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Hinekaro Goes on a Picnic and Blows Up Another Obelisk (Christine Parker, 1995)
Have you ever eaten mutton bird? Fished for eels with a spider's web? There's a lot more I bet you haven't done or imagined in this visually astounding work based on a short story by Ken Hulme. Hinek… Read more

Hollywood Hotel (, 1995)
Melbourne filmmaker Fiona Hergstrom was so fascinated by the inhabitants of this St Hilda hotel that she decided to move in and observe their daily life first hand. ... Funded by Film Victoria's Inde… Read more

Homing (Mike Stubbs, 1995)
Capturing the small moments that make up life for a family living on a housing estate and raising homing pigeons this deceptively simple reverie on the nature of heart and home reverberates with desi… Read more

Horse/Kappa/House (Abraham Ravett , 1995)
Horse/Kappa/House is an ambient record of the landscapes that surround several villages in Japan's Iwate Prefecture. It gives us a set of disconnected story elements, from regional folktales, that re… Read more

House/Kappa/House (Abraham Ravett, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

I'LL BE YOUR MIRROR (Edmund Coulthard, Nan Goldin, 1995)
Nan Goldin's emotionally involving auto­biographical documentary is about Paradise Lost. From the Boston drag scene of the 70s, to New York's gay heaven, this fascinating American photographer ha… Read more

... ... At last, a Chinese feature that gets to grips with everyday contemporary life. Gone is the stylised historical drama of older directors like Chen Kaige and Zhang Yimou. Like Sons (also showin… Read more

INDIAN SUMMER (Sasa Gedeon, 1995)
... ... The creative vision of directors like Sasa Gedeon ensures a sound future for Czech film With Indian Summer he tackles the perils of puberty and the initiation of an innocent 15-year-old girl.… Read more

Interview With Tallulah, Queen of the Universe (Cynthia Wells, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

Jaunt (Andrew Kotting, 1995)
Andrew Kotting's Jaunt is a documentary on a fast topological trip along the River Thames. Along the way an engaging cast of characters offer us informative morsels about their famous waterway. From … Read more

John (Genevieve Mersch, 1995)
A young woman in Brussels refuses to relinquish a summer relationship with her American boyfriend in Boston. Due in large part to the outstanding performance of Dominique Baeyens as 'Juliette', this … Read more

KOREAN CINEMA (Jang Sun-Woo, Park Ki-Yong, Samsung Nices, 1995)
... ... The film is founded on perception of the very close connection between Korea's modern history and the development of Korean cinema. Jang Sun-Woo's view of history negotiates its way around al… Read more

Larm/Noise (Trine Vester, 1995)
More than sixty years after the passing of silent films there are theorists who continue to question the relevance of sound to an essentially visual experience. ... Trine Vester s application of ambi… Read more

L’Attraction (Nubar Ghazarian, Nigel Deans, 1995)
Elusive images, sometimes familiar, often obscure, swim upon the screen and resolve into a striking and unique record of last year's Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. (TH) ... Read more

Lens Spasm (Nick Ostrovskis, 1995)
Frenetic, pulsating black-and-white reeling to spectrum-coloured configurations and animated scratched emulsion images. ... Read more

LIFE (Lawrence Johnston, 1995)
... ... After his exceptional award-winning shorts Night Out (MIFF '90) and Eternity (MIFF '94), director Lawrence Johnston's much-anticipated debut feature, Life, is an excitingly cinematic adaptati… Read more

Lightning (1995) (Joe Dante, 1995)
“I always wanted to make a western - but when I got to do it, the western was over.” - Joe Dante ... Each episode of the Norman Jewison-produced Picture Windows series was to be inspired by a wel… Read more

LIKE GRAINS OF SAND (Ryosuke Hashiguchi, 1995)
... ... In Like Grains of Sand director Ryosuke Hashiguchi orchestrates the intensity of passionate, thwarted first love into a remarkably moving film. When Kasane is transferred to a new school, she… Read more

Little Death (François Ozon, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

LITTLE SISTER (Robert Jan Westdijk, 1995)
... ... Or. sex. power and videotape—this smart and funny, pseudo home-movie set in a world of groovy Amsterdam twenty-somethings plays fast and loose with the popular notion that the Camera is… Read more

Lovely (Ruth Carr, 1995)
A remarkable first short film by second year AFTRS student Ruth Carr, Lovely is a simple poignant and compassionate pass on the fragility and brevity of human life the underbelly of the beauty indust… Read more

LUMIERE AND COMPANY (Sarah Moon, 1995)
One hundred years after the Lumiere brothers turned their invention on the world, the gauntlet has been thrown down: to use only their restored yet rudimentary hand-cranked camera, hand-made film sto… Read more

MABOROSI (Hirokazu Kore-eda, 1995)
... ... The fundamental and universal human experience of mourning and regeneration is rendered with quietly gathered power in this wonderful film about a young woman who believes that she brings dea… Read more

Macumba (Dietmar Brehm, 1995)
The Schwarzer Garten is loaded with dangerous connections. Macumba is overtly menacing, connecting ethnographical footage of tribal rituals with 70s black pornography. The montage construction is con… Read more

Maidenhead (Marie Craven, 1995)
Alice's existence is in a world where opposites collide, the mundane becomes sinister the sin­ister, mundane. Nothing is ever as easy as it first seems. Maidenhead is a series of acute observatio… Read more

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