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Having his wife die of a heart attack was only the start of a very bad night for Steve Kurtz. His 911 call to report the death triggered events that would drag him into a Kafkaesque nightmare. After paramedics grew suspicious of objects in Kurtz's apartment, the FBI was called in. Hazmat-suited ... Read more
A fertile brew of effect and narrative form, this film transforms a rare and sophisticated working knowledge of materialist film into a uniquely Australian 'bush' sensibility. ... ---D/P Sally Goulding TD video/B&W/2006/7mins ... Read more
Stratification by British composer/filmmaker Michael Salkeld is 4 minutes of orchestral maneuvers in colour, line and shape: Synesthesia for everybody! ... D/P Michael Salkeld TD video/col/2006/4mins ... ... ... Read more
The Substitute (Il supplente) Italy A surprising and unexpected comedy about growing up and the lessons learnt in the classroom and office. Winner of the Best Comedy Award at Aspen Shortsfest 2007. ... D/S Andrea Jublin P David Luchetti & Lorenzo Foschi L Italian w/English subtitles TD HD ... Read more
This savage and sexy black comedy asks the question: Can you really get away with murder? ... Nineteen-year-old single mum, Katrina, lives in a world of petty crime, fast cars, manicures and blowjobs. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants - even murder. When her father threatens to take ... Read more
Sexual tension and an air of unease seep into every frame of this finely calibrated work from filmmaker Stefan Krohmer and his scriptwriting cohort, Daniel Nocke. There are seemingly no taboos in the polished, urbane life Miriam shares with her partner, André, and their 15-year-old son, Nils. So ... Read more
In Sunset to Sunrise, Max is a senior Arrernte elder and traditional owner of the Alice Springs area. As the sun sinks below the horizon over Lila Creek, Max passes on his wisdom to his descendants by the campfire. They listen intently to his insights as the firelight reflects on the tall, elegant ... Read more
Purportedly based on the courtship of the filmmaker's parents, this film experiments with narrative to tell a story twice - in radically different settings. Purportedly based on the courtship of the filmmaker's parents, this film experiments with narrative to tell a story twice - in radically ... Read more
On a trip to his motherland of Slovakia, American-born Mark meets a shop assistant named Tomas. Their friendship is cut short when Tomas reveals a T-shirt that offends Mark's beliefs, exposing ignorance, intolerance and the power of words, words strong enough to turn a good situation very bad ... Read more
Despite the faceless and cold atmosphere at his work place, an office clerk tries to make his colleagues happy. Instead of the classical cliché Christmas gifts, he wants to give his colleagues something real and precious. Tanghi Arghentini is a modern fairy tale.--- ... D Guido Thys S Geert ... Read more
Three generations of a family pursue their own peculiar desires in György Pálfi's Taxidermia, a film that revels in the crude physicality of human condition. Following a Hungarian family line down three generations, the story starts with Vendel, a hair-lipped orderly working in an isolated ... Read more
“Independent filmmaking is at its most exceptional when it defies categorization, and Teeth is jaw-droppingly undefinable.” - Sundance Film Festival High school student Dawn works hard at suppressing her budding sexuality by being the local chastity group's most active participant. A stranger ... Read more
“Strained metaphysics dovetail with urban and architectural nostalgia in [this] exquisitely realized, minutely detailed Japanese anime.” - Variety Adapted from the popular work of manga artist Taiyo Matsumoto, Tekkonkinkreet - a pun on the words ‘concrete', ‘iron' and ‘muscles' - sees two ... Read more
“Both sides of the political fence will feel royally skewered. All that's lacking is a warning from the Surgeon General: This film will make you laugh till it hurts.” - Rolling Stone This first feature from director Jason Reitman is stylish, slick and as fast-thinking as its protagonist, Nick ... Read more
This year's Academy Awards winner for Best Short Documentary, The Blood of Yingzhou District, transports us to an impoverished district of China. Here, desperate parents donate blood in return for a few yuan - and AIDS. Their orphaned children suffer as family traditions and village obligations ... Read more
An animated Czechoslovakian erotic fantasy of growing pains, imagined fetishes and ravished rabbits. Eastern Europe's kooky kinkiness conquers again.---D/S Michaela Pavlåtova P Katerina Riley WS Negativ Film Productions L no dialogue TD video/col/2006/11mins ... Read more
James Clayden's startling new work is an incursion into an intense episode of mental distress. A young man (Luke Ryan) walks into an empty buildingundergoing reconstruction. He is told he must leave the site for safetyreasons. Confused, he tries to explain to a group gathered in discussion that ... Read more
Coloured by a career of salacious rumour, heart-breaking good looks and a ‘live fast, die young' modus operandi, Tasmanian-born Errol Flynn's life was the stuff of Hollywood legend. Endowed with physical attributes (you know what we're talking about) as mighty as his screen appeal, he eventually ... Read more
“A finely chiseled drama about an unstable Chinese mother struggling to reconcile her desires with her children's needs in early 70s Australia… speaks bittersweet truths about life in the Chinese diaspora.” - Variety Drawing from autobiographical experiences, filmmaker Tony Ayres ... Read more
A family business with a difference - a father and son make a modest living in the back streets of an Iranian city. In stark contrast to the suburbs of Melbourne this film portrays the need to recycle every bit of household scrap metal. ... D Rostam Persson P Nahid Persson WS Swedish Film Institute ... Read more
A political tagger's midnight marauding gets his younger brother caught by the police. But saying "I'm sorry" are words best said with action. Screened at Berlin Film Festival.---D Tearepa Kahi S Tearepa Kahi & Savage P Quinton Hita and Tearepa Kahi & SavageWS New Zealand Film Commission L English ... Read more
In the USA, a shadowy, anonymous group controls what the population may or may not view. It isn't the CIA or the Masons; it's the Motion Picture Association of America. Responsible for rating all films shown in the USA, the MPAA has never divulged its rating guidelines, refuses to disclose the ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
A recent estimate in Korea claimed that 50 percent of the female population had opted for plastic surgery in their 20s. Considering this epidemic, MIFF favourite Kim Ki-duk's (Bad Guy, The Isle) latest work speaks volumes about a nation's pursuit of ul-jjang (a perfect face). His female lead ... Read more
This assemblage takes as much care with its sound as its imagery. An ode to 'passing through' that recycles found footage of travel and movement, teasing out, through its breaks and entrances, a sustained personal narrative of loss and longing. ... D Aubriand (Carole O'Brien) WS Winnipeg Film Group ... Read more
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