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Moby, Carl Cox, Roni Size, Frankie Bones, Kraftwerk, Jason Bentley, Meat Beat Manifesto and The Crystal Method—just a handful of the electronica and dance luminaries profiled and interviewed in… Read more

Big Daddy (Finola Geraghty, 1999)
When Marlon arrives at a juvenile prison, his rap rhymes elicit a strong and violent response from Gavin, a neurotic bully. The jealous Gavin conspires to silence him, leading to a battle of wills be… Read more

Bird in the Wire (Phillip Donnellon, 1999)
Inspiration on a 1940s production line. A coathanger factory, a white pigeon and a young woman. Even the briefest encounter can inspire relief from life's everyday routines. ... Read more

Blessed Fruit (Orla Walsh, 1999)
In a church a young woman kneels before the Holy Mother and ponders the question of how to tell her boyfriend that she is pregnant to another man. Will her prayers be answered? ... Read more

For Johnny Thunders, the party was never over. His lifestyle epitomised rock decadence in all its gutter glory. As a member of cross-dressing proto-punks the New York Dolls, Thunders left a liquored-… Read more

Brassketeers (Maung Maung Aye, 1999)
As night falls and people filter off the streets of the Melbourne CDB, the three brass sculpture figures on the corner of Swanston and Bourke Streets come alive. Like guardian angels, they move in my… Read more

Brother (Adam Elliot, 1999)
Brother is the final film in the acclaimed trilogy that also includes Uncle and Cousin. It is a claymation about the antics of an asthmatic boy and his brother. Although this film is darker than the … Read more

Bsss (Felix Gonnert, 1999)
Bsss is the tale of a fly's discovery of a children's book, in which an elephant stands on its trunk. The fly is intrigued... ... Read more

Combining the poetic, political and critical in a new digital form, Oliver Hockenhull's study of the confines of architecture and the self has been described as 'unequivocally the best documentary pr… Read more

CHUCK & BUCK (Miguel Arteta, 1999)
"Chuck and Buck were once 'best friends', a relationship that means so much to children but fades once the innocence that formed it is gone. For Buck this innocence has never gone away. His interests… Read more

CINéMA-VéRITé: DEFINING THE MOMENT (Peter Wintonick, 1999)
A feature documentary about documentary, Cinema-Verite: Defining the Moment is a major retrospective of some of the century's finest non-fiction films. The influence of the cinema verite approach in … Read more

Codename Corgi (Tracy Spottiswoode, 1999)
Codename Corgi is a satire that includes all the elements of a good movie: sex, love, spies and espionage—all with animated Barbie Dolls. A successful comedy bringing new credibility to the Bar… Read more

Cookies (Tod Lippy, 1999)
A woman is desperately trying to give away cookies "baked with love" on a New York street. Two men look on - one a trendy shop assistant, the other a rough construction worker. What will they do with… Read more

Cormac's Trash (Rafe Greenlee, 1999)
Anything but trash, this short documentary is a detective story and a comic snapshot of American culture in the US-Mexico border town of El Paso. In his quest to understand the reclusive novelist Cor… Read more

CRAZY ENGLISH (Zhang Yuan, 1999)
"What is the most concrete way to love your country?... To love your country is to study English well!... Crazy English! Crazy life! Crazy work! Crazy study! Crazy everyday! I want to be crazy! I lov… Read more

Creampuff (Jared Seide, 1999)
Robert (known as Creampuff) and Jack share an apartment. Creampuff is obese and Jack is consumed with hatred, much of it directed as vitriol towards his passive roommate. Jack appears unable to leave… Read more

Cut the Crap (Annette Ernst, 1999)
Henry and Nick, two small-time gangsters aspiring to higher things, meet up with Maria, a Columbian drug smuggler. As soon as they can do the deal, they're off to the Caribbean. As the saying goes, i… Read more

Das Clown (Tom E. Brown, 1999)
An education slide show not suitable for children. Sparkles, a two-foot antique clown, is the prized possession in Mr Higgins' quaint antique shop. But when he comes to life on a dark and stormy nigh… Read more

DEAD OR ALIVE (Miike Takashi, 1999)
One of the most formidable jolts to the Yakuza genre in the past decade. Dead or Alive has already left audiences gulping and gasping at Tokyo, Vancouver and Seattle Film Festivals. Surreal visions o… Read more

Deep Shit (Astrid A. Aakra, 1999)
A shitty little film about a rat, a cat and an elephant. Be careful where you hide. ... Read more

Déjá Vu (Lisl Ponger, 1999)
Painted indigenous dancers pause in their ritual to pose for the camera. A woman hides her face and her children under a veil, like the women of Guinea-Bissau in Chris Marker's Sans Soleil (1982) who… Read more

DEVEERI (Kavitha Lankesh, 1999)
In her debut feature, Indian filmmaker Kavitha Lankesh tells the story of a 12-year-old boy Kyatha (Manja) who lives with his sister Deveeri (played by prominent Indian actress Nandita Das) The pair … Read more

DOLCE (Alexander Sokurov, 1999)
Real life characters make up the cast of Dolce. They include celebrated Japanese author Toshio Shimao, who died in 1986, his widow and their daughter. The film serves as a framework to underline deep… Read more

DORA-HEITA (Kon Ichikawa, 1999)
Based on a script written by Akira Kurosawa, Dora-Heita is directed by his 85-year-old friend and collaborator, Kon Ichikawa and returns to a golden age of Samurai sagas. Koheita Mochizuki is a samur… Read more

Dream Kitchen (Barry Dignam, 1999)
A young man arrives home to find his dad repairing the car again and his mum busy cooking, as usual. In these depressingly dreary surroundings the son imagines a luxurious dream kitchen, in which he … Read more

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