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MUTANT ALIENS (Bill Plympton, 2001)
Bill Plympton has crafted an outlandish work of science fiction in his latest animated epic. Audiences still reeling from Plympton's past hits will be only partially prepared for this far flung trip … Read more

MY BROTHER TOM (Dom Rotheroe, 2001)
My Brother Tom is the story of teenagers, Tom and Jessica. He is troubled, dark, inhabiting the forests as his holy domain, hiding from the misery and oppression of his home. She is intrigued by this… Read more

My Idiot Brother (Zane Lovitt, 2001)
Mike and Dan live alone after the recent accidental death of their mother. Dan, the younger of the two, is still reeling. Mike, a media student, is compelled to make a short film or face expulsion fr… Read more

MY LIFE AS MCDULL (Toe Yuen, 2001)
Winner of the Grand Prix at this years Annecy Animation Festival, and the FIPRESCI award at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, My Life as McDull is the inventive, satirical story of a little … Read more

MY MOTHER INDIA (Safina Uberoi, 2001)
My Mother India begins by telling a love story. A young, middle-class Australian woman falls in love with a young intellectual Indian whilst at university during the 1950's. They eventually marry and… Read more

My Other Wheelchair is a Porsche (Ravi Kumar, 2001)
A young disabled man finds himself falling for a beautiful, troubled nurse. What must he do to prove his feelings for her? Ravi Kumar's irreverent, unique film provides a startling perspective on dis… Read more

NABI: THE BUTTERFLY (Moon Seung-Wook, 2001)
In an unknown Korean city in the near future, a desperate woman named Anna arrives in search of the rumoured 'oblivion virus', a bug with the fortunate side effect of erasing painful memories. Outbre… Read more

Night Trade (Barbera Karpinski, 2001)
With Big Brother's Johnnnie Cass in the role of Gigolo, this dramatised doco explores the world of Sydney sexworker Sasha Nikolovic. After leaving war-torn Yugoslavia to avoid being drafted, he refle… Read more

NOBLE ART (Pascal Deux, 2001)
Noble Art could be a contender to step into the ring with the Muhammad Ali doco When We Were Kings as one of the few boxing documentaries to be of interest to those who usually find the sport a blood… Read more

NOGO (Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, 2001)
"Billed as a gas station triptych, Nogo spins together three separate stories about young couples obsessively bound together against the world before uniting the six characters in an explosive finale… Read more

Off the Chain (Emma Jackson, 2001)
In this innovative animation, a sheep dog looks back with regret at the moment he strayed from the well-worn path, and lost control of his desires. ... Read more

Old Man Me (Ahmed Saheed, 2001)
Synopsis not available Read more

ON THE ROAD TO EMMAUS (Markku Pölönen, 2001)
Bowling over audiences at Berlin, Toronto and Montreal Film Festivals, Finnish auteur Markku Pölönens fifth film is a burlesque comedy with absurdist overtones. Cynical Helsinki real estate agent R… Read more

Once Upon a Night (Suk-Yee Cheung, 2001)
A lonely young girl walks the city streets. A young man with a camera walks the streets at night. They meet and inspire each other to move on in life. ... Read more

ONE DAY IN AUGUST (Constantine Giannaris, 2001)
Escaping the blistering heat of Athens in mid August, rich and poor alike head for cooler, less claustrophobic holiday destinations. From one apartment block, a snapshot of modern Athens emerges - tw… Read more

ONE NIGHT THE MOON (Rachel Perkins, 2001)
In 1932 a child went missing in outback NSW. Entranced by a beaming full moon, the little girl left her bed and wandered into the night, vanishing mysteriously. This musical drama features sublime mu… Read more

Outside In (Susan Bruce, 2001)
What's it like being Hepatitis C positive? This simple and succinct introspection was scribed with a rudimentary tech­nology that itself echoes this degradation and breakdown. An abstracted and s… Read more

PARADOX LAKE (Przemyslaw Shemie Reut, 2001)
Those who complain that US indie features have lost their edge should embrace Paradox Lake." - Variety ... Selected for both Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals, Paradox Lake follows Matt, a listless … Read more

PAULINE AND PAULETTE (Lieven Debrauwer, 2001)
Screening at London, Pusan and Toronto as well as taking the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury (Special Mention) at Cannes, Pauline and Paulette has warmed hearts globally with its loveable characters. A … Read more

Pizza Passionata (Kari Juusonen, 2001)
A shy man, a femme fatale across the hall and a ping-pong bat all star in this magnificently spare, bittersweet meditation on the eternal conflict between dreams and reality. Screened in Cannes. ... Read more

PLANET OF THE CANNIBALS (Hans-Christoph Blumenberg, 2001)
October 2020: mobile phone use and smoking are punishable by death. The collapse of the EU and a severe energy crisis have plunged Europe into poverty. A totalitarian government has seized power whil… Read more

PLEASURE AND PAIN (Danny Clinch, Sam Lee, 2001)
Combining shuddering, groove-laden funky soul and folky, handcrafted acoustics, singer-songwriter Ben Harper has cultivated a cult following in the past decade. A native of California, he grew up on … Read more

Premier Amour (Bernard Garant, 2001)
This poignant love story centres on ten-year-old Pol. who has a crush on his classmate Justine. But getting close to her proves difficult, until a potentially embarrassing incident impels Justine to … Read more

PRETTY THINGS (Gilles Paquet-Brenner, 2001)
Mane and Lucie despise each other; identical twins who, at least on the surface, appear to express touching familial love in order to disguise loathing. Lucie is a superficial model, enamoured of fla… Read more

QUITTING (Zhang Yang, 2001)
Jia Hong Sheng was an emerging film star in the early 90s, nicknamed 'the thug idol' for playing gangsters and heroes in 'B' movies, when he branched out and starred in a stage version of Kiss of the… Read more

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