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Splinter (Alison Brown, 1996)
A woman's voice-over obtained through an interview tells of the range of emotions experienced by her in a psychologically damaging and physically abusing relationship. "I felt trapped by the whole th… Read more

STELLA DOES TRICKS (Coky Giedroyc, 1996)
We first see Stella - school-aged but alrear an old hand at prostitution - walking through a London park in short dress and pig­tails, ice-cream cone in hand. She calmly ser­vices a gent on a… Read more

Suicide Box (Bureau of Inverse Technology, 1996)
There is an exhilarating horrible immediacy about the Bureau of inverse Technology's Suicide Box. Formed in Melbourne in 1992, incorporated in Delaware, USA in 1997, but now based in cities across th… Read more

Sunlight Seeping In (John C. Taylor, 1996)
A curious performance is enacted by two marionettes and animated ob|ects within an artificial empty world, which is running out of time. The performance collapses while the puppeteer continues to rew… Read more

Sunset Strip (Kayla Parker, 1996)
A purely abstract animation. As implied by the title, the animator was inspired by sunsets the film was created as a day-to-day animated diary of 365 sunsets - including those obscured by clouds - by… Read more

TapTap Ruin (Marcus Bergner, 1996)
TapTap Ruin is concerned with the inter-changeability of signs with abstract images and linguistic forms with spatial forms. Writing becomes drawing and the reverse is also true. ... The film sets ou… Read more

TASTE OF CHERRY (Abbas Kiarostami, 1996)
Filmed with the piercing intensity of a parable, Iranian helmer Abbas Kiarostami's Taste of Cherry follows a desperate man on the verge of suicide who seeks someone willing to bury him discreetly. On… Read more

TASTE OF CHERRY (Abbas Kiarostami, 1996)
Winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1997, Taste of Cherry follows the plight of a desolate man, searching for someone to bury him, as he contemplates suicide. Although dark in tone, the film is und… Read more

The Birds Do a Magnificent Tune (Chris Windmill, 1996)
Marriage-it seemed like a good idea at the time, but how practical is it when you re both working at opposite ends of the clock? A poetic understated story about a relationship through notes on the h… Read more

The Book of Midnight (Thierry Binisti, 1996)
Scherazade, the heroine of A Thousand and One Nights has much in common with the heroine of this delightful short film. Each take on the treacherous responsibility of delivering stories nocturnally. … Read more

THE BROTHERS SKLADANOWSKY (Wim Wenders & students of HFF Munich, 1996)
When Max Skladanowsky's eldest daughter Lucie, confides that she misses her unde, a Juggler, when he is away touring, her father goes to work on a means by which she can always see lifelike, moving i… Read more

THE BUTLER (Anna Kannava, 1996)
A woman bakes a cake with a gun inside, and then searches frantically for some place to take it. Two teenagers roam across a barren moonscape, which turns out to be a suburban highway in the making. … Read more

THE COOLBAROO CLUB (Roger Scholes, 1996)
... ... Perth in the late 40s - a suburban community hall turns into a unique Aboriginal meeting place, the Coolbaroo Club In a city with an unofficial apartheid policy, the club was an anomaly&mdash… Read more

Song Sang-Soo's Korean comedy centres around a tangled love quartet comprised of a failed novelist, a water-filter salesman, his wife and a cinema ticket-seller. Eye level direction imparts an unsett… Read more

THE DAYTRIPPERS (Greg Mottola, 1996)
An appealing souffle of modern marriage and family tribulations, Greg Mottola's first feature rises high above the sitcom standard of so many contemporary romantic comedies. Eliza finds a poetic love… Read more

THE DELTA (Ira Sachs, 1996)
... ... Headlights sweeping dark roads on the outskirts of town. A clean-cut white boy at the wheel. Balmy nights in Memphis, down on the Missisippi delta. What are all those parked cars doing here? … Read more

THE FUNERAL (Abel Ferrara, 1996)
Bronx hard man Abel Ferrara has obsessively chronicled New York's criminal underbelly. Strip club low-lifes, corrupt cops and murderous mobsters - these are the central figures in Ferrara's neon-lit … Read more

THE KILLER CONDOM (Martin Walz, 1996)
New York. A condom holds the city hostage. The body count is rising as this living, squirming, and worst of all biting - right off! - rubber, grips the city in prophylactic panic. When Inspector Luig… Read more

THE MINISKIRTED DYNAMO (Rivka Hartman, 1996)
... ... In this captivating, perplexing portrait of mother, Dora Bialestock, filmmaker Rivi Hartman explores the wildly contradictory nature of this well known Melbourne figure Several inches less th… Read more

THE PROMISE (Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, 1996)
... ... Coming to us direct from Cannes where it was one of the few true discoveries of the year. The Promise transcends it's small scale, domestic concerns to evolve into a tough involving, but ulti… Read more

The Residents Freak Show (The Residents , 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Rumour of True Things (Paul Bush, 1996)
Many moving images are produced for science, industry commerce and medicine that are only seen by a specialised audience and disappear soon after they have been made. The purpose of this film is to f… Read more

The Search (Michael Zamjatnins, 1996)
The Earth Mother sends her son in search of his father The quest m the form of post-modern dream sequences takes the son through many adventures and places. He witnesses his own conception in a bizar… Read more

THE SQUARE CIRCLE (Amol Palekar, 1996)
"In a land where sexuality is repressed and women are commodities, one man seeks to express the woman inside, and one woman seeks to suppress her own femininity. Together they must survive the perils… Read more

The Stalker (Errol Morris, 1996)
Bill Kinsley was on the fast track with the US postal service until the day Thomas Mcllvane walked into his office with a gun. Kinsley had seen the warning signs and reprimanded Mcllvane on numerous … Read more

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