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BOY ON A GALLOPING HORSE, THE (Adam Guzinski, 2006)
“Every scene hangs like a painting.” - Indiewire In an attempt to cure his crippling writer's block, author Jerzy moves his photographer wife Maria and their seven year-old son Jasiek to the Pol… Read more

Boy Who Loved The Rain, The (Tom Fraser, 2006)
A boy's love for the rain is replaced by a new love of technology. Will Mother Nature's jealous storm draw him back outside, or is the snow of the television all the bad weather he needs? ... D Thoma… Read more

Brothers, Let Us Be Merry (Ulrich Seidl, 2006)
"Brothers, let us be merry, bravely defy your troubles." So advises the slave's song in Mozart's Zaide while two men sit and stare, grimly determined to fulfil cinema's scopophilic potential.--- D/P/… Read more

BUBBLE, THE (Eytan Fox, 2006)
“It will probably be a film that people will argue about.” - filmmaker Eytan Fox Lulu shares a house with her gay friends, Noam and Yali, in Shenkin Street, Tel Aviv's funkiest urban strip and t… Read more

BUG (William Friedkin, 2006)
“Begins as an ominous rumble of unease, and builds to a shriek. The last 20 minutes are searingly intense.” - Chicago Sun-Times William Friedkin - director of The French Connection and The Exorc… Read more

BUNNY CHOW (John Barker, 2006)
An MTV mix of debauchery, drugs, rampant sex, true love and conquering the rock stages. Bunny Chow: A type of South African cuisine where the inside of a loaf of bread is scooped out and replaced wi… Read more

Butcher's Wife, The (Kylie J Plunkett, 2006)
The filmmaker confronts her own family's story in an open and intimate account of the personal meaning and impact of domestic violence. ... ---D/S Kylie Plunkett P Kylie Plunkett, Steve Thomas WS VCA… Read more

The closest most of us will get to the mad genius of the great gonzo journalist. In his Colorado home in February 2005, Hunter S. Thompson wrote a suicide note before shooting himself. He was 67. I… Read more

BYE BYE BERLUSCONI (Jan Henrik Stahlberg, 2006)
Bye Bye Berlusconi! screened at this year's Berlin Film Festival where it was a multi-award winner. ... Thoroughly scrambling make-believe with reality, German director Jan Henrik Stahlberg has conco… Read more

CAGES (Olivier Masset-Depasse, 2006)
“The ‘erotic thriller' is a genre now long since bastardized by Hollywood. But here is the real article…” - Toronto Film Festival Eve and Damien are passionately in love. Together, they… Read more

Capitalism: Child Labor (Ken Jacobs, 2006)
[Screening with PROFIT MOTIVE in Free Radicals] Underground filmmaker Ken Jacob's flickered deconstruction of two still images. --- D Ken Jacobs TD DigiBeta/2006/3mins + 14mins ... Read more

Capitalism: Slavery (Ken Jacobs, 2006)
[Screening with PROFIT MOTIVE in Free Radicals] Underground filmmaker Ken Jacob's flickered deconstruction of two still images. --- D Ken Jacobs TD DigiBeta/2006/3mins + 14mins ... Read more

catch fish (Adam Arkapaw, 2006)
A reclusive Chinese harp player uses his imagination and a fish to bring a sparkle to his otherwise repressed & discontented life. ---D/S Adam Arkapaw WS Sasha Whitehouse TD 35mm/col/2006/9mins ... Read more

CATS OF MIRIKITANI, THE (Linda Hattendorf, 2006)
“The title may suggest a wildlife documentary, but The Cats of Mirikitani is entirely, vibrantly human.” - New York Times Eighty year-old Jimmy Mirikitani survived the trauma of World War II int… Read more

Caught (Saevar Sigurdsson, 2006)
This sharply told Icelandic film is beautifully acted and directed, with a tone to unsettle the most seasoned short film viewer.--- ... D/S/P Saevar Sigurdsson WS L Icelandic w/English subtitles TD … Read more

CHAMPIONS (David Wike, 2006)
Off-kilter with a refreshingly sly wink to the great outdoors (think Deliverance as psychotherapy), Champions sees actor David Wike in his directing debut. The result is a tight ensemble piece that t… Read more

Checkpoint (Ben Phelps, 2006)
Driving on a deserted road in rural Australia, Nedal and his family are stopped by three armed soldiers. As the intentions of the soldiers become clear, Nedal realizes that the safety of his wife and… Read more

CHILDREN (Ragnar Bragason, 2006)
“Reykjavik has never been shown like this before.” - Variety Shot in stylish black and white, Children is a compelling and, at times, darkly humorous look at four intertwined lives in the suburb… Read more

Christmas in Huddersfield (Peter Spence, 2006)
The remarkable story of a children's Christmas party given by notorious punk group; The Sex Pistols. ... --- ... D/P Peter Spence TD video/col/2006/9mins ... Read more

Clean Linen (Zia Mandviwalla, 2006)
Nine year old Raj and his sister while away their long summer holidays of 1982 doing housework and watching found porn videos. Confronted by their strict mother, the truth slips out and the loss of c… Read more

CLIMATES (Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 2006)
Climates won the Fipresci Award at this year's Cannes Film Festival. ... “In terms of what faces can express, without ever doing too much, Climates puts Ceylan on a par with Ingmar Bergman.” - Sc… Read more

COCAINE COWBOYS (Billy Corben, 2006)
Remember Al Pacino's Tony Montana in Brian De Palma's Scarface? ... Miami, once a modest, coastal, melting-pot city, was transformed almost overnight into a glitzy metropolis when it became the main … Read more

Coco-Nuts (Charlotte Blom, 2006)
A playful and challenging mixture of fiction film and documentary. Lina´s lusty longing for her lover receives an absurd and musical twist during an unexpected encounter in a coconut cake facto… Read more

COMRADES IN DREAMS (Uli Gaulke, 2006)
“An entertaining world tour of small-town movie houses and the dedicated cineastes who maintain them.” - Variety Bringing together cinema exhibitors from North Korea, America, India and Africa, … Read more

CON MAN CONFIDENTIAL (Alexander Adolph, 2006)
Peter sold tickets for seats on a moon landing. Marc sold holiday homes that he didn't own. Torsten impersonated a diplomat to organise a NATO security conference. Four pathological liars who lived … Read more

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