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LOUDQUIETLOUD: A FILM ABOUT THE PIXIES (Steven Cantor, Matthew Galkin, 2005)
Combining punk-influenced rock with a distinctive surf sound and fronted by the off-beat vocals of Black Francis, the Pixies' eclectic style heavily influenced the alternative rock explosion of the 9… Read more

Love This Time (Rhys Graham, 2005)
Nouria's life is falling apart. The flowers that fill her house are rotting, her dad won't get out of bed, her little brother just won't stop wetting himself and her boyfriend's dog is dying. But for… Read more

Lucky (Avie Luthra, 2005)
When an AIDS orphan moves from his Zulu village to Durban, he discovers abond of connection with the most unlikely of people. Screened at Edinburgh, Berlin, Clermont-Ferrand.---D/S/P Avie Luthra P Ju… Read more

LUNACY (Jan Svankmajer, 2005)
“What could be more natural than cult director Jan Svankmajer pairing the poetic twins of decadence, Edgar Allan Poe and the Marquis de Sade? Combining live action with the Czech director's wondrou… Read more

mad hot ballroom (Marilyn Agrelo, 2005)
"It's more than learning the steps... it's etiquette... it's life," says Louise Verdemare, principal of the kids at PS 112. ... [Mad Hot Ballroom] turns the lens on ballroom dancing 'tweens' from thr… Read more

magician, the (Scott Ryan, 2005)
[The Magician] is the tale of Melbourne hit man Ray Shoesmith. As Ray goes about his daily business, he's trailed by a young documentary filmmaker with a camera on his shoulder. He's keeping a record… Read more

malfunkshun (Scot Barbour, 2005)
The roots of the 1990s' grunge phenomenon lay in the melding of punk and metal into the stadium-meets-CBGB styling of bands such as Malfunkshun, Green River and Mother Love Bone. Andrew Wood, charism… Read more

Man, A (Laurent Simoes, 2005)
Our anti-hero reclines on his banana lounger, drinks, smokes and harasses his girlfriend. You don't need familiarity with this poem, or any Bukowski, to appreciate the Beat sensibility. ... Read more

MANSLAUGHTER (Per Fly, 2005)
A major domestic box office and critical success, Manslaughter bears the hallmarks that have made recent Danish cinema substantial and constantly challenging. Fifty-two-year-old Carsten (Jesper Chris… Read more

“If you have to sell out your values and principles to get at a greater truth, where does that leave you?” - filmmaker Debbie Melnyk Documentary filmmakers Debbie Melnyck and Rick Caine set out … Read more

MARY (Abel Ferrara, 2005)
“Its own double bill - a response to The Passion of the Christ… a fantastic amalgam of Mel Gibson and Ferrara himself.” - Village Voice Tackling issues of faith and redemption in these cyn… Read more

Me and you and everyone we know (Miranda July, 2005)
"With her incredibly auspicious debut feature, acclaimed multimedia performance artist Miranda July makes the leap to feature filmmaking with such skill and original vision it's hard not to feel a tr… Read more

METAL: A HEADBANGER'S JOURNEY (Sam Dunn, Scot McFadyen, Jessica Joy Wise, 2005)
“Strong enough to make believers out of non-metalheads, and inside enough to get the devil's-horns salute from the most diehard followers.” - Variety Headbanger-turned-anthropologist Sam Dunn act… Read more

“I made bad taste one percent more respectable and that was what I was put on this earth to do.” - John Waters Before VCRs were readily available, midnight movies were the holy grail of ravenous … Read more

Mississippi (Arash T. Riahi, 2005)
Water's spray is captured in the flash of hi-speed digital freeze-frames. Like a good mantra, such a chant of form eventually reveals itself as something else entirely.---D/S Arash T Riahi P Golden G… Read more

modify (Greg Jacobson, Jason Gary, 2005)
Ever thought you've seen it all' [Modify]'s in-depth look at the extremities of body modification will make you think again. ... Exploring methods such as major piercing, tattooing, subcutaneous impl… Read more

Monkey Love (Royston Tan, 2005)
Born in Singapore in 1976, Royston Tan has been heralded as Singapore's most promising young filmmaker and its latest cult icon. Stemming from a music video-making background, Tan has collected over … Read more

Monsieur Etienne (Yann CHAYIA, 2005)
A day in the life of Mr Etienne, who spent his life mediating the gripes between his two best friends, and now prepares for their funeral. A visually stunning and heartfelt film.---D/S Yann Chayia P … Read more

MUSKRAT LOVELY (Amy Nicholson, 2005)
Synopsis not available Read more

MUTUAL APPRECIATION (Andrew Bujalski, 2005)
In Mutual Appreciation, director Andrew Bujalski, the new darling of US indie filmmaking, creates a totally fresh picture of 20-something America. A likeably loose, New York slacker romp through post… Read more

MY NAME IS ALBERT AYLER (Kasper Colin, 2005)
" extraordinary portrait of an extraordinary musician." - SIGHT & SOUND (UK) ... " of the most starkly beautiful and moving documentaries ever made about a jazz musician." - JAZZ TIMES (US… Read more

new york doll (Greg Whiteley, 2005)
If the catchcry 'fun, chaos and sleaze' announced the raucous arrival of the New York Dolls in 1972, then the title of their second album, [Too Much Too Soon], was a fitting epitaph to their demise. … Read more

New York Girl (Royston Tan, 2005)
Born in Singapore in 1976, Royston Tan has been heralded as Singapore's most promising young filmmaker and its latest cult icon. Stemming from a music video-making background, Tan has collected over … Read more

NEXT: A Primer on Urban Painting is a documentary exploration of the global graffiti movement, a phenomenon that was born on the streets of the Bronx and has come to influence youth culture all over … Read more

NINE LIVES OF KOREAN CINEMA (Hubert Niogret, 2005)
MIFF has enthusiastically flown the flag for South Korean cinema, championing such diverse and mind-altering work as MIFF guests Kim Ki-duk (retrospective in 2002), Park Chan-wook (Old Boy 2004), Im … Read more

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