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Films In 2005

“He said ‘I have been in jail for four years in the last decade, I am not going to go to jail for eight or 10 years for the simple crime of asking for food for the poor'. I found it quite inspiring.” - David Bradbury, filmmaker Raul Castells is a walking, talking, pushing, barging force of ... Read more
Maverick Illinois farmer, John Peterson, is an outcast in his community. Amidst a failing economy, depression and accusations of being a drug-dealing cult murderer of children and animals, he persists in attempting to honour his family tradition while mixing it with artistic expression and free ... Read more
Life-affirming in its message, The Refugee All Stars introduces a hardy group of six Sierra Leonean musicians who form a band while living as refugees in the Republic of Guinea. Forced from their homes by a brutal, decade-long civil war, these musicians find solace through music, despite harbouring ... Read more
An office moth endures with quiet desperation another tedious afternoon. The door opens. It's his boss. Yelling at him. The phone rings. His wife. Gnawing at him. Cashier in the bank. Screaming at him. Our office moth has just reached the end of his line... ... Read more
[The Remarkable Mr Kaye] is a portrait - a "blatantly biased portrait" - by filmmaker Paul Cox of Norman Kaye, actor, musician and passionate lover of life. ... Norman Kaye and Paul Cox first met in Melbourne in 1967. Norman, music teacher and 'after hours' actor, and Paul, stills photographer ... Read more
In the tradition of the language cut-up, Ruby Skin disentangles the sound and vision of a magenta hued educational film to create mental mayhem or play for the viewer! ... Eve Heller, 4.30 mins, 2005, 16mm, Colour, Sound ... Read more
“Sa-kwa gives voice to the finest nuances of complex feelings in a delicately orches-trated crescendo...” - Toronto International Film Festival South Korea's most remarkable and gifted new actress, Moon So-ri, transforms from a carefree young girl into an emotionally complicated woman as we ... Read more
An old and mysterious stranger teaches the six-year old son of peasant farmers how to cultivate a crop that would forever change the lives of both him and his family. Can the riches of a little boy's dreams outweigh those of his reality?--- ... D/S Anis Lassoued P Lotfi Laayouni WS Amilcar Films L ... Read more
La Sagrada Familia is a wonderful example of the fresh new cinema emerging from Chile. It captures the intricacies of a family's emotionally charged interactions with rare perspicacity but also with the intimacy of a home video made by the family itself. A traditional, well-to-do Chilean family's ... Read more
“Sarah Silverman is the most outrageously funny woman alive. If you want proof of that declaratory sentence, see Jesus Is Magic.” - Rolling Stone From behind the scatterbrain Jewish-American Princess façade emerges comedian Sarah Silverman, who exploded onto the comedy circuit as a ... Read more
[Satellite] is a lingering and uncanny evocation of its environment, Melbourne. Directed by Ben Speth, shot using a digital camera and a small crew, it tracks the orbits of three characters - an ageing security guard, a young Aboriginal man and an adolescent girl - as they move through this city ... Read more
"It takes chutzpah to call a pic [Screaming Masterpiece], however tongue-in-cheek it's intended, but as director Ari Alexander Ergis Magnusson's flag-waving documentary proves, Icelanders are not short on self-belief. The film explores how this tiny nation has managed to produce not only exportable ... Read more
Hong Kong's grand master of the martial arts film/definer of the wuxia genre, Tsui Hark, returns to prestige filmmaking with Seven Swords. Gritty and epic in every conceivable way, this film pays obvious nods to Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai with its group of 17th century swordslingers banding ... Read more
“A compelling study of art as a source of transcendence.” - Variety Take Shakespeare's final play The Tempest - that fittingly deals with themes of forgiveness and redemption - and bring it into prison, the ultimate venue of confinement. The result is an extraordinary story about the creative ... Read more
“A foxy young temptress, a trio of horny guys, a creepy rural manse and a slightly demonic caretaker are the classic building blocks that get reassembled French-style in Sheitan.” - Variety Combining anarchic, knockabout comedy with nerve-shredding suspense, jet-black humour and gut-wrenchingly ... Read more
“Sherrybaby is an intensely compelling experience and marks an exciting (narrative feature) directorial debut.” - Sundance Film Festival ... American indie queen Maggie Gyllenhaal's magnetic presence lights every frame of this starkly realistic drama about a young life on the skids. She plays ... Read more
Intimate and engaging, Sydney Pollack's first documentary outing is an utterly personal profile of one of the world's leading architects. Best known for the breathtaking Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, world-renowned architect Frank Gehry is a living rejection of the adage that form should ... Read more
With its own b-boys, pop-lockers and skip-hoppers, Australian hip-hop has come a long way in the last few years. This energetic documentary charts its rise and draws out some of the unique elements of the local movement. With little of the gangster posturing of US hip-hop, Australian hip-hop is ... Read more
Full of mystery and expectation, this contemplation of place is unsettling.---D/S Enrique Rodrigues, Moncho Fernandez P Rocio Cabrera WS El Ojo del Caracol L no dialogue TD video/col/2005/10mins ... Read more
A mother and her intellectually handicapped son arrive at a remote, provincial train station to sit on the platform and watch express trains zoom by. This sublime and beautiful film won the Best Short Film award at Venice 2005. ... Read more
Winner of Norway's first Palme d'Or at Cannes this year. In a society where everyone has the ability to fly, the citizens anchor themselves to the ground via ""gravitation boots"". Devoid of sunlight and the open sky, the members of society go about their routine without any hope of personal ... Read more
Benjamin lives with his apathetic father in a remote, alpine setting, experimenting with the fine line between life and death. When Benjamin's test goes wrong, his father is forced to awaken from his ennui. Screened at Cannes this year. ... Director Dustin Feneley to introduce the session on ... Read more
“Her (Troch's) almost scientific approach, married to an intense emotional investment in her characters, recalls elements from Ingmar Bergman's most celebrated films.” - Toronto International Film Festival ... Fien Troch's first feature film is a swirling collection of character-based vignettes ... Read more
State-of-the-art hunting techniques and a fox's cunning prove a test for a canny crow. Screened at the Aspen Shortsfest.---D/S Layla Atkinson P/WS Trunk Animation TD video/col/2005/2mins ... Read more
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