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Forever Young (Michael Buckley, 1994)
A strong new addition to the growing Melbourne school of animated social realism. The film views one man's rage against age with powerful poetry. ... Read more

Fragments of Grandmother (Nerida Moore, 1994)
Fragments of Grandmother is a beautifully crafted film dealing with the fragments of our lives, our families, our memories, our words, our thoughts and our possessions, and ultimately how these stran… Read more

FRANK & OLLIE (Theodore Thomas, 1994)
... ... The Walt Disney Company became the embodiment of family entertainment with its classic animated features during the 1930s, '40s and '50s. This team of creative artists trans­formed what h… Read more

FRESH (Boaz Yakin, 1994)
From the moment light suffuses the screen, director Boaz Yakin transforms what could have been just another gritty, urban scenario into something mystical and enduring. Reimagining the 'ghetto' genre… Read more

FRESH KILL (Shu Lea Cheang, 1994)
The film is a melting pot of post-post-modernists elements, its boiling plot set in a New York City of the near Future. A couple, Shareen (Sarita Choudhury - Mississippi Masala) and Claire, are raisi… Read more

FUNNY BONES (Peter Chelsom, 1994)
Much darker and quirkier than his previous film, the director of Hear My Song has cre­ated a truly marvellous comedy that manages to be a wildly comedic tale about the search for comic invention … Read more

Georgianzzz (Marina Fleurova, 1994)
A pastoral fantasy of a world which never existed, but remains an ideal in many people's hopes. ... Read more

Gernika (Inaki Elizalde, 1994)
Guernica once epitomized civilian suffering in twentieth-century warfare. Using Picasso's celebrated work as a reference point, this film evokes a contemporary world in which civil strife and distres… Read more

Gorgeous (Kaz Cooke, 1994)
Gorgeous follows the perils of Hermoine the Modern Girl as she tackles plastic surgery, beauty therapy and bulimia in a feral fit of inadequacy, brought on by her evil inner voice, Deirdre the bad fa… Read more

Growing (Alison Hempstock, 1994)
The simple pleasures of growing food in the gar­den are shown to be beautiful as well as practi­cal in this evocative hand drawn pastel animation. ... Read more

HELLO PHOTO (Nina Davenport, 1994)
When photographer Nina Davenport won a scholarship to travel to India she had no intentions of making a film. But just in case, she added an old silent movie camera and a profes­sional walkman to… Read more

His Comedy (Paul Bush, 1994)
By engraving images from Gustav Doré's 19th-century woodblock engravings of Dante's Divine Comedy directly onto the surface of 35mm filmstock the film follows the poet Dante as he is taken through t… Read more

Home (David Ofek, 1994)
Three generations of a family are confined into an exiled space. Sealed in their living room they watch the bombing of Baghdad and their old home on the television. ... A subtle insight into differin… Read more

Hunt for the Doomsday Asteroid (Tim Haines, 1994)
The mother of all natural disasters might well be the collision of the Earth with a large asteroid. Thousands of these huge objects swarm across the Earth's orbital track around the Sun. The extincti… Read more

Hunting Season (Rolando Colla, 1994)
The desperation of persecuted and persecutors are revealed in this tale of love and the loutish efforts of a gang of neo-Nazis. Torn between her Fascist brother and the immigrant worker she loves, a … Read more

I Don't Know Where, Or When, Or How... (Zelimir Gvardiol, 1994)
Fatigue of life. Impotence. Evocative close-up images of the physical effects of age layer this film about elderly people. They are living in high inflation, small pensions and the indignity of finan… Read more

... ... Avoiding the conventions of music documen­tary, I Just Wash for Made for These Times magnifi­cently captures the essence of Beach Boy Brian Wilson's musical genius and eccentricity. A… Read more

I Love My Work (Ann Marie Fleming, 1994)
A joyful tilt at the expectations that can weigh down (literally) a single working woman. Fleming points her stick figure animation at a few of life's major small moments and creates magic. ... Read more

I Will Survive (Sean Roe, 1994)
Exposing a whole new dimension to karaoke, this bravura prick-synching performance brings a particular 90's resonance to a 70's classic . ... Read more

ICI White Male (Chris Dada, 1994)
Made by two students during their summer holidays, ICI White Male is a gritty and evocative look at a day in the life of a young man to whom crime is a natural means of supporting his drug habit. Joh… Read more

Icon (Di Cousens, 1994)
A very succinct look at statuary with a gender twist, set to a Bulgarian chant. ... Read more

Ikonostasis-Live (Thomas Steiner, 1994)
In the tradition of Walter Ruttman and Dziga Vertov, Steiner uses the camera as a brush, in the manner of conceptual art. Rarely focussed and constantly moving the camera records reflected light in a… Read more

In Memory (Abraham Ravett, 1994)
Using the only extant footage of the Lodz Ghetto in Poland, the filmmaker pays tribute to members of his own family and others who died as a result of Nazi persecution. An affecting and extraordinary… Read more

In Time of Angels (David Alexander Anderson, 1994)
Have you ever wished you could reverse time or bring dreams to life? If so, you will like this manipulation of images in real time to animation. The difference, in a Gothic sense, between fate and de… Read more

Iron Waltz (Ruth Louz, 1994)
The iron lady unplugged controls her domestics' bliss. Slave driver and chore checker, she keeps her three workers starching and steaming with her steel claddings and scorching glares. But escape is … Read more

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