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THE ALARMIST (Evan Dunsky, 1997)
Twenty-five year-old Tommy Hudler (David Arquette) is the quintessential boy next door: salesman of residential burglar alarm systems with a smile that conveys nothing but honesty. His boss, Heinrich… Read more

The Bell Boy (Renaud Alcalde, 1997)
An alarm clock rings, awakening our hero, the bell boy. Then, mad panic as the bell boy tries to make it to work on time. A small gem, with superb cinematography, production design and music propelli… Read more

THE BIG ONE (Michael Moore, 1997)
Just when you thought if was safe to be a miserly, exploitative, conniving Montgomery Burns-style CEO... Michael Moore is back! A giant by reputation as well as physical presence, Moore first made hi… Read more

THE BRANDON TEENA STORY (Susan Muska, Gréta Ólafsdóttir, 1997)
One of the many chilling moments in this superb lo-lo-budget documentary occurs when a veteran US marshall reluctantly admits that there are residents in his Nebraska jurisdiction that do not conside… Read more

THE BUTCHER BOY (Neil Jordan, 1997)
Based on Patrick McCabe's contemporary literary masterpiece, The Butcher Boy tells the story of 12 year-old Francie Brady, a boy whose near-fantasy world adventures with his best friend Joe differ ma… Read more

The Changing Room (Alyson Bell, 1997)
The sea, a field, a room. Memories, boundaries, observations, observers. A woman tries to make sense of her life whilst struggling against inner turmoil. Forces from within and without work upon her,… Read more

THE CRAZY STRANGER (Tony Gatlif, 1997)
The final instalment in Tony Gatlif's gypsy trilogy, The Crazy Stranger follows 1993's critical and box office winner Latchmo Drom and Mondo (1995). Stéphane is a handsome young Parisian musicologis… Read more

THE EEL (Shohei Imamura, 1997)
The Eel (winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes 1997) balances comic tragedy and drama in its telling of the rehabilitation of Takuro, released from jail after stabbing his wife eight years previous. In … Read more

The Film of Her (Bill Morrison, 1997)
In just twelve months of beautifully edited archival footage, Bill Morrison constructs a sparse and poignant narrative to remind us of how powerfully cinema taught us to see the world afresh. The res… Read more

THE FULL MONTY (Peter Cattaneo, 1997)
Robert Carlyle - forever etched in most moviegoers' memories as the psychopathic Begby in Trainspotting - is a jobless steel worker, Gaz, who dreams up an outrageous scheme to pull himself and mates … Read more

THE HANGING GARDEN (Thom Fitzgerald, 1997)
On his sister's wedding day, Sweet William returns to his rural Nova Scotian home after a ten year absence. He left as an obese, unhappy and closeted teenager; now he's a thin attractive and openly g… Read more

THE HUNT (Niek Koppen, 1997)
A scathing but subtle attack upon the time-honoured British bloodsport institution of the fox hunt. Opting to do without a judgmental narration, director Niek Koppen allows the subjects of his powerf… Read more

THE LIFE OF JESUS (Bruno Dumont, 1997)
Winner of numerous awards - including European Discovery of the Year - The Life of Jesus is startling and masterful. Freddy and his pals are unemployed, perpetually bored and, apart from their scoote… Read more

The Man from the Deep (Martin Hagbjer, 1997)
The year 2059, Christmas eve. 3000m below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean a huge water ship floats past. The lighted portholes draw us into its mysterious interior. Jack Stenberg wakes from a night… Read more

Victor Bukowski (Douglas Henshall) is an out-of-work actor with a lousy agent and a chronic communication problem with directors. His life is lurlher complicated by the fact that he is still in love … Read more

THE MIRROR (Jafar Panahi, 1997)
Jafar Panahi has once again utilised the services of youthful Mina Mohammed Khani, the utterly charming young thesp whose talents made The White Balloon the most popular feature of MIFF 1996. His sec… Read more

The Missing Link (Mark Locke, 1997)
What begins as a poorly conceived documentary by a neurotic, egotistical and not particularly talented poet/filmmaker soon becomes one of the most incisive and damning exposes on our collective obses… Read more

THE OPPOSITE OF SEX (Don Roos, 1997)
"Whether in spite of, or reaction to, the dulling effect of political correctness, there is a bold new movement in the independent film world. Comedies are leading the pack this year, and none is as … Read more

The Persistence of Memory (Anthony Atanasio, 1997)
A fast and florid dramatization of the last moments of a man's life, mixing melodrama and lyricism, terror and wonder. In Atanasio's feverish imaginings, death throes and birth trauma, mother and spi… Read more

THE REAL BLONDE (Tom DiCillo, 1997)
A cinematic satirist par excellence, Tom DiCillo delivers his most rounded, accomplished and funny film to date. DiCillo takes some familiar comic characterisations and allows his outstanding cast to… Read more

THE SALTMEN OF TIBET (Ulrike Koch, 1997)
Under the most inhospitable of conditions in one of the most remote regions in the world, director Ulrike Koch has documented the journey and rituals of a nomadic Tibetan community. The fact that she… Read more

THE SECOND CIVIL WAR (1997) (Joe Dante, 1997)
“In the years since we made this movie, virtually every element has emerged in the headlines. It never seems to date.” - Joe Dante ... Over 10 years after its release, with strong anti-immigratio… Read more

The Sheep Thief (Asif Kapadia, 1997)
Tashan, a young street kid, is caught stealing a sheep. He is branded, cast out and left for dead in the desert. He covers up his mark and is taken in by a family who give him food and a roof over hi… Read more

The Sickroom (Serge Marcotte, 1997)
Through terrible experience, a doctor has become innured to his patients' suffering. Battling a storm, a litany of surreal obstacles and his own indifference, he struggles to reach a boy with fever o… Read more

"Mark Rappaport's brilliant new film is an ironic, fascinating and intellectually daunting examination of the classic era of Hollywood studio moviemaking. The film charts the frequently cruel and per… Read more

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