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THE SPANISH PRISONER (David Mamet, 1997)
From pre-eminent playwright, screenwriter and director David Mamet comes an intriguing film which mixes greed, paranoia and power into a heady concoction leaving the viewer literally spell-bound. Joe… Read more

The Sugar Bowl (Hilde van Mieghem, 1997)
Seven year old Kristien is a well-meaning young girl from an affluent family, who has a talent for doing the wrong thing despite her best intentions. Her mother is a loving but unpredictable woman wi… Read more

THE TANGO LESSON (Sally Potter, 1997)
"This film is based on my own experience and exists perilously on the knife edge between reality and fiction. The story describes the attraction of opposites: between Anglo-Saxon and Latin American c… Read more

THE VOICE OF BERGMAN (Gunnar Bergdahl, 1997)
"An inspiring documentary, The Voice of Bergman offers a rare and fascinating opportunity to hear 79 year old Swedish master Ingmar Bergman speak for almost an hour and a half about what the cinema m… Read more

The Warhol Nation (Jakob Høgel, 1997)
Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and Andy's family's home town is no exception. Warhol was born in the States and never visited his parents' native soil but the remote Russian village has take… Read more

THE WOUNDS (Srdjan Dragojevic, 1997)
After completing his previous film, Pretty Village, Pretty Flame, director Srdjan Dragojevic vowed never to under­take another project dealing with the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Thankful… Read more

There's every likihood that this shot-on-a-shoestring first feature will be seen as a trans-Tasman version of Love and Other Catastropes. Precursors can probably be found at least one generation earl… Read more

Tulip (Rachel Griffiths, 1997)
Australian actress Rachel Griffiths proves that she can create magic from either side of the camera. Tulip is the story of William, a man who has just lost his wife of 45 years, and his relationship … Read more

Canadian director Guy Maddin burst onto the scene in 1985 with an alternately hilarious and grotesque short about grief, The Dead Father. It would be lazy to join the chorus of critics referring to M… Read more

Two Girls and a Baby (Kelli Simpson, 1997)
Kelli Simpson's latest work follows the trials of Catherine and Liz as they decide to conceive. From choosing the sperm to finding a place to store it, having a baby proves to be more difficult than … Read more

Two/Out (Kriv Stenders, 1997)
Two/Out explores the intimate and emotional friendship between two prison cellmates. Their fragile bond begins to unravel when Jack falls in love with a black plastic bag. ... Read more

UNCUT (John Greyson, 1997)
John Greyson, acclaimed Canadian director of Lilies (MIFF 97) and AIDS musical Zero Patience (1993), embraces a more experimental - though eminently accessible - style with Uncut. The scene is Ottawa… Read more

Under the Weather (Tali Prevost, 1997)
A group of happy vacationers is lounging around on a beach, but under cloudy skies things soon take a disturbing turn. ... Read more

Unexplained Phenomena (Mike Kelly, 1997)
Lorna is only 8 years old when her mother abruptly disappears without trace. The mystery of the disappearance leaves her with a fascination with the unexplained: spoon bending, spontaneous combustion… Read more

UNMADE BEDS (Nicholas Barker, 1997)
One critic has referred to Unmade Beds helmer Nicholas Barker as, 'A fly on the wall turned into a vulture,'' another as, "The most sadistic director in the UK." Strangely, the remarks were meant as … Read more

Up on the Roof (Jacqueline Turnure, 1997)
Mike is having a lousy day, however his apple-pie good nature seems to see him through each successive turn for the worse. He goes up to the rooftop of his apartment building to clear his head and fo… Read more

Voices (Trine Vester, 1997)
The disregarded atmosphere track is brought to the fore in this thought provoking abstract video from Danish film maker Trine Vester. Voices is composed of eight short experiments in sound visualisat… Read more

WACO: THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (William Gazecki, 1997)
Not since Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (MIFF 1996), has a documentary delved so deeply, thoroughly and compellingly into an incident thought closed by most. Director William G… Read more

WAR ZONE (Maggie Hadleigh-West, 1997)
War Zone tackles head-on the everyday issue of the public harassment of women. Shot throughout the USA, filmmaker Maggie Hadleigh-West turns the camera on men in the same way that they turn their sex… Read more

When I'm 21 (Andrew Wilde, 1997)
When I'm 21 is an inspired example of progressive and innovative documentary film making, a complex and poetic exploration of what it's like to be young and homeless on the streets of Glasgow. A palp… Read more

WHO THE HELL IS JULIETTE? (Carlos Marcovich, 1997)
Juliette is a lively, streetwise and pretty Cuban teenager residing in Havana. She was orphaned after her mother's suicide and father's flight to the US. Juliette, despite the fact that the reverse i… Read more

WONDERLAND (John O'Hagan, 1997)
Welcome to suburbia ground zero. In 1947, in response to the United Stales' worst housing shortage, architect William Levitt designed the world's first planned community—cheap, mass produced ho… Read more

YEAR OF THE HORSE (Jim Jarmusch, 1997)
"Neil asked me to make a video for the song Big Time from the Neil Young and Crazy Horse record Broken Arrow... Neil and the band liked the results and Neil particularly liked the rough look of the S… Read more

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