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devil and daniel johnston, the (Jeff Feuerzeig, 2005)
According to Kurt Cobain, Daniel Johnston was the greatest songwriter on earth. Musician, cult outsider artist and manic depressive, Daniel Johnston's wild behavioural fluctuations, downward-spirals … Read more

Dig (Bridget Walker, 2005)
Dig is a lovingly hand-wrought ethnographic, historical, animated, live-action evocation of an industry, some people, a place and the humble potato. ---D/S Bridget Walker P Paul Fletcher, Robert Step… Read more

dirt (Jeff Bowden, 2005)
Jeff Bowden's mud-streaked documentary follows a championship season of world-class Street Stocks. This is the bottom class of American dirt-track auto racing, played out in all its beer-bellied glor… Read more

EAST OF PARADISE (Lech Kowalski, 2005)
A historical tragedy meets a personal rebellion in Lech Kowalski's idiosyncratic third instalment of his Wild, Wild East documentary trilogy. East of Paradise opens with a harrowing description by Ma… Read more

EDMOND (Stuart Gordon, 2005)
Celebrated playwright David Mamet pulls no punches in this incendiary tale of social paranoia. William H. Macy steps up to the plate as a disgruntled businessman who throws his tedious existence to t… Read more

education of shelby Knox, the (Marion Lipschutz, Rose Rosenblatt, 2005)
Lubbock, Texas, has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the US. It also has the highest rate of STDs in teenagers. The sex education policy in the schools of this southern, ultra-conservative to… Read more

End of Town (Julius Avery, 2005)
A girl stands on a lonely road looking into the distance and into her future, “…a moody, jangly score by the Devastations and striking cinematography by Adam Arkapaw.” - Adrian Martin, The… Read more

erik (A) (Kurt Mayer, 2005)
Erika Schinegger was the 1966 women's downhill skiing world champion. She was a popular figure; Austrian athlete of the year, she was a farm girl with a no-nonsense attitude, a funny haircut and a de… Read more

Etoile Violette (Axelle Ropert, 2005)
Living a peaceful life in his shop, 30-something Alexandre (Serge Bozon) spends his days working meticulously in his tailor shop and listening to his radio. With no one to talk to, he soon becomes re… Read more

EVERLASTING REGRET (Stanley Kwan, 2005)
Everlasting Regret received six nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards. ... Based on the best-selling 1996 novel by Wang Anyi, Stanley Kwan's handsome epic, Everlasting Love, sweeps across the scre… Read more

fall of fujimori, the (Ellen Perry, 2005)
"With remarkable access and a steely, clinical attitude toward her all-too-ingratiating subject, filmmaker Ellen Perry delivers an intimate and deeply disturbing portrait of Peruvian ex-president Alb… Read more

FALLEN (Fred Kelemen, 2005)
“A starkly black-and-white parable dripping with unspoken regrets and submerged in the ambient sturm und drang of distant factory roar… Consider it a thumbnail remake of Blow-Up by Nuri Bilg… Read more

fateless (Lajos Koltai, 2005)
[Fateless] is a deeply moving tale of a Hungarian Jewish boy and his quest for the meaning of his past. It screened in Official Selection at Berlin, 2005. ... Based on the 2002 Nobel prize-winning no… Read more

Few old blokes, A (Kate Gillick, 2005)
Gillick's revealing documentary focuses on a group of 'old blokes' residing in a public high-rise. The filmmaker creates a warm and unpretentious story about their daily routines, dreams, dilemmas an… Read more

Film Noir (Osbert Parker, 2005)
A fantastic not-so black-and-white chase sequence made of classic film noir moments collaged into a highly imaginative series of stop motion worlds, each collapsing onto the other.---D/P/S Osbert Par… Read more

for interieur (Patrick Poubel, 2005)
A boy called Criquet shares fun times with his grandfather, who collects memories. When the old man dies, he leaves the boy a magical legacy.---D Patrick Poubel P Eric Pattedoie, Caroline Perchaud S … Read more

FRIDAY OR ANOTHER DAY (Yvan Le Moine, 2005)
Based on Michel Tournier's novel Vendredi ou le limbes du Pacifique (a reworking of Robinson Crusoe), Friday or Another Day charts the course of the relationship between a proud thespian and a sardon… Read more

FROM SHTETL TO SWING (Fabienne Rousso-Lenoir, 2005)
This lively documentary uses pristine archival footage to portray an ebullient story of musical metamorphosis - from the synagogue choirs of darkest Russia to Harlem hotspots, Tin Pan Alley, Broadway… Read more

FROZEN CITY (Aku Louhimies, 2005)
A searing salute to Scorsese's Taxi Driver, filmmaker Aku Louhimies based Frozen City on the fate of one of the characters from his television series Fragments (2003) and follows a narrative thread f… Read more

Funny Pets - Black Hole, Photography, Ghost and Flight (Ryuchi Masuda, 2005)
Aliens, Corona and Crescent live as the pets of Betty Boop-style starlet Funny after crash-landing on earth. Despite its sugar-coated look, this series from the creator of Mr Stain on Junk Alley is t… Read more

GABRIELLE (Patrice Chéreau, 2005)
“Outbursts of honesty and extremes of secrecy, moments of doubt and founded or unfounded joy… it's all there.” - Venice Film Festival Envied for their success, the master and mistress of t… Read more

GAMBLER (Phie Ambo, 2005)
Phie Ambo's documentary sees her turning the camera on fellow Danish filmmaker, Nicholas Winding Refn, detailing his real-life tale of risk and sacrifice. ... After crashlanding in Cannes with the gr… Read more

Get Bizzy (Henry Cruickshank, 2005)
What does it take to succeed as an ‘animation star'? Three out-of-work animated characters envy a friend's success - and animation takes a comical look in the mirror in the process.---D Henry Cruic… Read more

GIE (Riri Riza, 2005)
“One of the most ambitious films ever made in Indonesia.” - Rotterdam International Film Festival Low in budget but epic in nature, significance and scale, Riri Riza's Gie is a chronological biog… Read more

ginga (Hank Levine, Marcelo Machado, Tocha Alves, 2005)
Brazil's great secret for dominating world football is hardly a secret at all. Brazilian football players have 'ginga' - a fluid style of movement that raises ball skill to an art form. Ginga is not … Read more

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