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Cheers (Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, 1995)
Proceeding from the mythic Northern European content of what looks like a butter commercial. Prost takes on a curiously ghoulish quality Its footage degenerates becomes solarised and is reorganised w… Read more

Chimera (Philip Hoffman, 1995)
This film consists of sections of collected dianstic images amassed through Hoffman's travels. Uluru and an incomplete parliament house for example make floating appearances. These have been gathered… Read more

... ... Framed as a road movie chronicling a return trip to New Zealand, this film starts from the fact that Sam Neill, (the only director in the series for the century of cinema whose career is actu… Read more

Clocks (Kirsten Winter, 1995)
Kirsten Winter sets images of abstract expressionism and degraded video takes to Elena Kats-Chernm's composition "Clocks", which was First performed by Ensemble Modern at the 1993 Karlsruhe Multimedi… Read more

Cocoon (Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 1995)
Beautifully shot in black and white, a gentle impressionistic film about the relentless cycle of life beginnings and endings outside and in timeless beauty and the ultimate solitude of the soul. A bi… Read more

Come (Marianne Olsen Ulrichsen, 1995)
An elderly woman reflects on her youth. A sexy story of ageless lust and deathless passion. A humorous, wistful film about time, memory and love, and fob watches, (MM) ... Read more

Cosmodrome (Fridolin Schönwiese, 1995)
Cosmodrome has serial composition, connecting its images across broad concepts of flight, light and the simple act of looking upwards. The first principle of this film is its blueness, captured in th… Read more

CYCLO (Tran Anh Hung, 1995)
... ... Director Tran Anh Hung brought rural 50s Vietnam to vibrant, poetic lire in his debut film The Scent of Green Papaya (1993) In his latest. very different film. Tran shows us the bustle and br… Read more

D-Void (Michelle Mahrer, 1995)
A blank white video screen suddenly becomes very interesting space when danced in. conceptual piece of power and precision. ... Read more

Emily's Last Date (Michael Clancy, 1995)
Emily's Last Date is an hysterical journey into the world of blind dates. Director Michael Clancy creates a series of vignettes peopled by believable yet repulsive characters. Therapy with a pyramid-… Read more

Emmy (Daniel Larrieu, 1995)
On the theme of the auto-portrait, this film presents several aspects of the same solo, danced live, shot on video and projected in 16mm Different points of view captured by the eye of a moving camer… Read more

FAT OF THE LAND (Niki Cousino, Sarah Lewison, 1995)
Five Greasy Joannes, one van and 3,000 miles is all it takes to prove that fat really is a feminist issue and that car exhaust can come up smelling like donuts. To the punter 'Trans-vesterification' … Read more

Fridge (Peter Mullan, 1995)
A backcourt in Glasgow. A prank goes wrong and a boy is trapped in a discarded fridge. In the hours that follow the responsibility. For his life falls into the hands of Alice and Rudy who are homeles… Read more

The director of the provocative Rock Hudson's Home Movies (1992), Mark Rappaport, takes n equally idiosyncratic and unconventional approach to a biographical documentary charting the career of the su… Read more

Getting Ready (Thom Osborn, 1995)
This is a remarkable debut film from London filmmaker. Thom Osborn in that it has been over thirty years in the making' Osborn shot the original black and white scenes of concert pianist. Frangcon Da… Read more

GLUED TO THE TELLY (Jo Laws, 1995)
... ... Ahhh Television! This very funny film goes where no television documentary has ever gone before, into the innermost sanctum of the Australian home-the lounge room. Glued To The Telly explores… Read more

GOOD MEN, GOOD WOMEN (Hou Hsiao-hsien, 1995)
Based on a real-life love tragedy, Good Men, Good Women continues Hou's exploration of history from the ordinary citizen's point-of-view. To this he adds his new interest, pioneered in The Puppetmast… Read more

Grandfather Cheno... and Other Stories (Juan Carlos Rulfo, 1995)
"We live off memories don't we?... And to remember is to live " states an elderly Mexican gentleman his leathery face telling as much a story as his words. The murder in 1923 of Juan Nepomuceno Perez… Read more

Grateful Dead - A Photofilm (Paul McCartney, 1995)
Working from just four rolls of black and white photographs of The Grateful Dead taken by Linda Eastman in 1967/68 (pre motor drive cameras) Paul McCartney brings the Dead back to life with computer … Read more

Great Moments in Science - Falling Cats (Andrew Horne, 1995)
Next time your cat falls out the window make sure it does it at least seven storeys up. Karl Kruszelnicki shows us how high rise buildings and open windows provide a strange way to test the aerodynam… Read more

HALVING THE BONES (Ruth Ozeki Lounsbury, 1995)
... ... At the turn of the century a Japanese girl was encouraged by her father to fulfil Japan's destiny of spreading around the world. She accepted an arranged marriage with a pioneer photographer … Read more

Happy Little Vegemites - Unauthorised (Colin Mowbray, 1995)
A tough and gritty film about friendship and homelessness, the characters and situations have a warmth humour and roundness to them without the least bit of saccarine. Shot in 16 mm black and white V… Read more

Headlong (Simon Raby, 1995)
Yet another accomplished short from New Zealand. Headlong reworks the risky road- movie genre narrowly avoiding cliche and false sentiment. ... When a daggy and 'snaggy' bloke picks up an angry and a… Read more

... ... When Heidi Fleiss was arrested in 1993 Hollywood was- terrified that she would reveal a list of star clients and set the town ablaze with gossip and scandal British documentary director par e… Read more

Hello, Hello, Hello (David Thewlis, 1995)
When copper Alf (Robert Pugh from Naked) catches artist Jo (Kathy Burke from Ab Fab) rifling through the contents of a skip late one night poetry, politics and art history head up the list of charges… Read more

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