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Je T’aime John Wayne (Toby MacDonald, 2000)
Un homme, Une lemme. Le cinema. The film tells the story of a young Englishman named Belmondo, who has seen too many French films. ... Read more

Jigsaw Venus (Dean Kapsalis, 2000)
Love may be a small piece in life's puzzle but to Madeline. the picture is incomplete! Beautifully shot and deftly directed, this wonderfully mischievous silent film humorously explores the sensualit… Read more

Jogging (Josef Dabernig, 2000)
Jogging sneaks up on you along a barren post apocalyptic highway cluttered with signs of displacement. It finishes with a ghetto of dogs as ominous and degrading as the eyes staring out of any shanty… Read more

JOINT SECURITY AREA (Park Chan-wook, 2000)
At a border post between North and South Korea, three soldiers are dead and the two surviving witnesses to their killing have attempted suicide. Into a potentially explosive situation steps investiga… Read more

Joy (Cate Shortland, 2000)
Thursday night. Late night shopping. Joy wants to have fun. A glimpse at a teenage girl's life; the glitter of the shopping mall mecca and the pull of friends, intersected by the familiar commands th… Read more

Jungle Jazz: Public Enemy #1 (Frank Fitzpatrick, 2000)
Jungle Jazz combines an excellent new Jazz soundtrack with footage from several classic Soundies (the short films that were produced in the 1940s to accompany the popular songs of the day). Also invo… Read more

JUST, MELVIN (James Ronald Whitney, 2000)
"There are few subjects as abhorrent to our sensibilities as incest, particularly when it involves very young children. Just, Mebin chronicles a truly monstrous case. The film tells the story of an i… Read more

"How do people taste?' A fair enough question when put to Tobias Schneebaum: artist, writer...cannibal. Schneebaum first gained notoriety in 1955. when the US State Department announced the New York … Read more

King of the Jews (Jay Rosenblatt, 2000)
Meticulously constructed from religious films, old Hollywood footage and home movies, Rosenblatt exposes his own (and cinemas) troubled relationship with Jesus Christ, in examining the source of anti… Read more

L'AMOUR L'ARGENT L'AMOUR (Philip Gröning, 2000)
If love can conquer the wintry cold, hunger, poverty and even violence, then you're really swimming in the thick realms of commitment and obsession. When David (Florian Setter) loses his job as a con… Read more

LA SPAGNOLA (Steve Jacobs, 2000)
1960s Australia, not the swinging city, but a dusty fibro amidst scorched grass in the shadow of an oil refinery Lola (Lola Marceli) is an exotic Spanish woman, defiantly serving chorizos in a land o… Read more

LATE NIGHT SHOPPING (Saul Metzstein, 2000)
Vincent, a notorious womaniser, seduces a stranger faster than you can say 'Madeline Zozzocolovich', her name. This one tryst out of so many has dire consequences as fateful coincidence leads him fro… Read more

Left Lane Ends (Sofya Gollan, 2000)
Nothing can help Danny sleep. Working as a toll-way attendant, his life is dominated by the mindless ritual of night shift, paid sex and insomnia— until an old school friend looks him up. The u… Read more

Leunig: Doom and Gloom (Andrew Horne, 2000)
The unmistakable humour and anguish of Michael Leunig's illustrated modern-day fables make the leap from newsprint to screen in this well crafted model animation film. Award-winning Australian animat… Read more

Leunig: Tricks (Andrew Horne, 2000)
Not quite your idyllic Saturday morning in the 'burbs. Struggling to communicate with his son, a man wanders out to his backyard to play with the dog instead. But the dog's up to its own tricks. The … Read more

Little Grey Man (Errol Morris, 2000)
The best spy is invisible. Antonio Mendez didn't achieve invisibility (and a formidable reputation as a super spook) using James Bond technology, but by being a master of disguise Mendez was point ma… Read more

LITTLE OTIK (Jan Svankmajer, 2000)
With shades of David Lynch's Eraserhead, Jan Svankmajers Little Otik is an astonishing modern adaptation of a traditional Czech fairy-tale. Karel, the husband of a barren couple, attempts to console … Read more

LITTLE SENEGAL (Rachid Bouchareb, 2000)
In Little Senegal, French-Algerian director Rachid Bouchareb, finds simple, human terms to explore the dark legacy of violence and broken families created by American slavery. The film traces the his… Read more

Looking for Harvey (Jeremy Weinstein, 2000)
Australian film maker Jeremy Weinstein goes to Cannes during the film festival to track down his idol and namesake. Miramax boss. Harvey Weinstein. Jeremy's relentless search is spurred on by the sta… Read more

Lost (Jo Kennedy, 2000)
Jack Dawkins, Head of Missing Persons, questions his grasp on reality when three children appear from nowhere and seem to belong to no-one. In this haunting but beautiful evocation not a frame is was… Read more

Lotte Reiniger made an invaluable contribution to early cinema and this enlightening documentary examines the life of this pioneering German animator. Born on the eve of the 20th century, Reiniger be… Read more

LOVE COME DOWN (Clement Virgo, 2000)
The Tales of Neville and Matthew, two brothers, one black and one white. They have been each others keeper since their family was torn apart by a decade old tragedey. Neville is a comedian struggling… Read more

MAKE ME A MATCH (Allen Mondell, Cynthia Salzman, 2000)
From the lap-top stylings of Hassids in New Jersey to a 24 strong posse of San Diego mothers (who consider size 10-12 women as overweight!) who insist they aren't gossips, Make me a Match criss-cross… Read more

Mama, Look (Grant Thorburn, 2000)
The debris of abandoned buildings creates an ominous playground for a young Polish girl as she negotiates a world of isolation, poverty and neglect Mama. Look was made in Poland by British director G… Read more

MARTHA... MARTHA (Sandrine Veysset, 2000)
"A depiction of French family life from director Sandrine Veyssett (Will it Snow For Christmas MIFF 1997). Martha is an unstable young woman given to fits of depression. She is clearly not the ideal … Read more

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