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Films In 2006

An artist for all of his adult life, Sargy Mann accepts his total loss of vision late in life with admirable good grace and sets about readying a canvas for his first and, he presumes, last, ?blind painting?. The artist?s son unobtrusively charts the fascinating transformative process that follows ... Read more
BOTH SESSIONS OF THIS FILM HAVE SOLD OUT ... Adapted from a seminal Philip K. Dick novel, Richard Linklater's strikingly animated and trippy sci-fi film, A Scanner Darkly, couples an eclectic cast with the filmmaker's extraordinary inventiveness in new animation techniques. Furthering the same ... Read more
Director Stephen Kijak will be a guest of the festival and will be introducing the first screening of Scott Walker: 30 Century Man ... “Wow. That's... that's amazing. I've seen God in the window. I'm... I'm speechless really.” - David Bowie on BBC Radio 1 following a birthday greeting from ... Read more
In 2005 at New York's famed Guggenheim Museum, Marina Abramovic performed for seven hours per night over the course of a week. From an art event to a social phenomenon, Abramovic's seven performances became the talk of the town. They created among her visitors a sense of sublimation, like prayer ... Read more
“Only the most insatiable Oliver Twist will end up holding out his bowl for more gore.” - The Guardian. ... Pitched as ‘The Office meets Deliverance', writer/director Christopher Smith (Creep, 2004) concocts this unique spin on the traditional slasher film in what Toronto Film Festival called ... Read more
A young girl finds release in the ocean of her imagination, with her best friend. When an unwelcome intruder brings darkness to her reality, Georgie's life changes forever. Selected for Official competition Cannes.---D/S Denie Pentecost P/WS Heather Oxenham L English TD 35mm/col/2006/14mins ... Read more
In this tragicomedy, two Iranian refugees decide to pretend to be a gay couple in order to obtain asylum. But for the adventurous yet lonely Shahram and the serious journalist Abbas, it is hard to live with their façade to the very end.--- ... D Remy Van Heugen S Luuk Van Bemmelen P Joost De ... Read more
Director Mohammed Naqvi will be a guest of the festival and will be introducing the first screening of Shame ... This is the true story of a woman who fought back against a shameful perversion of justice. In June 2002, Mukhtaran Mai was publicly gang raped in her remote Pakistani village as ... Read more
A gripping and emotional story, Shooting Dogs brings into vivid focus two men's struggle for survival when caught up in one of the most brutal genocides of the 20th century, the 1994 Rwandan tragedy. John Hurt plays Christopher, a priest who forges a friendship with Joe (Hugh Dancy), a young ... Read more
“Truly inspired independent filmmaking that will stalk viewers from every dark corner while examining the surprising human madness lying deep within.” - Sundance Film Festival Three filmmakers collaborate on three separate ‘transmissions' (i.e. parts) in this clever blend of blood and guts ... Read more
Following his mighty feature debut Beneath Clouds (MIFF 02), Ivan Sen directs the documentary A Sister's Love. A talented Indigenous performer and artistic director Rhoda Roberts talks about the impact of the abduction and murder of her twin sister, Lois, at Nimbin eight years ago. ... D Ivan Sen P ... Read more
“I was embarking on a journey that would kill the certainties of my childhood.” ... Adapted from Mia Couto's novel of the same name, Sleepwalking Land is ultimately a magical fantasy based on events surrounding Mozambique's 15-year civil war. A young boy, Muidinga, and an old storyteller ... Read more
Veteran documentary filmmaker Michael Glawogger's fiction feature Slumming, which premiered in competition at the Berlin, is a finely crafted, provocative work. Viennese rich kid Sebastian (August Diehl) lives off inherited money and enjoys playing pranks, with his housemate, on everyone and ... Read more
Hernandez' restrained coming-of-age tale follows young Latino-Australian Alberto who works nights at the local produce markets. Noticing a vacancy at the local shoe store, he searches for the courage to make his life change.---D/S Rene Hernandez P Kristina Ceyton WS Kristina Ceyton L English ... Read more
“Gleefully disgusting.” - Variety Snoop Dogg - narrating in his own ‘Snoop speak' - presides over this gore-sodden triumvirate of morality tales as a supernatural Hound of Hell. Each chapter teaches us that greed and violence is bad, reaching envelope-pushing levels of camp. Hear some of the ... Read more
“A naturalistic and decidedly harsh glimpse into tangled, everyday lives.” - Hollywood Reporter Snow Angels spans three relationships at three different stages and culminates in two gunshots that change everything. Arthur is a trombonist for the high school band, exploring his first real ... Read more
What do you do when you find out you may have only a few years left to live? This is the question implicitly posed by So Much So Fast, which follows the events set in motion when 29-year-old Stephen Heywood is diagnosed with ALS, a paralysing neurological disorder with no cure. Spanning five years ... Read more
Soft Words Australia In 1946, George Orwell wrote about the misuse of language for political gain. Sixty years on, the Howard government has mastered it. ... D/S Adrian Francis P Steve Thomas WS Victorian College of Arts TD video/col/2006/10mins ... Read more
The first Israeli film selected to open the Jerusalem Film Festival, nominated for 12 gongs at last year's Israeli Academy Awards. Based on the best-selling novel by David Grossman, Someone to Run With careens through the streets of Jerusalem on the end of a labrador's leash. Two first-time actors ... Read more
Sonhos de Peixe screened as part of International Critic's Week at Cannes Film Festival and won the Prix Regards Jeune. A village romance clashes with big city dreams in this engaging love story from Russian-born filmmaker Kirill Mikhanovsky. Jusce enjoys a simple life in a small fishing village in ... Read more
A man and a woman walk down a street in the red light district of Copenhagen. They are happy but soon their conversation takes a strange turn and comes to a head. Is it the surroundings that provoked it or was the conflict already lurking?---D Birgitte Stærmose S Dunja Gry Jensen & Birgitte ... Read more
Sous-Marin (Submarine) sees Gaumy given exclusive access to the French nuclear attack submarine, La Perle, where he undertook a four-month tour of duty to make a documentary series for French television. This is the final episode, Le Dernier rivage (The Last Shore). ... Check out the Talking ... Read more
A moving and revealing glimpse into history as an 83 year old WWII pilot views 16mm footage of his 1943 Spitfire crash for the first time.---D/P/S William Lorton P Jason Savage L English TD video/col/2006/14mins ... Read more
It's long overdue but finally cultural recognition gets paid to Melbourne's much-loved independent music scene in Mark Butcher's grass-roots documentary Sticky Carpet. As Butcher admits, the whole thing started “over a beer at the Rob Roy watching some bands”. ... This raw and vital filmed ... Read more
“I entered this condemned city [Fengjie] with my camera and I witnessed demolitions and explosions. In the roaring noise and fluttering dust, I gradually felt that life really could blossom in brilliant colours even in a place with such desperation.” - filmmaker Jia Zhang-ke Fengjie's old town ... Read more
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