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Pro and Con (Joanna Priestley, Joan Gratz, 1993)
This kaleidoscope of animation techniques combining drawings, 2-D puppets, rotoscoping, object animation, cel animation and clay painting is an innovative animation-documentary that explores the real… Read more

PUBLIC ACCESS (Bryan Singer, 1993)
Bryan Singer's debut feature (a controversial Co-winner Grand Jury Prize 1993 Sundance Film Festival) is an edgy tale of the seething morass lurking beneath seamless surfaces, whether they be of smal… Read more

Picture a group of schoolchildren eating their lunch around a table. Within seconds a cloud of thick white smoke (DDT) engulfs them. Some of the images in this film will rock the sensibilities of the… Read more

RAP, RACE AND EQUALITY (Stephen Elliott, Grant Elliott, 1993)
Is Rap the Devil's music, mindless and often unintelligible, or a dangerous battle cry for increasingly tribalised and disaffected Black American youth? In the case of the early 80s release of Grandm… Read more

Remembrance of Things Fast (John Maybury, 1993)
This witty barrage of sexual diversity and media mayhem juxtaposes gay self-perception with the view from outside. The control exercised by the media over all aspects of contemporary society is cleve… Read more

Rewind: It Could Have Been Me (Lorie Loeb, 1993)
An eloquent portrayal of a 'one parent family' meeting the Welfare Warfare State . ... Read more

RIVER OF GRASS (Kelly Reichardt, 1993)
"A road movie that goes nowhere, a love story without the love, a crime story without a crime." ... Borne out of the energy-sapping heat of the Florida suburban swamps, River Of Grass is a sly and kn… Read more

RIVER OF GRASS (Kelly Reichardt, 1993)
"A road movie that goes nowhere, a love story without the love, a crime story with­out a crime" ... Borne out of the energy-sapping heat of the Florida suburban swamps, River of Grass is a sly an… Read more

This dazzling feature documentary captures the incredible ceremony and cruelty of what is decried by much of the world as a bloodthirsty spectacle: the bull fight. ... A kaleidoscope of the tradition… Read more

RUBY IN PARADISE (Victor Nunez, 1993)
A wonderfully expressive character study exhibiting a thoughtfulness and concern for real life rare in American cinema, Ruby In Paradise rewards the care put into it and the patience it asks of audie… Read more

Rules of the Road (Su Friedrich, 1993)
MFF's '91's Grand Prix winner Su Friedrich's (Sink or Swmi) latest film is a slyly subversive take on dominant male car culture and the dif­ficulty of carving out a feminine or lesbian space with… Read more

Salander (Rafi Pitts, 1993)
Two soldiers come across an old man in the desert whom they attempt to interrogate. His lack of cooperation by means of absolute silence provokes disastrous results for the soldiers who fail to recog… Read more

SALWEEN (Chatrichalerm Yukol, 1993)
Through the personal moral confusion and conflicts of a young idealistic police officer, Salween highlights the terrible killing and lawlessness of the Thai-Burma border. A conflict that stretches ba… Read more

Satya: A Prayer for the Enemy (Ellen Bruno, 1993)
Since the Chinese occupied independent Tibet in 1950, more than one million people have been tortured, executed or starved to death for their role in the demonstrations against Chi­nese occupatio… Read more

Save My Lost Nigga' Soul (Clement Virgo, 1993)
The saga of a budding stand-up comic. But there's not much to laugh about when you come from 'the wrong side of Eden', and your brother has a blossoming drug addiction. This film traverses the diffic… Read more

SCHRAMM (Jörg Buttgereit, 1993)
Schramm is a guilty pleasure, a dark secret that many viewers may not admit to being ghoulishly mesmerised by. Rather than a direct descendant of almost three decades of exploitation cinema and Z-gra… Read more

SEE JACK RUN (Stephen Amis, 1993)
Set in the industrial heartland of Melbourne's Western suburbs, See Jack Run is a relevant and interesting film dealing with the difficulties faced by seventeen year old Brian Johnson as a result of … Read more

Seven Days Under Mavis (Anna Johnson, 1993)
Immobilized by a shattered back, Frank lies pinned under the decomposing body of his wife Mavis, and is forced to re-evaluate his relationship with her as his love turns to revulsion and hatred. Such… Read more

SILVERLAKE LIFE: THE VIEW FROM HERE (Tom Joslin, Peter Friedman, 1993)
When Mark Massi and Tom Joslin discovered they both were infected with the HIV/AIDS virus, Tom decided to document the progress of the disease on videotape. Joined by longtime friend Peter Friedman, … Read more

SIRGA (Patrick Grandperret, 1993)
A wondrous fable about two African children, a lion cub and their quest for freedom from slavery, Sirga takes the old-fashioned animal adventure into the realm of magic realism, moving freely between… Read more

Slave to Love (Caroline Toomey, 1993)
A writer of popular romances is frustrated when her characters assume their own lifestyle and destiny. In a surprising twist, however, erything turns out for the best in a typical Mills and Boon endi… Read more

Smart Alek (Andrew Kotting, 1993)
This visually freewheeling and quietly vicious concoction of soundscape, jump-cuts and 70s family values is a drama with not so much a twist in its tale as a total dislocation. Supposedly based on tr… Read more

SOMETHING FISHY (Tonie Marshall, 1993)
Maxime is a 40-year-old three-pack-a-day Parisian gumshoe whose personal life is as loose fitting as her wardrobe. Freewheeling, tough and independent, she travels solo with the odd sojourn in the sa… Read more

SONATINE (Takeshi Kitano, 1993)
In Sonatine writer/director/editor/star 'Beat' Takeshi consolidates his position as the most original, idiosyncratic and poetic exponent of the gangster film working anywhere in the world today. Afte… Read more

SOS Extraterrestria (Mara Mattuschka, 1993)
With the revenge of the bad girl invading just about every sub-pop cultural milieu in the white world at present, Mara Mattuschka shows us how B-grade movie mythologies, and what can only be describe… Read more

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