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From Mesmer, with Love or Tea for Two (Salvador Aguirre, Alejandro Lubezki, 2002)
Alberto resorts to disturbing and extravagant practices to break through the shell of his loneliness and fulfill his desires. This cheeky short film won the Grand Prix for Short film, Critics Week, C… Read more

FROM THE OTHER SIDE (Chantal Akerman, 2002)
Chantal Akerman's haunting new documentary focuses on the plight of Mexican workers and their attempts to cross the US border and forge a better life 'on the other side'. ... Akerman sets the story i… Read more

Geranium Peace (Marcel Hobi, 2002)
As the preponderance of media outlets bombard us with information ranging from the trivial to the terrible, are we afflicted by the new malaise 'indifference'? An ideal and often overlooked use of th… Read more

GIRLHOOD (Liz Garbus, 2002)
In 2002 Liz Garbus packed a cinematic whallop MIFF audiences won't soon forget with death-row documentary, The Execution of Wanda Jean. Girlhood focuses on the opposite, but no less lethal, end of th… Read more

Going Down (Dominic Inzana, 2002)
Ever had one of those Seinfeld moments? Stereotypical fears escalate to a darkly comedic confrontation between two disparate characters, in a film that examines how confined spaces heighten personal … Read more

Gone Fishin’ (Christoph Simon, 2002)
The fishing trip of two old friends takes a turn for the worse when a joke doesn't go quite as planned. ... Read more

When Sam Phillips opened a storefront recording studio in Memphis 50 years ago, he tapped the rich musical vein of the Mississippi delta and instantly sparked a revolution. Sun Records superstars inc… Read more

GULPILIL: ONE RED BLOOD (Darlene Johnson, 2002)
On recently finishing his lead role in The Tracker (MIFF Opening Night film), David Gulpilil returned to the Yolgnu clan in Arnhem Land in Northern Australia, where his tribal status necessitates soc… Read more

Habibti My Love (Pernille Fischer Christensen, 2002)
A young Muslim woman negotiates cultural and personal boundaries as she comes to terms with falling in love.The film explores the ultimately triumphant way in which she deals with the men in her life… Read more

Hash (Andrey Sokolov, 2002)
A short burst of hilarity. The three little pigs have an unexpected guest one cold winter night. A colourfully energetic animation. ... Read more

HOLLYWOOD GOLD (Ben Lewin, 2002)
Australian director Ben Lewin's fascination and obsession with jewellery was spawned during the production of his film The Favour, The Watch, and the Very Big Fish. It all started with a watch that J… Read more

HORNS AND HALOS (Suki Hawley, Michael Galinsky, 2002)
Horns and Halos careens straight into the heart of leftwing underground publishing versus hegemonic US political agendas. The pivotal characters include a 29-year-old punk rocker-cum-publisher an ex-… Read more

How I Walked on the Moon (Samuel Jadok, 2002)
1969. France. A competition to go to the moon. Moussa, a ten-year-old boy, goes in place of his uncle. ... Read more

How To Cope With Death (Ignacio Ferreras, 2002)
Death comes to all of us, but does the Grim Reaper always do his research with the requisite thoroughness? An impressive debut from Argentinean-born director Ignacio Ferreras. ... Read more

HUKKLE (György Pálfi, 2002)
Twin Peaks meets Microcosmos in this multi-award winning gem that has captivated Festival audiences world-wide. ... An old peasant sits by the side of a road hiccupping in a slow, rhythmic fashion. T… Read more

HUMAN CONTRAPTIONS (Bruce Petty, 2002)
Academy-Award-winning animator (and political cartoonist) Bruce Petty takes a satirical look at the 'contraptions' that shape our lives. Education, sex, finance, globalism, art, media, medicine, law,… Read more

I’ll wait for the next one (Phillipe Orreindy, 2002)
Antoine, a 29-year-old man, performs his personal ad to a packed train carriage on the French subway. His performance is funny and charming, but will it ever lead to bigger things? ... Read more

I’m a Star! (Stefan Stratil, 2002)
A lonely man, a cigarette, a hotel hallway— this is the setting for an ironic take on Sinatra lore. Fueled by the contents of his flask, he staggers for all eternity through the corridors of a … Read more

In Absentia (Lucia Cedron, 2002)
Sitting in her bathroom in a new country, Maria takes a pregnancy test. While she waits for the results, she remembers the violence and exile she escaped when she left Argentina. Won the Silver Bear … Read more

IN AMERICA (Jim Sheridan, 2002)
Johnny and Sarah (Samantha Morton, Morvern Collar, in MIFF this year) arrive in New York from Ireland with their two young daughters, soon after the death of their infant son. Virtually penniless and… Read more

IN MY SKIN (Marina de Van, 2002)
Esther is in her 30s and freelances for a public relations firm. She's ready to make some changes in her life—the possibility of accepting a regular position within the company, and also settli… Read more

In the Beginning was the Eye (Bady Minck, 2002)
Direct from Directors' Fortnight at this year's Cannes Film Festival, In the Beginning was the Eye is a film about narration and remembering; about the volatility of language and image and the tricks… Read more

Indian Summer (Carolyn Dobbe, 2002)
On December 1, 2001 it was 66 degrees (19 Celsius) in NYC: an Indian Summer that comes to an icy end. Dobbe carefully builds up the days contemplative mood with a classic filmic eye for detail, colou… Read more

INFERNAL AFFAIRS (Andrew Lau, Alan Mak, 2002)
Taking its place besides the classic John Woo and Tsuik Hark Hong Kong action films of the 80s and 90s, Infernal Affairs is as hard boiled and relentless as they come. Yan (Tony Leung Chiu-wai) is an… Read more

Inside Outside Mongolia (Sebastian Winkels, 2002)
Observational composition and unobtrusive reflections create a meditative tone for this portrait of Mongolia. This breathtaking journey juxtaposes images of an ancient world set against a modern soci… Read more

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