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Films In 2004

Dastaguir and his spirited young grandson, Yassin, wait at a dusty roadside junction in a lonely desert landscape. They wait for a truck that will take them to the remote mine where the old man's son works. He is honour-bound to take the devastating news to his son that their village has been ... Read more
"Ulmer was nothing if not a self-inventor - by his own fantastic account, he created the first dolly and worked on every major film to come out of Weimar Germany, handily listing himself as an uncredited assistant. But Ulmer's moviemaking influence is incontrovertible. Using a Peter Bogdanovich ... Read more
"My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me'" Christ's plea from the cross resonates through Aoyama Shinji's ([Eureka], MIFF 00) bleak vision of a post-apocalyptic world overwhelmed with despair. Featuring in this year's Un Certain Regard at Cannes, it showcases Aoyama's truly idiosyncratic vision ... Read more
Elia Suleiman Short FilmsPalestine/FranceIntroduction to the End of an Argument (1990, 45mins)This highly kinetic tableau of uprooted sights and sounds works earnestly to expose the racial biases concealed in familiar images. Relying on valuable snippets from feature films such as Exodus, Lawrence ... Read more
End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones USA'a sweeping overview of the career of seminal punk-rockers the Ramones, End of the Century is compulsive viewing for fans of the group' [it's] an exhaustive survey, not just of the Ramones, but of the entire underground music scene in New York (and ... Read more
Nominated for the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, [Enron] is a tight, fascinating chronicle of arrogance, conspiracy and greed. Throughout the 1990s Enron grew with astonishing speed to become one of America's largest corporations. But, as one subject notes, the whole enterprise was "a ... Read more
Evil (Ondskan) Sweden ... In Evil, nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at this year's Academy Awards, a sadistic group of power-tripping rich kids terrorise a young misfit at an elite private school. ... Erik is considered capital 't' trouble by his teachers and parents. With his James Dean ... Read more
Exiles (Exils) France ... Winner of the Best Director prize at Cannes, Exiles is MIFF regular Tony Gatlif's (Swing, MIFF 2002) latest intoxicating, music fuelled, and most personal cinematic delight. ... 'Exiles is a terrific journey of self-discovery, a return to roots and a venture into the soul ... Read more
Experimental Shorts ProgrammeExposure (6mins)Gestalt (5mins)Ojos Que No Ven (14mins)Arrive (5mins)The Phantom Museum (12mins)Vegetable Thriller (2mins)Falcon (5mins)Palermo : ""history standing still""(11mins)Set-4 (4mins)Rosemarie (8mins)The Bathers (4mins)Polish Your Shoes (11mins)Busby ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
The Eye (Gin Gwai) Thailand/Hong Kong Twin brothers Danny and Oxide Pang take audiences on a suspenseful ride in this atmospheric psychological thriller. Taking the action from the hectic streets of Hong Kongo the steamy jungles of Thailand, the precociously talented Pang brothers unravel an eerie ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
Fahrenheit 9/11USA.Winner of the Palme d'Or and FIPRESCI prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival, Michael Moore's (Bowling for Columbine) blistering film takes a look at the state ofAmerica today and the role played by the Bush 'dynasty'. From the controversy surrounding the 2000 US presidential ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
Fallen Angel: Gram Parsons Germany/UK'It's a story so extraordinary. It's something that might happen in a movie, but you don't think of it happening in real life.' -Emmylou HarrisThree decades after his untimely death comes the first-ever complete documentary about the angelic voice, fearless life ... Read more
Ju-seok returns home after spending three years in jail for pickpocketing. She has always had a hostile relationship with her widowed father, a former cop whose job was revoked when he lost the sight of one eye, and who brought up Ju-seok and her younger brother alone. Jeong-eun has long been ... Read more
Far Side of the Moon (La Face Cachée de la Lune) Canada Acclaimed theatre and film director Robert Lepage (Possible Worlds, MIFF 2001) brings to the screen an adaptation of his own play. A playful, metaphorical tale juxtaposing sibling rivalry with the US'soviet space race, Far Side of the Moon is ... Read more
Farmingville USA In September 2000, two Mexican workers were beaten nearly to death by young white youths in the New York state town of Farmingville. This explosive documentary examines the combustible atmosphere that led to this hate crime and the implications, not only for the immediate ... Read more
FictionFiction Shorts Programme 1The Waltz (4mins)Le Lion Volatil (12mins)My Name is Yu Ming (13mins)Shock and Awe (6mins)Enlightenment (25mins)Closer (12mins)Hare Hunting (23mins)Dysenchanted (8mins) ... Read more
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