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The Black Room (Regina Hollbacher, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE BUDDHA OF SUBURBIA (Roger Michell, 1995)
... ... Originally made for the BBC as a four episode mini series, author/screen writer Hanil Kureishi brings all the wicked humour and bold strokes of My Beautiful Laundretle and Sammy & Rosie Get l… Read more

THE CELLULOID CLOSET (Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman, 1995)
The late Vito Russo's ground breaking book The Celluliod Closet explored and critiqued a history of the on-screen representation; of gay men and women with a wit and perception that is admirably matc… Read more

The Child of La Ciotat (Arnaud Debrée, 1995)
A father and small son enjoy their provincial trainspotting but something is missing. An abandoned reel of super 8 film reveals images of the deceased mother images the son is sadly drawn to He incor… Read more

The End of the World in Four Seasons (Paul Driessen, 1995)
This film is magical with seriously bizarre overtones. While you may find it challenging to track eight stories simultaneously on one screen, try! Paul Driessen has taken some strange paths since wor… Read more

The Eye, Like a Strange Balloon, Mounts Towards Infinity (Guy Maddin, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE GATE OF HEAVENLY PEACE (Richard Gordon, Carma Hinton, 1995)
A lone figure confronts a tank in the largest iipublic space on earth symbol for the protest by idealistic youth against a repressive regime, provoking a bloody crackdown We all know what happened in… Read more

The Journey (Robert Gudan, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Judy Spots (Sadie Benning, 1995)
A five-part animated video for an MTV special on women's health issues. Integrating puppets, drawings, cut-outs, video and masking techniques, Benning cre­ates a pocket-size geography permeated b… Read more

The Lady of the Lake (Vera Neubauer, 1995)
Narrated by a child this film tells of the legend of a mermaid who falls in love with a man. The deceptive fairytale aspect of the film however is boldly undercut both by the vibrant and by the conte… Read more

THE LIFE OF HARRY DARE (Aleksi Vellis, 1995)
A comedy/drama set in the b(l)ackstreets of Adelaide, Aleksi Vellis' follow up to Nirvana Street Murder (MIFF 91) charts the tumultuous life of Harry Dare, a 30 year old urban-Aborigine struggling to… Read more

THE LOST GARDEN (Marquise Lepage, 1995)
... ... T ... ... ... The Lost Garden presents the life and cinema of Alice Guy-Blache, the world's first female filmmaker and unsung hero in the development of narrative cinema. She put together her… Read more

The Mule (Alex Wolfe, 1995)
In a well crafted and compact piece of filmmaking. The Mule takes a slice out of a drug runner's most crucial and stressful moment as he passes from one side of the Mexican border to another. Rich in… Read more

The Needy and the Greedy (Liz Burke, 1995)
The horse-trainer, the jockey, the bookie and the punter. Four characters tell their stories about horse-racing and gambling. This witty, inventive film looks at the place horseracing holds within Au… Read more

The Other Side of the Volcano (Ellen Ramos, 1995)
This paint-on-glass animation from the Philippines tells the story of a village destroyed by volcano and the people's struggle to hold on to happiness. With a lush overlay of colour and natural form,… Read more

THE PASSERBY (Donald McWilliams, 1995)
Every few years a film surfaces that reminds us of the often forgotten possibilities of creative filmmaking and also of what quality cinema is all about. The Passerby is such a film. Made by English-… Read more

THE SILENT SERVICE (Ryosuke Takahaski, 1995)
... ... Further proof thar Japanese animation has more faces than the wild, over-the-top stylings of the manga we've seen of late in Australia. An extraordinary film adapted from a comic that sold ov… Read more

The Story of Rosy Dock (Jeannie Baker, 1995)
The beautiful imagery of artist Jeannie Baker ani­mates The Story of Rosy Dock, the tale of an elderly woman who sets up home in the central Aus­tralian desert. In her attempt to recreate the… Read more

The Stupid Piano (Amanda Coleman, 1995)
A "fair dinkum yarn from the nineteen twenties imaginatively brought to life in the style of period lino cuts and featuring an original Aussie composition for piano. (RP) ... Read more

The Third Stroke (Daniel Nettheim, 1995)
A beautifully designed little film that shows the clock isn't running on the smart little one joke film. ... Read more

The Web 2: Homosapiens, The World (Lucinda Clutterbuck, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE WHITE BALLOON (Jafar Panahi, 1995)
... ... Much to everyone's surprise, fundamentalist hard-line Iran has been pioving that humanist cinema is alive and thriving for at least a decade now To established names like Kiarostami, Makmalba… Read more

The White Halo of the Moon (Jérome Chichet, 1995)
A short film about pigment polar opposites leaving your lover and smoking in bed. (MM) ... Read more

Thirty Five Aside (Damien O'Donnell, 1995)
Fitting into a new school is hard work particularly with a dad who can't seem to stay out of prison, some grand scale schoolyard terrorism and the biggest and most embarrasing school bag you have eve… Read more

TOKYO FIST (Shinya Tsukamoto, 1995)
... ... Shinya Tsukamoto left audiences astonished, perplexed and pulverised after his first two features Telsuo-Tfe Iron Ma« (1989) and Tetsuo-The Body Hammer (1991), One thing viewers were su… Read more

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