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Films In 2006

Informed by Mozart's ""Eine kleine Nachtmusik"", there is a charged passion embedded in the material surface of this film, creating a "physical cinema".---D/P/S Peter Tscherkassky WS sixpackfilm L no dialogue TD 35mm/B&W/2006/1min ... Read more
This commissioned tribute to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart abandons standardized paths of traditional representation playfully disrupts a beloved tune, launching us into a physical experience of cinema. ... Peter Tscherkassky, 1 min, 2006, 35mm, B&W, Sound ... Read more
A young girl is murdered and left deep in a lush forest, but will the killer get away with it, or will nature exact revenge? Official Selection Cannes 2006.---D Jane Shearer P Leanne Saunders S Jane Shearer, Steve Ayson WS The New Zealand Film Commission TD 35mm/col/2006/10 mins ... Read more
A stylistically varied and entertaining quartet of pieces based on vox pop interviews in which subjects recall with mixed emotions the time they lost their virginity. ... D/S Jonas Odell P/WS Swedish Film Institute L Swedish w/English subtitles TD video/col/2006/15 mins ... Read more
“New Orleans is like a body without a spirit. The music itself is the spirit.” - Robert Mugge, filmmaker Hurricane Katrina and its chaotic aftermath devastated the legendary New Orleans music community. Noted music documentarian Robert Mugge creates an emotional portrait of horror, heartbreak ... Read more
A grab-bag of Super 8 shorts shot and edited by Rick and Buddy this year, featuring music specifically recorded for the piece in Brooklyn, NY, in May. You get a new take on the same subject - skateboarding - charting Rick and Buddy's progress since FOTV. The guys have also bunched together the ... Read more
“A bitter view of rural Spanish life rarely matched since Mario Camus' 80s brutal backwoods classic The Holy Innocents.” - Variety Unfurling through six interconnected parts, each pushing a different character to the fore, The Night of the Sunflowers is a gripping and impeccably acted thriller ... Read more
This season, 10 women will be vying for the affection of one man… and none of them will know that he's blind. In a desperate attempt to inject new life into his flailing reality TV show - Choice of Heart - Zacky Reibenbach hits on a gimmick to win back viewers and rescue the rating figures ... Read more
“Very possibly the Next Big Thing for world music mavens and hipster armchair travelers alike.” - Variety Imagine a glockenspiel made out of roofing beams and you're halfway to conjuring the txalparta, an ancient musical instrument that takes two Basque men around the world in search of a ... Read more
Norbert is not like the other children, born with a mutation, he finds that the world can be a cruel place for someone so different. Until the day Penelope appears, and Norbert discovers that hope and despair can sometimes go hand in hand. ... D/P/S Michael Hill WS Royal Melbourne Institute of TAFE ... Read more
“Stands comparison with the work of the award-winning Dardenne Brothers.” - Rotterdam International Film Festival Two years after the death of his wife and daughter, boxing coach Lucien is still struggling to come to terms with this tragic loss. Compassion and empathy only irritate him, so the ... Read more
Long before a key is ready to be touched, every Steinway concert grand is subjected to the high art of old-school craftsmanship. ... From the factory floor in Queens to Steinway Hall in Manhattan, each piano's journey requires 12,000 parts, 450 craftsmen, and more than a year of finely tuned labour ... Read more
An appetizer for Maddin buffs weaned on obsolescent cinematic gestures. Here they are bundled, torn, layered and cooked up to be watched over and over again, like your favourite song. World Premiere. ... ---D Guy Maddin WS Winnipeg Film Group TD video/B&W/2006/4mins ... Read more
You there. It's late. Imagine yourself with the lid coming down. The hymnsand requiems. The sense of movement as you're borne along to the next place. ---D/S Amiel Courtin-Wilson P Selin Yaman TD video/2006/7mins ... Read more
“We're in a world where a three-minute song is worth 10 pages of dialogue.” - John Carney Featuring Glen Hansard, lead singer of Irish band The Frames, John Carney's Once is a modern-day musical. It tells of a busker's chance meeting on a Dublin sidewalk with a pretty Czech pianist (played by ... Read more
A love story between two rats, filmed in CG Noir.---D/S Alex Weil P Bryan Godwin WS Charlex L English TD 35mm/col/2006/10mins ... Read more
An epic musical drawing on the tradition of Javanese theatre, dance and music, Opera Jawa comprises multiple dance troupes and a cast of hundreds. Husband and wife Siti and Setyo are both former dancers, now labouring in an ailing earthenware business. When Setyo is called away on business, local ... Read more
Cells of light generated by video feedback were recorded and re-recorded; their patterns determined by amplitude and frequency resulting in a mesmerizing display of order emerging from chaos and vice versa. The sound track was generated by 2 identical tracks playing in opposite directions - the end ... Read more
Begging on the streets of Dakar, Ousmane, an optimistic and ever-resourceful orphan, decides that perhaps the thing to do would be to write a letter to Santa - perhaps even in Arabic. ... Read more
Director Robert Sarkies will be a guest of the festival and will be introducing the first screening of Out of the Blue ... The peaceful innocence of a tiny seaside village is shattered by the actions of one man in what was to become New Zealand's largest mass murder. This edge-of-the-seat drama of ... Read more
“While Panh's subjects don't shy away from discussing the sexual details of their work, the emphasis isn't on the sensational but on women whose lives have been ground into dust by their experiences.” - All Movie GuideIn a dilapidated apartment block in the city of Phnom Penh, filmmaker Rithy ... Read more
“This head movie is cunningly designed to mess up minds.” - Japan Times Living a double life, Dr Atsuko Chiba is a 29 year-old research psychotherapist working on the cutting edge of the scientific community. Her alter ego, 18 year-old Paprika, is a dream detective who enters people's sleep at ... Read more
This meditation on memory, time and loss is purportedly the first feature film from Paraguay in more than 30 years. Ramon and Candida are farmer folk living in a remote corner of Paraguay. The absence of their son, who is away fighting in the Chaco war against Bolivia, leaves a palpable void in ... Read more
A meditation on walking, Passage recounts a journey without a destination. On Brazilian highways that never end the memories of the walker are transformed through the passage of time, the landscape, and the experience of making the film. ... --- ... D/S Clarrisa Campolina, Helvecio Marins JrP ... Read more
Gina Sinozich began painting at the age of 70 as an attempt to work through the events of her traumatic life. This inspirational and intimate documentary takes us into the life of an extraordinary woman proving it is never to late to pursue your passions.--- ... D/S Olivia Rousset P Sylvie Le ... Read more
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