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Paranoia (Robert Edwards, 1996)
Asking "where's the line between healthy scepticism and lunacy?" Robert Edwards' brief essay on the place of paranoia in contemporary American culture, traverses some popular conspiracy theories with… Read more

Prelude (Chris Backhouse, 1996)
Set to the filmmaker s idiosyncratic arrangement of Bach s Air on a G String this elegant and perfectly timed piece of animation reflects the influence of fine music on the human psyche and powers of… Read more

PRETTY VILLAGE, PRETTY FLAME (Srdjan Dragojevic, 1996)
The possibility of peace in Bosnia is viewed with irony in Srdjan Dragojevic's Pretty Village, Pretty Flame, which focuses on a group of Serb soldiers before, during and after their military service.… Read more

Prick (Christopher Stollery, 1996)
Prick is a very black, black, black comedy about men dealing with the warrior within. Set in an office, a boss dominates his employee to the point of humiliation. ... Read more

PRIVATE WARS (Nick Deocampo, 1996)
In this intensely personal documentary, film­maker Nick Deocampo traces the tumultuous public history of the Philippines through its dev­astating effect on the private history of his own life… Read more

PUNCH ME IN THE STOMACH (Francine Zuckerman, 1996)
New Zealand-born comedian Deb Filler's one-woman show, Punch Me In the Stomach, has now been adapted for the cinema. A very funny roller coaster ride through her story of growing up Jewish in New Zea… Read more

Puppet Motel (Laurie Anderson, 1996)
Some might say that Laurie Anderson has always been multimedia. Her work has always been concerned with the use of technology and the individual s relationship to it. From her early one person shows … Read more

Queens for a Day (Pascal Magnin, 1996)
On the slopes of the Swiss Alps, six bodies invoke essential and powerful retelling of the story of St Luke. Portrayed mainly by explorative dance, Queens for a Day is a visual splendour. Spiritualit… Read more

Quest (Tyron Montgomery, 1996)
A creature s desperate search for water leads it through a range of surreal landscapes and false hopes Its search leads to regeneration where presumably the frustrating search resumes. Technically, a… Read more

RATS IN THE RANKS (Bob Connolly, Robin Anderson, 1996)
... ... Australia's foremost documentary filmmaker Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly, have turned their unblinking gaze from the tribe, cultures of the PNG highlands (Black Harvest,. Leahy's Neighbours… Read more

RIVER STREET (Tony Mahood, 1996)
... ... Tony Mahood's endearing first feature, set squarely in the inner suburbs of Melbourne,a gentle moral tale at odds with the temper of our times, but even more valuable for it. In his lost subs… Read more

Robert: A Fortunate Life (Alexander Sokurov, 1996)
Robert: A Fortunate Life is Sokurov's key pictorial account of the work of Hubert Robert (1733-1808), a French painter who was representative of what Sokurov calls 'classic virtuosity'. ... "Sokurov … Read more

SALSA (Rigoberto López Pego, 1996)
Presented by Isak Delgado - himself the latest hot property in Cuban salsa - this immense­ly entertaining documentary relates the story of the Latino music craze that swept the US from the 1930s … Read more

SECRETS AND LIES (Mike Leigh, 1996)
... ... On one of those rare occasions when the Cannes jury gets it right, the inimitable Mike Leigh garnered this year's Palme d'Or (Best Film), the International Critics Prize and the Best Actress … Read more

SECRETS OF THE HEART (Montxo Armendáriz Barrios, 1996)
Part suspense, part getting of wisdom, Mon­txo Armendariz Barrios's film takes place in a Spanish village during the mid-60s. Victims of a terrible crime committed long ago haunt a coun­try h… Read more

SHINE (Scott Hicks, 1996)
It is Australia, the late 1950's. A talented young teenage boy studies piano under the stern tutelage of his domineering father. Although offered a scholarship to study further in the US, his father … Read more

Shock (Zlativ Radev, 1996)
The creator loses his omnipotence in this deftly animated macho battle between the animator and his brawny sketch. The reason for their virulent duel, a mere out-line; an eye-lash battering, curvaceo… Read more

Shooting the Breeze (Christina Andreef, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

Silent City (Jesper Rasmussen, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

Sin #8 (Barbara Heller, 1996)
Remember to turn down more than just your beepers and mobile phones when entering the cinema. A word of warning from the director of last year s popular Utile Women In Transit. To avoid embarrassment… Read more

Skin (Vincent O'Connell, 1996)
Billy is a skinhead only he doesn't quite fit in. But that's what a skinhead does right in between acts of mindless violence. Billy tries to prove himself but only ends up looking silly. Then he meet… Read more

Skin Deep (Ran Tal, Etgar Keret, 1996)
Skin Deep is a beautifully told black comedy from Israel. After Shabatov gets a tattoo of a love heart with his girlfriend's name Malka across it, he pays her a surprise visit, and to his surprise - … Read more

SMALL TIME (Shane Meadows, 1996)
This gangling portrait of a group of thieving losers is imbued with an infectious, laddish humour and writer/director/actor/producer Shane Meadows' genius for character observation. Male and Jumbo, b… Read more

Song of the Solitary Drinker (Michael Zamjatnins, 1996)
Like a wood block print with movement, this naughty film noir-ish animation tells the sordid, sorry tale of twenty four hours in the life of a full time drinker. In his black and white world a squawk… Read more

SONS (Zhang Yuan, 1996)
The Li household is a typical Beijing family, and a real Beijing family too. In this sensational docudrama, they re-enact their domestic history. The confronting results make Sylvania Waters look lik… Read more

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