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RIEN NE VA PLUS (Claude Chabrol, 1997)
Victor and Betty - masterfully played by French screen mainstays Michel Serrault and Isabelle Huppert - are an odd couple peddling one of the oldest scams in the con artist's manual. Checking into lu… Read more

ROAD TO NHILL (Sue Brooks, 1997)
Australian films have been a highlight of the Festival of late. What seems to fascinate us most is hearing our own stories. Melbourne film­makers Sue Brooks, Alison Tilson and Sue Maslin will hav… Read more

Rubicon (Gil Alkabetz, 1997)
A riddle: A wolf, a sheep and a cabbage need to cross a river. How can you bring them across, one by one, without the sheep eating the cabbage or the wolf eating the sheep? ... Read more

SAME OLD SONG (Alain Resnais, 1997)
Simon is secretly in love with Camille, but Camille has fallen for Marc. Marc is Simon's boss, and he's trying to sell an apartment to Odile, Camille's sister. Odile is determined to buy the apartmen… Read more

SECRET DEFENSE (Jacques Rivette, 1997)
Secret Defence is a powerful and original French crime thriller about a brother and sister caught up in layers of mystery which emerges from the supposedly accidental death of their father five years… Read more

SEE THE SEA (François Ozon, 1997)
See the Sea, the most ambitious film in a recent trilogy of shorts and featurettes by prolific French director François Ozon, portrays the clash between the worlds of two women. Alone with her… Read more

Sex and Violence (Bill Plympton, 1997)
A compendium of short animated gags that push the boundaries of good taste and humour from one of America's most controversial animators. Plympton shows us the trouble confused priorities can cause, … Read more

Sick chronicles the life and art of poet and per­formance artist Bob Flanagan and his ongo­ing struggle against the scourge of Cystic Fibrosis. A gruelling and highly explicit film Sick is di… Read more

SLAM (Marc Levin, 1997)
Slam is a powerful, sensitive portrait of Raymond Joshua a talented black poet from the Washington DC projects. When he is arrested on petty drug charges, Joshua is thrown into the black hole that is… Read more

SMOKE SIGNALS (Chris Eye, 1997)
A highly emotional, immensely enjoyable and affecling film, Smoke Signals was met with a rapturous response at the London and Sundance Film Festivals. Director Chris Eyre walked off with both the cov… Read more

Special Guest Star (Geoff Hitchins, 1997)
Did Michelle really spend the night with Nick Cave, as she claims? There is indeed a hairy shape sleeping in her bed, but is it really him? It is early Sunday morning in a shared house in a Melbourne… Read more

Stage Fright (Steve Box, 1997)
A former dog juggling star of the music hall, made obsolete by the coming of cinema, has to face up to change, conquer his inner demons and move on. In his way stands Arnold Hew, the talentless and m… Read more

Staggerings (Peter Collis, 1997)
As a slow, relentless state of transformation persists across the screen, elements of the natural world are cut up and re-ordered. Based on a series of black and white collage photographs, Staggering… Read more

STATES OF CONTROL (Zack Winestine, 1997)
States of Control is a portrait of one woman's quest for emotional and spiritual authenticity. Lisa's novel has stalled; husband Abe is impo­tent; Manhattan bohemia is sterile and suffocat­in… Read more

STOLEN MOMENTS (Margaret Wescott, 1997)
Stolen Moments is perhaps the most significant and encompassing cinematic document of lesbian oppression and identity today. The film's relevance moves beyond the lesbian community to embrace broader… Read more

SUNDAY (Jonathan Nossiter, 1997)
Jonathan Nossiter's Sunday - part-psychological suspense, part-wry comedy - created a major stir when it scooped both the Grand Prize and Best Screenplay at last year's Sundance Film Festival. The st… Read more

Sunday Hungry (Lawson Bayly, 1997)
The relationship between a taxi driver and his soon-to-be-a-doctor son sours as the latter increasingly seeks independence from a father whose pride in his ungrateful child is slowly becoming envy. K… Read more

Surviving Sabu (Ian Iqbal Rashid, 1997)
With a cinema verite style, Surviving Sabu cleverly weaves a story of generational conflict between a Muslim father and his gay son. We are also introduced to archival footage of the child star Sabu … Read more

SUZAKU (Naomi Kawase, 1997)
Naomi Kawase's first feature film confirms the talent shown by her poignantly poetic prize-winning shorts. In a magnificent cedar-forested mountain setting, exquisitely filmed by veteran cameraman Ma… Read more

T.R.A.N.S.I.T (Piet Kroon, 1997)
A sumptuous animated murder mystery set in Europe in the 1920s. The narrative forms a loop running backwards through seven stories, before returning to the linking device: a trunk with stickers from … Read more

TAMAS AND JULI (Ildiko Enyedi, 1997)
"I wanted to make a simple story, to show what is really important in an individual's life. I wanted to leave a memory: Ihe way in which people lived and loved on the eve of the Year 2000 in a small … Read more

Tangerine Dream (Kerri Light, 1997)
At 20 you think you're going to conquer the world in a (nano) second. You're somewhere else entirely. Kern Light's Tangerine Dream is a witty, but also poetic, exploration of this 20-something bravad… Read more

TANO DA MORIRE (Roberta Torre, 1997)
Tano da Morire is insane! It's hilarious, it's black and it's thoroughly lush. How else to describe a self-confessed 'Mafia Gangsta Rap Musical'? Somewhere between the satire of Mel Brooks, the reali… Read more

Tea (Barney Cokeliss, 1997)
A witty and erotic short film about two great British traditions: tea-drinking and masturbation. ... Read more

THANK GOD HE MET LIZZIE (Cherie Nowlan, 1997)
Thank God He Met Lizzie has a universal theme, yet is unlike any other Australian film. Guy is in his early thirties and looking for that elusive beast - the perfect life partner. The trouble is that… Read more

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