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Driving Home (Susan Kim, 1999)
This beautiful animation depicts the sense isolation felt by a young girl who is a recent immigrant to Australia. The emotional confusion that is expressed in the narrative is realised perfectly in t… Read more

Durian durian (Fruit Chan, 1999)
"[Durian Durian] follows the path of a young woman, Yan, as she struggles in a dirty precinct of Hong Kong, and her reimmersion into family life after she abandons the world of prostitution in the ci… Read more

Echo (Frédéric Roullier-Gall, 1999)
An elderly couple take a train journey and along the way reminisce about the horrifying circumstances in which they first met. The impact of their scars is all too apparent. She is blind, he is deaf.… Read more

Eclipse (Jill Carter-Hansen, 1999)
A volcano beneath a full moon, a row boat on a dark lake... this strange conjunction of events unleashes creative forces to deal with the darkness at hand. ... Read more

Ecstasy (Mark Wihak, 1999)
Stacey, a raver girl, encounters God and is given a special mission. She's not quite sure how to deal with this, but she tries her best. ... Read more

Edith’s Finger (Jon Jones, 1999)
Crippled by a stroke, Edith communicates by tapping her index finger; once for no, twice for yes. Today, she is told by an officious Matron, is her special day. She is to be presented with an electri… Read more

Episodes in Disbelief (Ann Shenfield, 1999)
Is is possible to know if a seed discovered after a thousand years is that of a now vanquished magnolia, or instead that of a virulent presently extinct weed? Episodes in Disbelief explores childhood… Read more

Eraser Wrestling (Min Dong-hyun, 1999)
Once it was marbles. These days it's Pokemon. In this story, discover eraser wrestling. The challenge—to flick your eraser on top of your opponent's. You lose—you forego your eraser. Youn… Read more

Evening (Natasa Prosenc, 1999)
The harsh reality of loneliness is hidden under the routine of daily life. A single woman living in a perfectly furnished flat fantasizes about living with her boyfriend. Her fantasies turn into illu… Read more

Exhaust (Suzi Ewing, 1999)
It is a typical sunny day in urban London when Alan decides to wash his car until it shines like a prized jewel. On the other side of the road, Kelly (a young girl) is having her hair cut by her moth… Read more

EXISTENZ (David Cronenberg, 1999)
In the near future, a group of players gather to try out eXistenz, the latest in full-immersion VR game technology. eXistenz is the brainchild of the games world's most notorious genius, Allegra Gell… Read more

Exit (Natalie Bailey, 1999)
It's a lazy afternoon of crosswords and game shows for retirees Maude and Joh Peterson. When, from her dictionary, Maude discovers senility, lung cancer and colostomy bags, she decides to make a quic… Read more

Fanny’s Wedding (Olivier L. Brunet, 1999)
Based on the works of Thomas Bernhard, Primo Levi and Marguerite Duras, Fanny's Wedding explores loss, time and the atrocity of war, through the eyes of a woman who lost her husband on her wedding da… Read more

Fast Spin Fling (Sandra Ensby, 1999)
Ever wished you had someone to show your knickers to? Lonely heart Muriel does in Fast Spin Fling, a romantic comedy about a young woman who takes pity on her housemate's boyfriend and begins to secr… Read more

FEELING SEXY (Davida Allen, 1999)
Vicki is an impetuous art student who falls in love with, and marries, Greg, a shy medical student. Soon, married life equates with being stuck at home with two toddlers. not quite what Vicki anticip… Read more

Fishing (David Gainey, 1999)
Fishing is beautiful in its simplicity. This minimal animation evokes the tensions between man and water, between water and fish, between fish and man. ... Read more

Fissures (Louise Bourque, 1999)
Bourque reworks personal home movie images to create a visceral interior world of forgetting and remembering. Distorted images fluctuate like resurfacing memories. The point of reference continuously… Read more

Fizz (Jason Stutter, 1999)
A young man enters a cold dark subway in the middle of the city one night. He finds a drink machine lying on its side. The man tilts the drink machine upright and turns it on. He buys a can of fizzy … Read more

Flux (Michaela French, 1999)
Flux interweaves multiple layers of sound and images to produce an evocative reflection on relationships, love and grief. With a background in fine arts, Michaela French has written and directed a nu… Read more

FOLLOWING (Christopher Nolan, 1999)
Bob, an unassuming, unemployed writer, has an obsession: he enjoys shadowing people, hence the film's title. When one of his sorties finds him trailing a highly skilled burglar, Cobb, Bill is sprung … Read more

For the Peace of All Mankind (Lee Seok-hoon, 1999)
Vietnam, 1969, a soldier encounters a Vietcong girl. They take aim at each other. Something is wrong. ... Read more

Friday (Jodi Gibson, 1999)
Friday portrays a pivotal day in the life of a troubled woman. Recently in remission from breast cancer, the events of this day once again throw her future into doubt. ... Read more

FROG (Steven Morrison, 1999)
A creepy, noxious fantasy that combines elements of classic fairytales (of he Grimms Brothers variety) with horror and even a subversive ecological message. While innocently strolling in a dark wood,… Read more

Narrated by Gregory Peck, this documentary is full of passionate testimony and behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Hollywood screen legends—including Anthony Quinn, Leslie Caron, Robert Stack&mdas… Read more

Armed with a Super 8 camera, Rick and Buddy surveyed the USA on an ofte-dangerous quest to seek out empty pools for skateboarding. Most evident precursor is Bruce Brown's The Endless Summer...except … Read more

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