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Paradise Lost (Jaime Marques Olarreaga, 1999)
Sex and death, death and sex, the obsessive passions of childhood coming face to face with the violence of love (well, it is a Spanish film after all). It's all shot with a lovingly fetishistic atten… Read more

PARADISE LOST 2: REVELATIONS (Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky, 1999)
Three children were slain and dismembered in an Arkansas backwater in May, 1993 Three teenagers were convicted for the crime and sentenced to punishments ranging from life imprisonment to death. Cut … Read more

PASSIONATE WOMEN (Tonino De Bernardi, 1999)
Evoking the melodramatic musicals of Jacques Demy, Passionate Women, the wonderfully inventive new film from veteran director Tonino De Bernardi. With virtually all the dialogue sung by the protagoni… Read more

Pistol (Sun Hwan-young, Won Jong-du, 1999)
A portal into the oppressive and grimy underbelly of contemporary urban existence, Pistol is an apocalyptic study of frustration and release. Combining a lush, high-contrast aesthetic and Godard-infl… Read more

POLA X (Leos Carax, 1999)
“A noisy epic swirl of breast-beating, hair-tearing angst and portentous symbolism.” - New York Times ... Ever the champion of creative cinematic experiences over traditional structures and narra… Read more

Pop (Gregory King, 1999)
Possibly the most extraordinary short film at MIFF this year, in Pop the viewer is the main character as we take a candid journey from tourist to drag queens and some startlmgly real stuff in between… Read more

Porter Springs 4 (Henry Hills, 1999)
Porter Springs 4 is a bizarre and sometimes disturbing collage of strange family moments, shot over 20 years on summer vacations. Several generations of the Hills family contribute to this cinematogr… Read more

Portrait (Mie Nagai, 1999)
A portrait of the child. Slowly the child's gaze is focused towards the direction of the audience. There is an uneasy moment of confrontation between the portrait and the audience. Established artist… Read more

POST MORTEM (Louis Bélanger, 1999)
Post Mortem is a strange, absorbing tale of love, crime and redemption. The film focuses on two people, Linda and Ghislain, whose lives are linked in a unique way. Linda is devoted to her five-year-o… Read more

POSTCARD (Cheng Wen-Tang, 1999)
Cheng Wen-Tang has emerged as a shining new cinematic light in Taiwan. He has crafted a superb, idiosyncratic debut that will ensure his name is one to watch. ... "Taiwan, an island too small to carr… Read more

PRIPYAT (Nikolaus Geyrhalter, 1999)
In 1986 116,000 people were evacuated from the contaminated area immediately surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear reactor after it became critical. This number was far too few. Eventually this catastrop… Read more

PUNITIVE DAMAGE (Annie Goldson, 1999)
On 13 November 1991, Helen Todd received the phone call that every parent dreads. Her 20 year old son, Kamal, had been injured, shot on an island of East Timor. The nightmare of the next few days int… Read more

Rain (Melanie Brunt, 1999)
Rain explores the busy mind of a mother suffering from post-natal depression. As the rain pours down, Amy attempts to remember a list of things she must do as she hangs out the washing, a mantra runn… Read more

RATCATCHER (Lynne Ramsay, 1999)
Ratcatcher makes you see the world with a clearer vision, revealing layers beneath the surface, capturing the richness of everyday life. The film is set in a tattered Glasgow during a 1970s garbage s… Read more

RED LIPSTICK (Alexandra King, 1999)
If John Waters directed Bonnie and Clyde as an homage to the Banana Splits TV show, the result would be something like the hysterical Red Lipstick. Incorporating the manic approach of The Monkees and… Read more

removed (Naomi Uman, 1999)
In removed, naomi uman physically erases the female body from old 16mm porn using nailpolish remover and household bleach. This gorgeous attack of beauty and domestic product on celluloid results in … Read more

Rendezvous (Peter Lemken, 1999)
Two wooden characters, sharing the same space in a barometer-house, carry on their duties blissfully unaware of each other's existence, until... ... Read more

RETURN OF THE IDIOT (Sasa Gedeon, 1999)
"One of the most original and inventive pics out of Central Europe in some time... the cast is impeccable all down the line.''—Variety ... Locked inside an asylum for most of his life, Frantise… Read more

Return Trip (Phillip Donnellon, 1999)
Anything can (and often does) happen on public transport. This film, as if in memory of Melbourne's much loved tram conductors, follows a group of passengers as they face a rare opportunity to deal w… Read more

Rhythmus 99 (Sam Landels, 1999)
Sam Landefs digitally animated impression of Hong Kong and New York, Rhythmus 99 is a kinetic tribute to the Cubist movement with more than a passing nod to Hans Richter's 1921 incarnation of an anim… Read more

RING 2 (Nakata Hideo, 1999)
The only thing more evil than Ring 2 is if we were remiss enough not to show both the original and sequel. In fact, it is only fair to warn viewers that Ring 2 will be very difficult to follow withou… Read more

Roadblock (Rebecca Feig, 1999)
What drives people to make films? Is it a selfless expression of 'art', or is it a narcissistic urge wrapped up in a desire to be loved and appreciated? Erika is an aspiring New York writer/director.… Read more

ROMANCE (Catherine Breillat, 1999)
''Perhaps the most uncompromising and startling film screened at this year's Rotterdam Film Festival was Catherine Breillat's Romance, which follows a young married woman's descent into sexual abject… Read more

SADNESS (Tony Ayres, 1999)
A brave and moving documentary based on photograph­er William Yang's acclaimed stage show of the same name. Sadness explores the roots of Yang's Chinese-Australian identity, and his grief at the … Read more

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (Rima Tamou, 1999)
Melanie, who has a strained relationship with her father, is about to go off to a school dance. Perry, Elvis and Willy are on the run in a stolen Jaguar. The fateful encounter between these character… Read more

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