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Trip (Juan Pula, 1993)
A young boy rubs shoulders with a cross-section of urban life in a crowded jeepney: priest, prostitute, pregnant woman, poultry. An unusual, funny film about growing up fast on the road to Manila. ... Read more

Under the Weather (Lyn Ashby, 1993)
Clever photographic animation and nice timing lift this stop-motion film above the ordinary. Life becomes interesting for the hero when the weather becomes more than just a map in the newspaper or so… Read more

Upon the Land (Mark Alan Cairns, 1993)
A storm passes through a lonely town. In your heart you know something is terribly wrong. All four seasons change in a day - the land scorches, the sky burns, the sense of foreboding never lifts - in… Read more

Verna Appliance (Jeremy Lines, 1993)
The electrifying tale of Verna and Cosmonaut Sivik. After the shocking death of her lover, Verna is alone. Meanwhile, orbiting in space, Cosmonaut Sivik becomes bacterially infected due to a malfunct… Read more

In Video Diaries: Dying for Publicity, Chris Steele-Perkins bears witness to the infinite sorrows of Africa. At times unbearably poignant and painfully honest, he documents famine and disease in Soma… Read more

Wanna Get In On It? (Rene Haze, 1993)
Two men dance through the street, their vio­lently kinetic interaction becoming a world unto itself, mesmerising and impenetrable. An elusive and evocative performance piece. ... Read more

Wanted (Gordon Seaman, K. Daymond, Jill Battson, 1993)
A dyke, a faggot and a glamour pussy ride across Canada, tracking down and confronting well-known, socially respected homophobes in a cynical take on 'outing' and the road movie format. ... Read more

WARRIOR MARKS (Pratibha Parmar, 1993)
Pratibha Parmar (Khush, A Place Of Rage) joins with author Alice Walker (The Color Puiple, Possessing The Secret Of Joy) in a moving exploration of the cultural and political issues surrounding the p… Read more

What About Dad? (Brendan Smith, 1993)
Two teenage characters from rival television programs help each other escape the rigid confines of their stereotypes. What About Dad?, is a sometimes confronting yet very funny exploration of the lim… Read more

What's Hollywood About You? (Jan Bruck, 1993)
Sydney filmmaker and academic Jan Bruck spent seven days walking around Hollywood and other close L.A. suburbs — an extraordi­nary adventure in itself. In "an attempt to bring the image of … Read more

WHISPERING PAGES (Alexander Sokurov, 1993)
"The shape of a dark world - in both senses of the word - comes into view in slow pans which are only interrupted by cuts to a new location. We see the facades of dockland buildings, the catacomb-lik… Read more

WILD (Ross Gibson, 1993)
Wild focuses on the stories and legends of one tract of land, the Pilliga Forest in northwest New South Wales. How do the dynamic processes of history and ecology work to produce meanings, warnings a… Read more

WINDOW TO PARIS (Yuri Mamin, 1993)
... ... An intelligent, zany fantasy, as whimsical and light as air, Window to Paris nonetheless falls squarely into a whole new genre of Russian film—the comedy of capitalism. ... ... ... Like… Read more

WITTGENSTEIN (Derek Jarman, 1993)
Jarman has once again created a lush and visually stunning canvas, that explores the life and key ideologies of one of this century's most influential philosophers, Ludwig Wittgenstein. This latest a… Read more

Yolk (Michael Blanch, Ricardo Ferreiro, Melia Daw, 1993)
A surreal journey through various Bataille-informed masculine erotic and absurdist images. ... Read more

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