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negroes with guns: rob williams and black power (Sandra Dickson and Churchill Roberts, 2003)
This biography of early civil rights activist Rob Williams focuses on the decade from 1959, during which Williams founded the Black Power movement, dodged a lynching and fled the US for his own safet… Read more

Not My Type I-IV (Lycette Bros., 2003)
Synopsis not available Read more

P.T.U. (Johnnie To, 2003)
From the Berlin Film Festival, Johnnie To's P.T.U. went back home to open the Hong Kong Film Festival. This remarkable, taut action/drama takes place over a single night in the lives of a Police Tact… Read more

Pan With Us (David Russo, 2003)
An amazingly poetic form of animation concerning the mischievous anarchy of 'Pan', the woodland god, as he fades into the realm of mythic antiquity. Based on a poem by Robert Frost. Honourable mentio… Read more

PANSY (Peter Wells, 2003)
"I overheard Dad say 'He's turning into a bloody pansy.' And I remember standing in the front garden, looking down at the pansies thinking, 'I don't get it. I can't understand it. Why is such an inof… Read more

PERFECT STRANGERS (Gaylene Preston, 2003)
When Melanie (Rachael Blake, Lantana, MIFF 2001) goes home from the pub with the best looking bloke (Sam Neill) there, she is more than pleased with herself. After a night of revelry, she passes out … Read more

Pink ribbon (Fujii Kenjiro, 2003)
[Pink Ribbon] chronicles the rise and precarious survival of the least prestigious genre in Japanese cinema: the soft-core sex movie, also known as the pink film. [Pink Ribbon] surveys all angles of … Read more

Poll Position (Cath Dwyer, 2003)
Toongabbie Public School was the largest polling booth in Australia's most marginal federal electorate. Labour campaign workers arrive to find the Liberals have plastered the school with banners. Wil… Read more

POWER TRIP (Paul Devlin, 2003)
"In an environment of pervasive corruption, political assassinations, and street rioting, the story of chaotic post-Soviet transition is told through culture clash, electricity disconnections and bla… Read more

PRESERVATION (Sofya Gollan, 2003)
Jacqueline McKenzie (Angel Baby) is Daphne, a single woman living in Sydney in the 1890s, who runs a taxidermy service, inherited from her late father. Unable to accept his passing, she frequents a '… Read more

PUSHER (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2003)
A furious, hyper-realistic window into the very bottom of the Copenhagen underworld, the blockbuster hit Pusher, the debut feature from its 25-year-old director, was instrumental in putting Danish ci… Read more

Tribe 8: a compelling combination of funny, tough, foul-mouthed, ribald, outspoken, outrageous and just plain out-there women playing full-throttle, militantly lesbian punk rock. Add to this their pe… Read more

Round (Justin Edgar, 2003)
A romantic comedy in which security officer, Laurence, guards an empty office and spends life in an endless circle until he falls in love with Ann. She offers an opportunity for his spirit to escape,… Read more

Saraband (Ingmar Bergman, 2003)
Love, in Ingmar Bergman's films, carries something of the raw chill of a Swedish wind. [Saraband], his latest and perhaps last film, is no different, delivering intimacy and human connection with a s… Read more

Saraband (Ingmar Bergman, 2003)
Love, in Ingmar Bergman's films, carries something of the raw chill of a Swedish wind. [Saraband], his latest and perhaps last film, is no different, delivering intimacy and human connection with a s… Read more

SAVE THE GREEN PLANET! (Jang Jun-hwan, 2003)
Playfully crossing almost all genres, including thriller comedy, horror and action, this dynamic debut film from Korean hot-shot, Jang Jun-hwan, recalls the deliriously creative work of Jeunet and Ca… Read more

smashing machine, the (John Hyams, 2003)
Meet Mark 'The Smashing Machine' Kerr, the undisputed, unstoppable champion of the world's most savage sport. No-holds-barred 'ultimate fighting' gained massive popularity in the US, even out-rating … Read more

Stoked is a phenomenal skating history with a rockin' soundtrack featuring music from a bunch of 80s hardcore acts such as Black Flag and Butthole Surfers, outrageous interviews with every major skat… Read more

Sweetheart (Matthew Saville, 2003)
A mother. A son. A phone call. ... Read more

SWIMMING POOL (François Ozon, 2003)
Direct from Cannes, the chameleon-like Francois Ozon returns to MIFF screens with two of his favourite actors, Charlotte Rampling (Under the Sand, MIFF 2001) and Ludivine Sagnier (Water Drops on Burn… Read more

"I had a homosexual dog and I beat it to death. So is my son, but I can't beat him to death." Jochen Hick scandalised and titillated MIFF audiences in 1998 with Sex/Life in LA. His latest project tur… Read more

THE COMEBACK KINGS (Joel Peterson, 2003)
Is it too late to do it all again? Colin and Denny Burgess hold a special place in the pantheon of Australian rock. Since the 60s the pair have enjoyed stints in The Masters' Apprentices, saucy 60s b… Read more

THE FOREST (Jo Kennedy, 2003)
It's Ashley and Mike's tenth wedding anniversary. To celebrate, Mike buys his wife a bunch of roses and takes her to her favourrte restaurant. Everything seems fine, but is it? Ashley has had a dream… Read more

A wonderful new Aussie comedy from acclaimed director Ted Emery (Kath & Kim, Fast Forward). Wally Norman, a rural battler, is the foreman of a failing meat­packing plant. He is suddenly and reluc… Read more

The House (Vivienne Jones, 2003)
Developed over four years from the art workshops in a London Community Care Trust house, the memories, aspirations and observations of the clients are eloquently and sympathetically brought into the … Read more

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