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SAFE (Todd Haynes, 1994)
... ... Todd Haynes, director of Poison and the Karen Carpenter Barbie-dull film Superstar, extends his reputation as America's Foremost radical filmmaker wirh the menacingly soothing Safe Julianne M… Read more

Salsa (Margaret French, Erik-Gustaf Brilioth, 1994)
Winter snow - through the red door. It's crazy show time. See the red peppers - they're really hot. The despondent one meets feral furry ... The tumbling tomato sings a Spanish solo. … Read more

Scars (Annabelle Murphy, 1994)
A series of unpretentious short films in which young people relate first-hand the stones of acci­dents they have experienced before revealing the scars they now carry for the rest of their lives.… Read more

Scent of City (Georges Sifianos, 1994)
One of many similar rooms in a big city is a home to a woman and a cat. They live in isolation, prisoners of the environment and the prevailing urban culture. Their release is found in their imaginat… Read more

Showdown at Lot’s Wife (Halil Efrat, 1994)
An unhappy family go on a day trip to the desert. The car is stolen and they must confront not only the thieves but their own perceptions and disillusionment with themselves and each other. ... Read more

Silent Love (Josh Broecker, 1994)
On Christmas Day, Jason and Mane both wish to prove their love to one another through a gift. But neither has the money. A selfishless look at romantic love which speaks through deeds rather than wor… Read more

Sleepy Guy (Raman Hui, 1994)
A computer animation that mixes cartoon humour with the best of them. The Sleepy Guy just wants to get back to his dream romance but things just keep waking him up. ... Read more

Small Gestures (Ian Cottage, 1994)
Phoenix House, London, June 1985. Derek Jarman on a hot Summer's day in his flat; playing a musical saw, reflecting light from a gold leaf book and dressing a human skull. These brief fragments of th… Read more

Son for Sail (Jurgen Vsych, 1994)
What would you do if your parent/s asked you to repay them financially for every cent and dollar they'd ever spent on you? A comical look at a the relationship between a single father and his son, as… Read more

Spotcheck (Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, 1994)
Spotcheck is a work upon the genre of TV ads and looks at the world that advertising has wrought. A visually stimulating piece which provokes questions and thoughts. ... Read more

Stroke (Christine Jeffs, 1994)
Breast? Back? Of genius? Stroke is a splash of colour and confrontation. It's sink or swim when a lazy day at the pool turns to free-style fantasy. ... Read more

TALES FROM A HARD CITY (Kim Flitcroft, 1994)
... ... Exploitation, in its many guises, is at the heart of this gritty, often heartbreakingly humor­ous documentary (an accusation that the film itself is not immune from) about the somewhat de… Read more

Tangents (Mark Keane, Linda Keane, 1994)
An animated exploration of twentieth century abstraction and architectural icons as devel­oped in Russian Constructivism and at the Bauhaus before its closure by the Nazis 1933. Of particular int… Read more

Tattoo (Ro Milburn, 1994)
Ngal, a 19 year old Koorie boy, is caught between cultures. He lives in the city but yearns for reconnection with his ancestral heritage. Ngal was named after his dreaming, Ngalyod meaning rainbow se… Read more

TAXI TO TIMBUKTU (Christopher Walker, 1994)
From the streets of Manhattan to the edge of the Sahara, the story of Alpha Gassama and his family is the story of Africa and the world at the end of the 20th Century. "Where are you from?"asks a far… Read more

Teenage Portraits (Greta Morton, 1994)
A visual and musical celebration of contempo­rary Victorian teenagers in their social tribes. From all works of life, the country, coastal surfies, independents, private school students, mul­… Read more

THAT EYE, THE SKY (John Ruane, 1994)
... ... The first adaptation of Tim Winton's work to be made for the screen translates the evoca­tive poetry of his exquisite writing with great faith and subtlety. Amidst shades of Shane The Rai… Read more

The Bear (Bernard Nissile, 1994)
Set amidst the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd, The Bear takes us into the backstage world of a struggling actor the man who plays the bear of the title in a top drawer production … Read more

The Big Story (Tim Watts, David Stoten, 1994)
A black-and-white model animation involving three Kirk Douglases! A scenario of old movie archetypes and cliches is set Douglas as the tough newspaper editor, the brash young reporter and old hack-ea… Read more

The Body (Adam Roberts, 1994)
A young woman (Tyson) breaks into a morgue to steal a corpse. Beautifully paced and veiled in a visual symphony of shadowy blues, this understated mystery shrouds a modern adaptation of Antigone in i… Read more

The Bus (Jean-Luc Gaget, 1994)
Another one shot wonder in the style of Rope pick the cuts if you can. Elegantly crafted decep­tively simple a friendship is dissected on the way to work. But has someone missed the bus? ... Read more

... ... From the director of Homecoming (MIFF 84) and Red Dust (I990)-Yim Ho one of the leaders of the 80s Hong Kong resurgence-comes a grip­ping Chabrol-esque thriller, winner of the top prize a… Read more

THE DEVIL NEVER SLEEPS (Lourdes Portillo, 1994)
It all begins when Luli's favourite uncle Oscar dies under mysterious circumstances in Mexi­co. Luli, aka writer-director Lourdes Portillo heads south in search of some answers. What we get is a … Read more

The Devil's Book (Steven Subotnick, 1994)
The Devil's account ledger is a record of damned and captured souls. An animated film of varied (Ray-O-Grams to etchings) and unusual techniques. ... Read more

The Dig (Neil Pardington, 1994)
A wonderful depiction of an older and younger family relationship. Who understands anyone in families? Who relates or understands anymore? Sometimes the least likely family member can tap into that s… Read more

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