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Films In 2005

“A high-wire act performed over the chasm between childhood innocence and adult responsibility.” - Variety Accused of murdering her newborn, 16 year-old Stephanie Daley enters a complex world of denial where she claims she never knew she was pregnant and that the child was stillborn. Lydie ... Read more
On St Patrick's Day 1990, 500 million dollars worth of art was stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston - the largest art heist ever. Rebecca Dreyfus' Stolen documents the attempt to recover the stolen paintings over a decade after their theft. Leading the investigation is Harold ... Read more
Robert De Niro presented [Stolen Life] director Li Shaohong with the top prize at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. Li Shaohong is one of the most prominent female directors working in China today. Banned in its homeland, the film revolves around teenage Yan-ni, whose prospects look ... Read more
How long does it take before abnormal seems normal' At 17, Claudia Kelly (Emma Lung) is smart and enterprising. But she lives in a strange world of no school, no money, an indoor aviary and territorial fights with her sister Penny. And she's angry over her mother's recent suicide, and she can't ... Read more
“Sud Express is a lyrical and arresting ode to a new era in Europe's lush and complex cultural landscape.” - Toronto International Film Festival ... Centred on the legendary train of its title, Sud Express is a portmanteau picture about six ordinary people whose lives are affected by their ... Read more
With Summer Palace, Lou Ye establishes himself as the first Chinese filmmaker to use the 1989 Tiananmen Square student uprising as his backdrop, earning him, unsurprisingly, the ire of the Chinese authorities. However, far from being a political diatribe, Lou's film is a sensual and complex epic of ... Read more
Leading Chinese director Zhang Yang turns his perceptive eye to the inner dynamics of one post-Cultural Revolution family in Beijing and produces an emotionally affecting drama that illuminates three decades of change in China. In 1976, Xiangyang is reunited with his father, Gengnian, an artist ... Read more
A streetwise teenage girl doing community service meets her match in a straight-talking pensioner obsessed with sex. Outram's story moves effortlessly between light and dark, as a fragile connection forms - then is tested---D/P Daniel Outram P Jenny Webb S Jack Thorne L English TD ... Read more
Walking home from the grocery store, a mother and daughter begin their journey from silence to understanding. Rony Sasson's artisticallydistinctive drama won the DAAD prize at the 2006 Berlinale.---D/P/S Rony Sasson WS Rony Sasson L Hebrew w/English subtitles TD16mm/col/2005/16 mins ... Read more
Walking home from the grocery store, a mother and daughter begin their journey from silence to understanding. Rony Sasson's artistically distinctive drama won the DAAD prize at the 2006 Berlinale.--- ... D/P/S Rony Sasson WS Rony Sasson L Hebrew w/English subtitles TD16mm/col/2005/16 mins ... Read more
“Investigates the lonely recesses of a lucid, wounded mind and renders the astonishing portrait of a sombre heroine whose heart is as pure - and as cold - as snow.” - Toronto International Film Festival Capping off his now infamous cycle of revenge films, MIFF favourite and past guest Park ... Read more
Legendary Japanese director, actor and hardman, Kitano ‘Beat' Takeshi, puts the ‘gang' back into ‘doppelganger' with this hyper-real violation of the traditional rules of film form and biography. ... He plays Beat Takeshi, who lives a busy, and sometimes surreal, life of a show biz celebrity ... Read more
Hong Sangsoo epitomises a distinctive thread in the current generation of brilliant Korean filmmakers. His [Tale of Cinema] is an intelligent and quietly provocative film, which screened in Official Competition in Cannes, 2005. ... This is a tale of characters whose lives come together but remain ... Read more
Pan and scan into, around and through moments in time and place. Tehran Trace is a speculative work that rewards the potenitally transcendent art of looking.---D/P/S Stuart Pound L English TD video/col/2005/7mins ... Read more
In a timeless ritual, a school of giant tuna is encircled by a fence of fishing nets. As the nets tighten, the water boils and the slaughter begins. Winner of the Prix UIP Berlin Film Festival.---D/S Nacho Martin, Ricardo Iscar P Hector Faver, Joan Gonzales WS C.E.C.C Grup Cinema Art L Spanish ... Read more
A film about gambling, superstition, friendship and dreams. The fortunes of three Asian women collide with a disillusioned trainee croupier. Gives new meaning to the phrase, ‘No more bets!'' Winner ‘Prix Du Jury' Clermont-Ferrand 2006, Official Selection Aspen Shortfest 2006.--- ... D/S Heng ... Read more
What happens when your inner glow is gone? How is it rekindled and at what price? The Luminary tells the story of a grieving insect collector. In his search for understanding and love he is pitted against the cyclic nature of things both inside and outside his reclusive world.--- ... D/S Nicholas ... Read more
Zohara, a girl soldier in the Israeli army is desperate to get out. Her hopes evaporate as her replacement appears suicidal. Beautifully understated social commentary against a backdrop of terrifying military power. Screened at Berlin.---D/S Talya Lavie P Gil Asheri S Oded Binnun L Hebrew w/English ... Read more
"I am living a Balzacian life". Dirty dishes, champagne, Beijing nights and gun play. Bold editing creates an unsettling portrait of a foreigner in China.---D/P/S Joanna Vasquez Arong L English, Mandarin w/English subtitles TD video/col/2005/5mins ... Read more
Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien is certainly one of the greatest living filmmakers - and this new masterpiece acts as undeniable proof. It tells three love stories set in different eras; The vignettes, though not ostensibly related, speak to each other on the profound themes of love's fragility ... Read more
Through the Forest conveys the bliss of romantic love and the misery of permanent separation, intimately charting the grieving process of Armelle, months after her beau's death in a motorcycle accident. The seeming naturalism we witness of two lovers' sensuous relationship is a fantasy concocted by ... Read more
“American Gothic Alice in Wonderland in which Alice is the logorrheic offspring of two flaming junkies and Wonderland is a pair of derelict Midwestern farmhouses seemingly furnished by Wisconsin cannibal Ed Gein.” - Village Voice ... This highly anticipated new feature from iconoclast Terry ... Read more
[Tokyo Magic Hour] is a poetic and experimental tale of a love affair between two men. It unfolds through 60 traditional Malay poems, known as puntun, which are organised into six sections - Meeting, Loving, Lusting, Magic, Parting, Remembering - reflecting the chronology of the romance's life ... Read more
In depicting life in Dundee's infamous Hilltown district this film asks, can ex-TOTH gang member Steve Martin prevent his son from trying to follow in his tragic footsteps? ... Read more
A frail girl with an oddly rapid heart beat, struggles to feel comfortable in her own body. But is she in the right body?---D/S Regina Pessoa P Abi Feijo, Patrick Eveno, Jacques-Remy Gierd, Marcel Jean WS Portuguese Short Film Agency L Portuguese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/col/2005/8mins ... Read more
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