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Glimmer (Tom Paine, Siobhan Liddell, 2000)
New Years Eve. and the streets are ablaze with light in London. Still, some have to take the bus. Here the light shines upon the passenger, and the elemental threads of humanity are sewn into a fabri… Read more

GOJOE (Ishii Sogo, 2000)
In this spectacular adventure, Ishii Sogo has married the kinetic energy of Akira Kurosawa's great samurai pictures with a uniquely deranged brand of Buddhist spirituality. Gojoe liberally employs th… Read more

Gone Underground (Su Turhan, 2000)
Blade Runner meets Psycho in this wildly stylised short shocker that graphically depicts the hazards of underground commuting. This futuristic German slasher film revels in gross-out filmmaking and t… Read more

GRATEFUL DAWG (Gillian Grisman, 2000)
Grateful Dawg traces the decades long friendship between the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia and bluegrass picker and musicologist, David Grisman, who met by chance at a Bill Monroe concert in 1964. ...… Read more

Grief (Hadar Eridlich, 2000)
Yonah wishes to bury his son who has committed suicide, however for religious reasons he cannot. We follow Yonah throughout the day, as he dejectedly picks up passengers in his taxi. The night, howev… Read more

HAPPY TIMES (Zhang Yimou, 2000)
Acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou - a 'Fifth Generation' master of Chinese cinema whose films include Raise the Red Lantern and Red Sorghum - has delivered a gentle comedy of manners and morals. Read more

Helgoland (Karin Westerlund, 2000)
Director/cmematographer Kann Westerlund pays a private and very subjective visit to one of her favourite places the sea-bathing facility at Helgoland. ... Read more

HIGH FIDELITY (Stephen Frears, 2000)
Stephen Frears (My Beautiful Laundrette, The Grifters) teams with John Cusack to bring Nick Hornsby's hysterical bestseller to the screen. Cusack is Rob, an eternal teenager approaching 30. In the mi… Read more

HOLY ROLLERS (Rosie Jones, 2000)
Biblical tours are big business. Suzi Rosedale moved from Australia to an Arab outer suburb of Jerusalem in 1984. Since then she has run a highly successful company chaperoning devout pilgrims around… Read more

Best known for his collaborations with Charles Mingus, Roland Kirk and Dexter Gordon, Horace Parian's life story is extraordinary. Don McGlynns intimate portrait of the pianist is comprised of a comb… Read more

Hot Spot (Mark Brierley, 2000)
At the Tosserz Nightclub a guileless pair of wannabe lady-killers vie for the attention of a classy girl on the dance floor. Impressive characterisation and a pumping soundtrack prove that animated f… Read more

HYBRID (Monteith McCollum, 2000)
High yields, stiff stalks—one man's passion for corn." So runs the tag me of this truly unusual and highly original documentary. Milford Beeghly has made corn his life's work. Now 101 years old… Read more

I Am Boy (Mandy McIntosh, 2000)
I Am Boy combines 2D and 3D animation, historic and live foolage to show the musical and cultural influences on a Siberian OJ, Misha Maltsev, before and after perestroika, ... Read more

I Could’ve Been Human (Barbara Medajska, 2000)
An extraordinary portrait of the daily lives of homeless peoples, / Could've Been Human allows each individual to tell their story, their dreams and hopes. A sense of survival and great loss is revea… Read more

I PREFER THE SOUND OF THE SEA (Mimmo Calopresti, 2000)
Two of Mimmo Calopresti's feature films have been selected for competition at Cannes. Not bad for a documentary filmmaker who decided to make the switch to drama just five years ago. Calopresli's lat… Read more

I WON’T GO BACK HOME (Albertina Carri, 2000)
In her directional debut, Argentinean filmmaker Albertina Carri takes us into a world of troubled despair in / Won't Go Back Home. It tells the story of the enclosed and desperate world of two famili… Read more

IGGY POP: LIVE AT THE A VENUE B (Serge Bergli, 2000)
The hard facts are that Iggy Pop is now, at 55, the age of most grandfathers and can still rock, shock and roll harder than most pups half his age. A veteran of more than 30 years in the music biz (a… Read more

In Absentia (The Quay Brothers, 2000)
A remarkable new animation by the Brothers Quay with a monumental score by Stockhausen. A woman is doomed to endlessly repeat a task, forever speechless in her cell within the walls of an asylum. Out… Read more

In the Jungle (Yong Hwa Kim, 2000)
Two brothers eke out a hand-to mouth existence gutting fish. Their mother is in hospital, dying from an incurable disease. In the Jungle is a confronting look at contemporary Korean life. It is a cha… Read more

In the Kingdom of the Unabomber (Errol Morris, 2000)
Gary Greenberg was a Unabomber groupie. He was in constant contact by phone and mail with Ted Kaczynski. one of the FBI's Most Wanted, before his arrest on multiple explosives and firearms charges. G… Read more

In the Wings (Lisa Robertson, 2000)
A bittersweet reminder of the power of imagination. In the Wings revolves around a group of retired actors living together, focussing on Henry, who refuses to let age circumstance and the catty rantm… Read more

Intolerance (Phil Mulloy, 2000)
Synopsis not available Read more

INUGAMI (Masato Harada, 2000)
The savage dog spirits of Shikoku are restless. Their guardians, the women of the Bonomia Clan, have kept them safely imprisoned within clay jars for a quarter century. The arrival of a handsome teac… Read more

JALLA! JALLA! (Josef Fares, 2000)
At 23, Josef Fares is one of the youngest talents to emerges from the the Swedish filmaking scene. Jalla! Jalla! is his debut film, is a charming comedy in which love, sex and cultural differences pl… Read more

JAPÓN (Carlos Reygadas, 2000)
"An existential journey as solemn and intimate as it is majestic and imposing, Japón represents an impressive introduction for debuting Mexican director Carlos Reygadas. Spreads a weighty canvas of … Read more

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