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La Fosse Rouge (Sylvain Labrosse, 2001)
Zair has been arrested by the police and has missed his secondary school exams. He doesn't have the courage to tell his mother but he doesn't want to be seen as a failure in her eyes. Screened in Cle… Read more

Lake (Giga Chkheidze, 2001)
Set within the tranquil landscapes of modern Georgia, this poetic film reflects upon the social residues left over from the civil war that ravaged the country in 1992. In this context, death becomes … Read more

LANTANA (Ray Lawrence, 2001)
Lantana is a stunning psychological thriller about love and deception from director Ray Lawrence (Bliss), producer Jan Chapman (The Piano) and screenwriter Andrew Bovell (Head On). ... As Detective L… Read more

Last Vibrations (Jean-Baptiste Filleau, 2001)
We follow a lonely and somewhat scary man from a mysterious airport to the place of the ensuing drama, the family apartment. Evocative sound, high contrast black-and-white, and dramatic, spare landsc… Read more

Le Guide (Dimitri Karakatsanis, 2001)
A couple drive to the country for a picnic. On a deserted road they hit a dog, but when the man climbs out to check for damage, the dog has disappeared. A surreal thriller about a stretch of road tha… Read more

Looking For Bruce Lee is a post-millennium, spiky Korean Hard Day's Night, revolving around real-life band Crying Nut (Korea's most successful punk act) and their often futile attempts to understand … Read more

This aptly named profile of Sydney musician and collector of psychotronic films, Jamie Leonarder, explores the intriguing and little known world of 'outsider' culture. A diversional therapist, who fo… Read more

LOVE LIZA (Todd Louiso, 2001)
Winner of Best Screenplay at Sundance Film Festival, Love Liza is a curious but unforgettable animal, somewhere between Todd Solondz's Happiness and Terry Zwigoff's Ghost World. Philip Seymour Hoffma… Read more

MAIDS (Fernando Meirelles, Nando Olival, 2001)
Almost three million women in Brazil work as maids. The wealth of stories these women have to tell prompted directors Fernando Meirelles and Nando Oiival to make a comedy based on the award winning p… Read more

MAN OF THE CROWDS (John Lvoff, 2001)
A church in Lisbon. A couple in their forties wanders away from a group of tourists. Suddenly the man collapses. In the mental health service his wife learns that her husband has suffered a psycholog… Read more

MANIC (Jordan Melamed, 2001)
Manic has enjoyed a tremendous reaction at numerous Film Festivals in the past months including Toronto, London and Rotterdam. The film's strength lies in the unflinching portrayal of disturbed youth… Read more

MARIE-JO AND HER TWO LOVES (Robert Guédiguian, 2001)
One of the most respected and loved filmmakers working in France today, Robert Guédiguian has built a career weaving achingly beautiful narratives in his beloved home town of Marseille. Utilising ma… Read more

Clichés and suppositions are blown out of the water in the true story of one of cinema's most fascinating, yet enigmatic, stars. Directed by her grandson, David Riva, the film presents previously un… Read more

MAU MAU SEX SEX (Ted Bonnitt, 2001)
They've been called 'The Sunshine Boys of smut' but Dan Sonney and David Friedman are proud of their reputation as groovy grandads who peddled taboo and titillation for decades. Beginning in the 30s,… Read more

MAYA (Digvijay Singh, 2001)
Maya is a happy little 12-year-old girl living with a foster family she considers to be her own. She and her foster brother Sonjay are perfectly matched in size, athletic ability, adventurousness and… Read more

MIHAI & CRISTINA (Cristian Nemescu, 2001)
Promising young Romanian director Cristian Nemescu was killed in a car crash in late 2006, while his debut feature California Dreamin' was in post production. Three of Nemescu's lively shorts are col… Read more

MILLENNIUM MAMBO (Hou Hsiao-Hsien, 2001)
Working as a hostess at a trendy bar, Vicky is engrossed in a narcissistic lifestyle of nightclubs and Ecstasy pills. Her romantic attention is divided between two men. Hao-hao, her neurotic and jeal… Read more

MINOR MISHAPS (Annette K Olesen, 2001)
Berlin Film Festival award winner Minor Mishaps exhibits the peculiarly Danish brand of bittersweet intimate comedy and turbulent family relationships handled so expertly in Thomas Vinterberg's class… Read more

MIOTTE BY RUIZ (Raoul Ruiz, 2001)
Over the course of three years, internationally renowned filmmaker Raul Ruiz (Time Regained, MIFF 2000) documented short but extremely intensive sessions with artist Jean Miotte at the painter's stud… Read more

MON-RAK TRANSISTOR (Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 2001)
Straight to MIFF from Directors' Fortnight at Cannes 2002, Pen-ek Ratanaruang's third feature - following Fun Bar Karaoke (1997) and 6ixtynin9 (MIFF 2000) - is a romantic action musical comedy with, … Read more

MOSTLY MARTHA (Sandra Nettelbeck, 2001)
Whilst she orders her life with the same regulation as she ordeis her kitchen, renowned chef Martha is not above bawling out a customer who thinks her foie gras overcooked. Equally passionate and a g… Read more

Mr Debt (Errol Morris, 2001)
Credit Card maxxed out? Can't keep up the mortgage? Collection agents knocking at your door? Call Andrew Capoccia and within a couple of months the bank could owe you money! A white knight for the de… Read more

Mr Wasinski’s Song (Aidan Fennessy, 2001)
Mr Wasinski, a sixty-year-old Polish immigrant, recovers his hearing when a gauze is removed from deep within his eardrums But how does Mr Wasinski negotiate a sudden flurry of sound? To tell you wou… Read more

Mule (John Hardwick, 2001)
Caz is a bit part drug dealer and his friend Ray is an unrepentant jailbird. Caz visits Ray every fortnight and always brings him a piece of dope. On this visit however, Caz brings something extra... ... Read more

MUSA: THE WARRIOR (Kim Sung Su, 2001)
1375 and China is in chaos: the Ming Dynasty has seized power from the Yuan. Korea's ancient government sends a delegation of diplomats and soldiers to China to pledge peace. Ambushed and exiled to t… Read more

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