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Samuel Beckett, Tony Woods (Tony Woods, 1995)
Who or what ends up as the subject of a biograph? The "observing ear" of conceptual painter and film maker Tony Woods constructs a Chinese box of ink Rorscharch experiments made in the sixties, a dra… Read more

Sang D'Encre (Laurent de Bartillat, 1995)
Virtuoso technique offers a glimpse inside the mind of a compulsive gambler teeming with odds calculations, combinations figures and forecasts A film in the first person. Agitated, abstract, masterfu… Read more

Sao Paulo South Border (Andrea Seligman, 1995)
Two teenage boys hang out shooting the breeze. A gunshot rings out. They don't bother to go see who got shot. Just another day tn the suburbs of Sao Paulo. Young Brazilian filmmaker, Andrea Seligmann… Read more

Scrutiny (Ian Cross, 1995)
As if working in opposition to the varying evocative mysteries of Amber City and non-places, Ian Cross' video, Scrutiny, is an iconic example of the post modernist video tradition of an assemblage of… Read more

Kurt Weill is one of the century's most indi­vidual and idiosyncratic composers. In Ger­many, his collaboration with Berthold Brecht produced both The Threepenny Opera and Mahagonny. In exile… Read more

SHINJUKU BOYS (Kim Longinotto, Jano Williams, 1995)
Kim Longinotto and Jano Williams are back Ivexplonng another gender-bending facet of the flipside to Japanese society—following on from their successful documentary on the Takarazuka Review dan… Read more

Shooting Blanks (Shawn Chappelle, Mike Hoolboom, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

SIXTEEN-OH-SIXTY (Vinicius Mainardi, 1995)
... ... In this scabrous debut feature. Sao Paulo producer/director Vinicius Mainardi takes on the Brazilian class struggle with a vengeance-sparing no one. Businessman Vittorio foils a robbery by st… Read more

Small Deaths (Lynne Ramsay, 1995)
Disturbing elegiac meditation on one girl's childhood and adolescence set in and around a Glasgow housing estate. Downbeat beautifully observed and concerned with the epiphanies which arise from the … Read more

SMALL FACES (Gilles Mackinnon, 1995)
... ... Glasgow, 1968: time for the McLean Brothers to decide where their loyalties ambitions lie. The eldest, Bobby, misses his dead dad, suffers nightmares and hangs out a local gang. Alan prefers … Read more

Small Treasures (Sarah Watt, 1995)
At once heartfelt and humorous, Sarah Watts sparkling painterly animation is a portrait of that 'hormone hell' of pregnancy and childbirth. Writ­ten with an engaging and refreshing candour the fi… Read more

Solo Talent (Andreas Fischer, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

Somebody (Marie Vermillard, 1995)
An award winning short that captures with poetic precision a sense of place and character in a barber shop over a fifteen year period on a quiet Paris street. Reminiscent of Paul Auster and possibly … Read more

SONIC OUTLAWS (Craig Baldwin, 1995)
... ... Craig Baldwin, outlaw filmmaker (Tribulation 99, O No Coronado!), has found the perfect materi­al on which to wield his mighty editing knife and vast found-footage collection. Sonic Outla… Read more

Square One (Robert Herbert, 1995)
From the makers of He & She, this cleverly-designed and shot film explores the end of a youth sub-culture, the eighties resurgence of the Mod scene. The viewer is left uneasy about which era the film… Read more

StillLiving (Caroline Weihs, Barbara Graf, Michael Domes, 1995)
A choreographed examination of the kinetic naked human body made up of three thousand photographs which are elaborately animated as a succession of poses, movements and gender metamorphoses. Highly p… Read more

String of Life (Momir Matovic, 1995)
"Observe the man from every single point. Then judge the man any way you want it, Man to man is the greatest secret ever" Nyegosh (1813 1851) Montenegrin ruler poet and philosopher. ... A family live… Read more

Surprise! (Veit Helmer, 1995)
The hand-colouring of each individual frame and the absurdist nature of the story give the film an almost cartoonish quality reminiscent of the Warner Brothers' Loony Tunes series. A man sur­roun… Read more

Swerve (Marcus Gale, 1995)
In this sharp and unsettling thriller a businessman speeding along a country highway swerves out of control. As he is changing the flat tyre he is hit over the head from behind He awakens from a haze… Read more

Sworn to the Drum: A Tribute to Francisco Aguabella (Les Blank, 1995)
... ... At the start of his brand-new documentary on master Afro-Cuban drummer and composer Francisco Aguabeila, Les Blank throws us right into the heat and passion of a 1985 Aguabeila gig at Cesar's… Read more

TALES FROM ARAB DETROIT (Joan Mandell, 1995)
... ... Joan Mandell's documentary was filmed during a visit by an Egyptian poet/story-teller to Arab-American community centre in Michigan. Sheikh Ghanim Mansour is one of the last people alive able… Read more

Taxi! (Emma Brunton, 1995)
Produced for SBS TV Taxi' is a documentary of interviews with taxi drivers at work. Shot without interviewer or narration the cabbies talk frankly about their experiences on the job. Each of the five… Read more

Tepu (Juan Francisco Urrusti, 1995)
Tepu a hermit like Indian wise man returns to Mexico City where the gringos and the half breeds have made it sick. Can it be healed and is he the one to do it? (TH) ... Read more

The Back Room (Regina Hollbacher , 1995)
The back room is a mysterious place where shafts of light fall across a darkened room; fragments of nostalgic popular songs a soundtrack for gestures in passing, moments of human exchange. Evoking dr… Read more

THE BATTLE OVER CITIZEN KANE (Thomas Lennon, Michael Epstein, 1995)
Two outsized Americans fought the battle for Citizen Kane William Randolph Hearst, 77-year-old newspaper baron, perched in a Californian castle with his concubine, Marion Davies, and Orson Welles, a … Read more

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