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Covered with Chocolate (Ansgar Ahlers, 2000)
A confectionery appeal for greater tolerance and understanding. ... Read more

Daddy’s Girl (Irvine Allen, 2000)
In this bittersweet tale, Teenie is left outside the pub by her wayward father and becomes prey to the whims and fan­cies of passing strangers.. ... Read more

Darling International (Jennifer Todd Reeves, M.M. Serra, 2000)
The kaleidoscopic intensity of images in Jennifer Todd Reeves' and MM. Serra's Darling International centre on a sadomasochistic scenario between two women who play out their fantasies after work. Th… Read more

DEEP BREATH (Damien Odoul, 2000)
Winner of two awards at the 2001 Venice Film Festival, including the Cinema of the Present - Special Jury Award, Deep Breath tells a singular tale of an alienated teenage boy who lives with his uncle… Read more

DELINQUENT ANGEL (David Blackall, 2000)
Australian painter John Perceval is renowned for protecting his privacy. This documentary is a rare look at his life and work seen through the cinema vérité camera of David Blackwell (father of one… Read more

DIE BAD (Ryoo Seung-Wan, 2000)
A pool-hall brawl opens Ryoo Seung-Wan's debut feature, a fitting summation of the territory explored throughout this exciting debut. A Rotterdam Film Festival highlight, Die Bad comprises four disti… Read more

DISCO PIGS (Kirsten Sheridan, 2000)
The embryonic love tale of Pig and Runt begins when they are bom on the same day in the same hospital. This film is based on the play by Enda Walsh and is the debut feature film for Irish filmmaker K… Read more

DJOMEH (Hassan Yektapanah, 2000)
Djomeh is a young Afghan man who works on a small dairy farm in the remote Iranian countryside. Every morning he accompanies a native farm owner, Mr. Mahmoud to nearby small villages to collect milk … Read more

Donuts for Breakfast (Felicity Morgan-Rhind, 2000)
Josie Spratt, a pudgy tomboy who fights with her sisters, is a primary school champion swimmer. She has a disturbing secret that no one suspects. This film uses strong, distinctive imagery and charac… Read more

DOWNTOWN 81 (Edo Bertoglio, 2000)
'Jam-packed with rivetting performances by some of the hottest underground Gotham bands of the early 80s. Downtown 81 is an extraordinary real-life snapshot of hip, arty, clubland Manhattan in the po… Read more

Duet (The Brothers Quay, 2000)
Synopsis not available Read more

DUTCH HEROES (Martijn van Haalen, Paul Cohen, 2000)
Could you build a career out of your parents' painful and protracted divorce? Gees Krijner can. The young Dutch artist won the prestigious Prix de Rome art prize for a performance piece about the bre… Read more

ELECTRIC DRAGON 80,000 VOLTS (Ishii Sogo, 2000)
Playing by a high-voltage power pylon as a child, Dragon Eye Morrison receives a massive electric shock. Rather than terminate his young life, the charge ignites a long dormant, prehistoric predispos… Read more

EUREKA (Shinji Aoyama, 2000)
Winner of the International Critics Prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival, Eureka is an extremely powerful film that examines the effects of the brutal hijacking of a provincial bus in provincial… Read more

EVERYBODY FAMOUS! (Dominique Deruddere, 2000)
Jean is in a spot of bother. He has just been retrenched from his crap factory job, he has just drugged and kidnapped a prominent pop star, and he has appaling taste in clothes. He has pinned his hop… Read more

Eyeball To Eyeball (Errol Morris, 2000)
Any deep-sea fisherman will tell you he'd rather fall overboard into a shark feeding frenzy than a school of squid. Like Pirhana, these tentacled killers can strip a person to the bone in moments. Cl… Read more

F**KLAND (José Luis Marqués, 2000)
Imagine an Argentine retaking the Falkland Islands alone—cheating British military security and recording his crazy mission on video. Fabian is an Argentine national with a diabolical plan for … Read more

FACE (Junji Sakamoto, 2000)
An extraordinary essay on how one woman finds freedom, from a filmmaker famous for his obsessive interest in the world of men. Now Sakamoto's thematic layers of macho uber cool toughness, pathos and … Read more

FAITHLESS (Liv Ullmann, 2000)
Ingmar Bergman's touch resonates throughout this intense look at a marriage, its failure and the impact of the characters' subsequent actions. Directed by long time Bergman collaborator and one time … Read more

FAMILY SECRET (Pola Rapaport, 2000)
Family Secret centres on a letter from Romania that inspires a New York filmmaker to take a trip half way around the world to meet the brother that she never knew she had. Pola Rapaport and her step-… Read more

Flex (Chris Cunningham, 2000)
Synopsis not available Read more

FOR OPENERS: THE ART OF FILM TITLES (David Peters, Ken Coupland (curators), 2000)
Martin Scorsese once remarked that opening credits of a film have the unique opportunity for "setting the tone, providing the mood, and foreshadowing the action". Curators David Peters and Ken Coupla… Read more

For The Birds (Ralph Eggleston, 2000)
For The Birds is a story about a flock of small birds perched on a telephone wire and a larger bird who tries to join them. Features Pixars fantastic style of snappy 3D animation and great character … Read more

GEORGE WASHINGTON (David Gordon Green, 2000)
"This hypnotic, poignant and richy imaginative work actually uses the 'I cannot tell a lie' folklore of America's first President as an ironic counterpoint to a stylised tale of lost youth in the Sou… Read more

What ever happened to Gerry Humphrys? This is teh question asked and answered in Nigel Buesst's tribute to a great lost figure in Australian music. Humphrys is best remembered as front man for The Lo… Read more

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