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Nonno Pepe Is A Video Head (Safina Oberoi, 1994)
An old man finds new spirit after the death of his wife when he gets a video camera. A sweet, succinct look at the many parts that make up the sum of one life nearly completed. ... Read more

NOT BAD FOR A GIRL (Lisa Rose Apramian, 1994)
... ... A fascinating 'serious' exploration of all-female rock bands now referred to universally as the riot girl phenomenon. Self-styled Californian feminist psychologist Dr Lisa interviews the suit… Read more

Odd Jobs (Daniel Nettheim, 1994)
What's a bob worth these days? Clearly times are a changin'...and the scouts are keeping up with the times. "Bob a job" is not what it used to be as one unsuspecting home owner discovers. ... Read more

Off Key (Karethe Linnae, 1994)
An enigmatic encounter between a professional photographer (Atom Egoyan regular Gabnelle Rose) and a temperamental Russian concert pianist erupts with potential overtures in Karethe Linnae's beautifu… Read more

ONLY THE BRAVE (Ana Kokkinos, 1994)
Alex and Vicki are wild girls, torching hedges, smoking dope and just hanging out, both in and out of school. Allegiance is owed to no one but each other and to a plan of escaping, going to Sydney an… Read more

Our Feral Friends (Daniel Krige, 1994)
A mockumentary of miniscule proportions, drink, party, drink, drink. This piss-take of the habits of Blue Mountain hoseheads is as funny and accurate as it is cruel. ... Read more

Out of Reach (Annie Griffin, 1994)
Annie Griffin begins with a photograph of her family taken in the squeaky clean 50s it is a clas­sic all American line-up, a beaming mother and father and five cute children Griffin takes each of… Read more

Pass (Penelope Buitenhuis, 1994)
This simple story about a Nigerian immigrant who's lost his passport cleverly explores issues of racism and alienation in a foreign country. A new film from the director of Trouble (MIFF 93). ... Read more

Penguin Head – Alone Again (Anna Johnson, 1994)
A bloke with a beak gets a broken heart. Dada was never this dreamy . ... Read more

People in the House (Louise Bourque, 1994)
A dark and distilled visual dance through time and memory where religion and mortality stalk. This impressionistic shadow play of family and place is a new film from the director of Just Words MIFF' … Read more

POM POKO (Ai Gakawa, Toshi Eguchi, 1994)
Using the rich folklore of the indigenous tanuki (the fat happy 'raccoon dog' that welcomes you outside Japanese restaurants - now an endangered species in Japan), Pom Poko maps out a sociopolitical … Read more

Post Sign Post (Juanita Custance, Mark O'Rourke, 1994)
A journey from Melbourne to Darwin is rendered as discontinuous windows which multiply and glimpse snatches of landscape and road stops - all set to a backwardly processed chaotic soundtrack of feedb… Read more

PRAM FACTORY (Anna Grieve, James Manché, 1994)
The subject of Anna Grieve and James Manché's lively, stimulating documentary is not simply a building and the theatre company (The Australian Performing Group) which it housed. What emerges here is… Read more

Pretendy Bites (Jos Valdman, 1994)
There is no known cure for the bite of a teenangster. Brightly coloured images will pass before your eyes and the end will follow quickly. ... Read more

PRIEST (Antonia Bird, 1994)
... ... As topical as it is controversial, Antonia Bird's first feature tackles the contradictions and conflicts at the heart of the taboo subjects of sex­uality in the priesthood, and touched of… Read more

Proboscis (Rebecca McLean, 1994)
Penny Gosonki and her wonder nose go to town. Proboscis is a comically endearing film of imaginative proportions. A somewhat bizarre story of death, family heirlooms and being different in a beautifu… Read more

RAY COHN/JACK SMITH (Jill Godmilow, 1994)
A clash of the Titans! Roy Cohn, the homo­phobic rightwing bible thumper who came to prominence as McCarthy's right-hand man during the fifties witch-hunts, and Jack Smith, notorious underground … Read more

RED LOTUS SOCIETY (Stan Lai, 1994)
... ... From TV talk show ritual to rock stardom dreams, pop culture is the site for magic and spirituality amidst today's soulless materialism. For teenage Ahda, son of a hilariously bad quack herba… Read more

Redback (Robert Stephenson, 1994)
Resilient redback meets compulsive obsessive household pest controller with a view to mutual extermination. Ouch! ... Read more

Rew. F. Fwd (Denis Villeneuve, 1994)
Fact? Fiction? or documentary encased in the structures of elaborate fabrication In Rew F Fwd the haphazard images of memory, dream and reality can be recorded in a 'Black Box' so that experience may… Read more

RHINOSKIN: THE MAKING OF A MOVIE STAR (Tod De Pree, Dina Maria Chapman, 1994)
Taking on the Hollywood dream with th kind of guts it takes to get kicked off the lot of 20th Century Fox twice in one day, the crew of this witty look at the bottom rungs of teh American entertainme… Read more

Rhythm 94 (Renoldner Thomas, 1994)
A Muybridge-styled character walks across the screen left to right in time to a sound tone. As the pitch of the tone and its frequency changes, so does the shape and permutations of the char­acte… Read more

Robin (Magnus Carlsson, 1994)
Short strange tales about a grown-up Swedish 'Bart Simpson' Robin, who speaks with a Swedish Accent. Just as things begin to fall apart, the narrative in each story moves on quite sedately as though … Read more

Rosie's Secret (Lisa Mathews, 1994)
History does not repeat itself, Historians repeat each other. Rosie's Secret uncovers one of Australia's forgotten heroes, Rosie Foster. Talking to an array of identities, including Phillip Adams and… Read more

Rote Movie (Dirk de Bruyn, 1994)
Traveling with Rote Movie is enticingly hypnotic. The voice and visuals gradually pull you in, until you feel the emotions and isolations of the driving man. An experimental animation, utilising vari… Read more

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