in gun culture. At once inviting us to appreciate their passion and obsession for weapons, while simultaneously provoki… Read more

LONDON (Patrick Keiller, 1993)
"The true identity of London is in its absence. As a city, it no longer exists. In this alone it is truly modern: London was the first metropolis to disappear ." ... Rather like following literary, a… Read more

Long River (Reynold Weidenaar, 1993)
A new work from upstate New York's Experimental TV Centre, it is one of a wave of recent American short films often besotted by a certain Pacific-rim 'new Orientalism'. Most of these pieces float in … Read more

MAN TO MAN (John Maybury, 1993)
An inventive, visual powerhouse, Man To Man brings to the screen Manfred Karge's one-woman play, Jacke wie Hose. The tour-de-force performance from the remarkable Tilda Swinton (who illuminated the s… Read more

MATINEE (1993) (Joe Dante, 1993)
“In this funny, philosophical salute to B-movies and the B-Moguls who made them, Dante looks back fondly on growing up with the apocalypse always in your mind.” - Washington Post ... Genial, Will… Read more

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