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Plenty of Fish (Shane McGrath, 2000)
In this comic silent film, a lone fisherman whose wife has left him learns that there are 'plenty of fish in the sea', in more ways than one. ... Read more

POSSIBLE WORLDS (Robert Lepage, 2000)
"Robert Lepage's Possible Worlds makes a brave and ambitious leap into the the far reaches of reality. This elegant brain teaser will intrigue fans of science fiction and philosophy as it opens up qu… Read more

Poste Restante (Anna Melikian, 2000)
The streets of Moscow are explored in glorious black and white in this rambling, roughly polished gem made from equal parts of Godard, Tarkovski, Wong Kar War Buster Keaton and the British Realists. ... Read more

Preserving Wax (Monica Syrette, 2000)
In this stop-motion work, a wax doll in a cosy house dreams of escape. Her formidable master does not take kindly to the budding independence of her charge, and a silent and compelling battle ensues.… Read more

PROFITS OF PUNISHMENT (Catherine Scott, 2000)
Profits of Punishments is a documentary that takes the viewer on a bizarre road-trip through the US heartland, offering a unique insight into the style and manner in which correctional facilities hav… Read more

PROMISES (B.Z. Goldberg, Justine Shapiro, Carlos Bolado, 2000)
Boston born, Jerusalem bred director B. Z. Goldberg, a TV journalist and consultant in conflict management, persuades Israeli twins to spend a day with Arab children, initially stand-offish, suspicio… Read more

RAIN (Christine Jeffs, 2000)
A beautiful, provocative and moving debut feature from New Zealand director, Christine Jeffs. Rain tells the story of Janey (Alicia Fulford-Wierzbtcki), and her journey towards adulthood. It's the su… Read more

Raw Dates (Shira Behar, 2000)
This immediate and painful drama focuses on two teenage Israeli girls grappling with self-esteem, desire and their unsteady alliance. Emotionally intricate acting and subtle direction combine to crea… Read more

REAL FICTION (Kim Ki-Duk, 2000)
Kim's most experimental film to date, Real Fiction was shot in just 200 minutes with eight 35mm cameras, ten digital cameras and twelve sequence directors. It's title, translated literally from Korea… Read more

Recently 2 (Jochen Kuhn, 2000)
A man reads about a new medical procedure and decides to check out the irritating sensations he's experiencing. This is a thoughtful and often wry look at a unique examination of what's inside. ... Read more

RETURN TO ME (Bonnie Hunt, 2000)
Bob (David Duchovny) is a construction worker, happily married to Elizabeth (Joely Richardson), a celebrated zoologist. Living in a luxurious apartment, they seem to have it all. Suddenly, Elizabeth … Read more

Rice Paper Stars (Andy Goddard, 2000)
Jilted bride Kelly-Marie is having the worst day ot her life. But when the ladies' toilets become centre-stage for a life-or-death drama the situation calls for some serious action. ... Read more

Rick and Steve the Happiest Gay Couple in All the World (Q. Allan Brocka, 2000)
Hilarious Lego-animated characters, Rick the insatiable Bottom and Steve the versatile Top, star in this hilarious dinner party gone sour. ... Read more

RING 0: THE BIRTHDAY (Norio Tsurata, 2000)
Sadako Yarnamura spends thirty years trapped in a well, and lived. More specifically, an evil, vengeful and utterly horrific trace of Sadako lived. The fatal video virus, ensuring a miserable, scream… Read more

Ring of Fire (Andreas Hykade, 2000)
At once a tender love story and a decadent spree through a depraved macho spaghetti western hell. Two young cowboys seek to be 'real tough men' through gun slingin', hard drinkin' and hard lovin'. A … Read more

ROBERTO SUCCO (Cédric Kahn, 2000)
Roberto Succo is a name many French would rather forget. A disaffected but charismatic lone wolf killer who prowled the south of France in the early 80s, Succo's fame turned life into art - then art … Read more

Robots – The Animated Docu-Soap (John Williams, 2000)
A 3D animated docu-soap that tracks the tall of three redun­dant robots as they try to give meaning lo their difficult lives. As the narrator tells us, things aren't looking good. ... Read more

SCRATCH (Doug Pray, 2000)
Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at this year's Sundance Film Festival, Scratch presents the remarkable history of Hip-Hop told by a star-studded roll call of major players. Tracing one of modern m… Read more

SEARCHING FOR TONY JOE (Joseph Strickland, Christopher Chaput, 2000)
Tony Joe White took US radio by storm in the late 60s with his song Polk Salad Annie, later recorded by Elvis. White pioneered music he termed 'swamp rock', combining elements of blues, soul, rock an… Read more

SECRET TEARS (Park Ki-Hyung, 2000)
Early one rainy morning, insurance agent Ku-Ho having had too much to drink, runs over Mijo and in desperation, takes her home. He is stunned to learn the young girl has no apparent injuries resultin… Read more

Paul Morris is your average struggling family man battling bills, daily squabbles and the multitude of problems faced in raising kids. Pressure at work doesn't help... especially when, like Paul, you… Read more

SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN (Ryutaro Nakamura, 2000)
A monumental 13-part Japanese anime series, Serial Experiments Lain is a heady brew of X-Files paranoia, The Matrix alternate realities, Strange Days technophilia and existential adventure Lam is a q… Read more

SEVEN SONGS FROM THE TUNDRA (Anastasia Lapsui, Markku Lehmuskallio, 2000)
Take a journey to the top of the world. Seven Songs from the Tundra is an anthology of tales set in far north Russia, depicting the life of the Nenets. Ranging in time from early last century through… Read more

SEX WITH STRANGERS (Joe Gantz, Harry Gantz, 2000)
MIFF opened the door on Swingers with 1998's The Lifestyle. This year all secrets about open relationships and group sex parties are laid bare in Sex with Strangers. This full frontal documentary exp… Read more

SEXY BEAST (Jonathan Glazer, 2000)
Nine years in jail is Gal's (Ray Winstone) cue to get out of London and away from bad company. He retires to the Costa del Sol with wife DeeDee and best friends Aitch and Jackie. Then, an ominous pho… Read more

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