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Aztec West Series (Sergio Delfino, Darren Robbie, Seth Watkins, 2001)
Three more surprising shorts from the Aardman studio. Non-Domestic Appliance, about a matador's duel to the death, with a surreal twist; Ernest, an irreverent and frenetic account of one man's life f… Read more

B-52 (Harmut Bitomsky, 2001)
A fetishistic, slyly humorous history of one of America's great war machines, the B-52 bomber. Director Harmut Bitomsky is as fascinated by this gargantuan jet's place in the global power structure a… Read more

Babies on the Sun (Garine Torossian, 2001)
Re-filmed cut-out images from children's books are reprocessed further through slide and computer. These visual delicacies flutter and stutter, acting as a kind of rhythm section to the Sparklehorse … Read more

BAD GUY (Kim Ki-Duk, 2001)
Hang Gi, a tough pimp ruling his brothel with an iron fist, has a huge chip on his shoulder. Moments after setting eyes on Seon-hwa, a pretty and proper college student, he forces her to kiss him, in… Read more

Bamboleho (Luis Prieto, 2001)
As a child Migue ran away from a family home ravaged by poverty. As a teenager he finds a new home and family; living on the rooftops of Barcelona with his girlfriend Mara and an illegal immigrant Ah… Read more

BARAN (Majid Majidi, 2001)
The films of Majid Majidi - including Children of Heaven (1999) and The Colour of Paradise (2000) - have captivated MIFF audiences. With Baran, a stand out film at Rotterdam, Toronto and New York Fil… Read more

Barcode (Adriaan Lokman, 2001)
Barcode is an animated road movie that takes the viewer through an abstract virtual landscape of light and shadow. Screened at Rotterdam Festival this is a computer-generated choreography of light an… Read more

Beach Story (Kathy Drayton, 2001)
Portrait of a family who are not as cool as they'd like to be-even at the beach! Subtle nuance is ever present in this beautifully shot film, as family dynamics and the awkward­ness of puberty ar… Read more

Beautiful (Adam Stevens, 2001)
Have you ever wondered what men talk about when they go fishing? Sublimely located, this beautifully photographed tale about two men and their tackle subverts all expectations. ... Read more

Besenbahn (Dietmar Offenhuber, 2001)
Traversing homogenous suburbs and multiplexed freeways, Besenbahn clinically and elegantly fragments the notion of a 'road movie'. Using time slice technology, this videographic experiment transcends… Read more

BIG MAMA (Kon Ichikawa, 2001)
"Okatsu is a widow raising five children - adults but still mama-dependent - in mid-eighteenth century Edo, Japan. Her frugality attracts unflattering comment even amid national tough times (the regi… Read more

Blind Spot (Michelle Lippitt, 2001)
An evocative exploration of emotional landscapes, Blind Spot flickers on the retina like a poignant memory. Its conscious stream of fragmented images and enigmatically composed soundtrack slip in and… Read more

BLOODY SUNDAY (Paul Greengrass, 2001)
On Sunday 30 January 1972 a British paratrooper unit shot dead 13 unarmed civilians taking part in a march for peace in Derry, Northern Ireland. Thirty years later, the killers still haven't got thei… Read more

Blow (Marie Craven, 2001)
Rebecca, 15, is struggling with something big. Every morning, she sneezes violently. Exactly nine sneezes every time, her mother insists. Rebecca feels allergic to life, and needs to admit a big secr… Read more

BLUE SPRING (Toyoda Toshiaki, 2001)
Blue Spring is about high school anarchy, hairstyles and rock'n'roll. In a school where the students set the rules while teachers are dangled from windows, students play a deadly game of chicken to d… Read more

BLUE VINYL (Judith Helfand, Daniel B Gold, 2001)
"Arguing that vinyl is the most potentially deadly consumer product on the planet, Blue Vinyl doesn't just draw our attention to the lurking danger. Rather, this enormously entertaining documentary t… Read more

BOUND FOR PLEASURE (David Blyth, 2001)
Now that New Zealand is synonymous with The Lord of the Rings, don't think that all Kiwi dark pleasures are confined to the subterranean lairs of Trolls. Director David Blyth has embarked on his own … Read more

Broken (Victoria Batchelor, 2001)
Shelley uses her parents handycam to record her final year break-up party and ends up filming what breaks inside her. Shot completely in one take, this film is disarmmgly real in both style and perfo… Read more

BROTHER (Yan Yan Mak, 2001)
Hong Kong filmmaker Yan Yan Mak's debut scooped the coveted FIPRESCI Award at the 2001 Hong Kong Film Festival. Her ambitious film took the director from her home in bustling Hong Kong to a remote No… Read more

BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF (Christophe Gans, 2001)
Brotherhood Of The Wolf attracted more than two million movie-goers in its first week of release in France. Set during the reign of Louis IX. this ripping yarn is the story of the beast of Gevaudin, … Read more

BUFFALO SOLDIERS (Gregor Jordan, 2001)
Army supply clerk Ray Elwood (Joaquin Phoenix) reluctantly chose the army over a stint in jail. He rules the roost around the base, duping his ineffectual, pompous superiors, way-laying vast shipment… Read more

BURIED (Kathryn Bucher, 2001)
A dreamlike tale from the margins of Americana, Buried has an otherworldly quality ideally suited to the dark fable that forms its core. Nineteenth century Montana: a woman's hand thrusts up through … Read more

Bus Stop (Chris Graham, 2001)
Eight people, seven dreams, one bus. Sit back for a contemplative trip. ... Read more

CAMEL(S) (Park Kiyong, 2001)
A man and a woman, having once met in the pharmacy where the woman works, drive to a hotel in a small seaside town near Seoul. Only on the way does the man ask the woman her name. Each has their own … Read more

Camouflage (Jonathan Hodgson, 2001)
A bold combination of animation styles and techniques, coupled with live action, this BAFTA nominated piece compares accounts of growing up in a family with a schizophrenic parent. Screened at Rotter… Read more

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