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CHILDREN OF HEAVEN (Majid Majidi, 1998)
On his way home from running errands, Ali, a school­boy from a poor family, loses his sister Zahra's newly repaired shoes. Concerned that his parents will berate him, he calls on Zahra to help ke… Read more

Claire Makes it Big (Jeremy Workman, 1998)
Did anyone ever believe Hollywood wasn't a bag of tricks? Claire has integrity, ambition and talent, a playwright boyfriend with a hot screenplay and the leading role written just for her. What more … Read more

Cold Feet (Jim Allodi, 1998)
A professional thief and his lover revisit their past and find disturbing omens for the future. With a title like Cold Feet you'd expect a 'cool' film and that's exactly what you get. Not the ostenta… Read more

Colleen Spencer (Annette Trevitt, 1998)
In rural Australia, to the rhythm of a country song, Colleen Spencer tells her story. In one afternoon Colleen and her mother, Ida, face love, attachment and loss. ... Read more

Cri (Christopher O'Hare, 1998)
Animated worlds tend to be apocalyptic and Cri follows in that tradition. Its world is full of strange looking men with stilts instead of legs who communicate in what can only be described as an aggr… Read more

DANCE ME TO MY SONG (Rolf De Heer, 1998)
Rolf de Heer's latest film, in the Official Selection at Cannes this year, submerges its audience into the intricate world of a woman with severe physical disabilities. Heather Rose, herself disabled… Read more

DANCE OF DUST (Abolfazi Jalili, 1998)
Dance of Dust is an evocative study of the almost unbe­lievably harsh life of Ilia, a boy living in a desolate rural backwater. Eking out a living working in a brick kiln, Ilia is haunted by myst… Read more

Dare (Campbell Graham, 1998)
In a smoke filled, seedy bar a jaded dame looks on while two men engage in a dramatic game of one-upmanship. What begins innocently enough with a beer mat flip rapidly escalates to the ultimate trick. Read more

DEAD LETTER OFFICE (John Ruane, 1998)
The Dead Letter Office: a limbo for lost mail and lost souls. Having been abandoned by her father as a child, Alice (Miranda Otto) continued to write him letters, not realising that he never received… Read more

DEADSET (Rob Payne, 1998)
Ever since Nirvana's Nevermind stunned pundits and became a runaway multi-million seller, ushering in a new era of upstart rock & rollers, the stage has been set tor a documentary like Deadset. Rob P… Read more

Deep or Quiet (Kang Mi-Ja, 1998)
Stunning visuals interplay with a haunting stop-start soundtrack in this magical Korean film. Dreamy reflections and images of female existence, of mother and daughter reconciliation float by, creati… Read more

Dirt (Chel White, 1998)
A man's strange obsession with dirt becomes an unusual allegory for individuality and self-sufficiency. ... Read more

Few filmmakers have generated as great a body of lurid gossip, myth and speculation as Donald Cammell. He was the creator and driving force behind Performance, one of fhe most startling and innovativ… Read more

DR JAZZ (David Perry, 1998)
Painter/photographer/filmmaker David Perry immersed himself in Sydney's vibrant jazz scene and came out drenched in musical flavour and improvisation. Interviews with prominent Sydney jazz players in… Read more

Drifting (Martin Brierly, 1998)
This meandering film traces a man's return to his home town to live in a high rise with his acerbic aunt. The story is simple and the bleak but beautiful imagery stands out. ... Read more

An impossibly poetic, moving and memorable film capturing the story of an isolated Aleutian Island port in deeply grained black and white. Simple in structure yet wonderfully evocative, warm in spite… Read more

EARTH (Deepa Mehta, 1998)
The second part of a trilogy (preceded by MIFF 1997 smash, Fire) whose theme is the elements, Deepa Mehta's Earth examines the subject of India's partition as a means to deal with land literally and … Read more

Edithvale (Clare Madsen, 1998)
Erotic fantasies are the only escape for Edith, who shares a beachside house with her domineering mother. However, it seems that Edith's fantasies may have become reality when she discovers a beautif… Read more

Eight (Stephen Daldry, 1998)
Meet Jonathon, an eight year old soccer fanatic. Living in a strange new town, he struggles to explain away the absence of his father as he finally comes to terms with his situation. A beautifully se… Read more

EISENSTEIN: THE MASTER'S HOUSE (Naum Klejmann, Marianna Kirejewa, Alexander Iskin, 1998)
Eisenstein: The Master's House is a highly accessible and exhaustively thorough overview of the life and work of Sergei Eisenstein, one of the most significant fiimmakers in motion picture history. E… Read more

Elegy (Niko Tsuladze, 1998)
This expressionist portrait of people living in the harsh highland region of Europe, at the bottom of the Caucasus mountain summits, is both alien and seductive. Accompanying haunting images of the v… Read more

Exit (Thierry Guedj, 1998)
There are sinister forces operating beneath the stiff formality of a mathematics conference. Within the daily routine small incidents seem to take on a heightened significance. The film and the chara… Read more

FALLING (Thijs Bayens, 1998)
Steve Phare, a lifelong logger from British Columbia, is a man of contradictions. Although he cuts down trees he also has a reverence for the woods. He looks down on the local native population and t… Read more

FELICIA'S JOURNEY (Atom Egoyan, 1998)
Middle-aged bachelor Joseph Ambrose Hilditch (Bob Hoskins) lives in a dark, cluttered house in Birmingham. He is the kind of man that neighbours would describe as a kindly soul who kept himself to hi… Read more

Fetch (Lynn-Maree Danzey, 1998)
Some people are destined not to be together. A man arrives at a woman's apartment to take her out on their first date but events conspire to make him wonder, should he ever have left home? Fetch is t… Read more

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