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HOTTEST STATE, THE (Ethan Hawke, 2006)
“The Hottest State shines an insider's light on artists looking for love - and for themselves - in the bohemian hotbed of New York City.” - Variety Actor turned writer-director Ethan Hawke's sec… Read more

HOW IS YOUR FISH TODAY? (Xiaolu Guo, 2006)
“We live in our dreams, and everything is about fantasy invading reality or reality breaking into fantasy.” - filmmaker Guo Xiaolu Guo Xiaolu's intricate and unconventional debut How is Your Fis… Read more

I AM THE OTHER WOMAN (Margarethe von Trotta, 2006)
“Von Trotta's spirited direction is as lively as the subject matter, attesting that this pioneer of women's cinema has lost none of her considerable powers.” - Toronto Film Festival German icono… Read more

I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP ALONE (Tsai Ming-Liang, 2006)
“Albeit closer to ballet than drama, this urban nocturne is one of Tsai's most beautiful and naturalistic films.” - Village Voice Taiwan's champion of minimalism, Tsai Ming-liang (What Time is I… Read more

I Want to be a Pilot (Diego Quemada-Diez, 2006)
I Want To Be A Pilot Spain Deep in the slums of East Africa, a 12-year-old boy has only one dream. ... D/S/P Diego Quemada-Diez WS Lolita Peliculitas Artes Visuales SL TD 35mm/col/2006/12mins ... Read more

Ill Fated Romance Of The Giraffe & The Ballerina, The (Nick Wade, 2006)
In a surrealistic African Savannah cum ballet studio our pointy-toed protagonist learns a valuable lesson about love. ... --- ... D Nick Wade S Eloise Smith P Martin Orton WS Bold Creative Ltd TD vid… Read more

ILS (David Moreau, Xavier Fen, 2006)
“For those who like their frights highly polished and fuss-free - this is as professional and effective as minimal horror gets.” - BBC Filmmakers David Moreau and Xavier Palud make their feature… Read more

Imagine This! (John Callaghan, 2006)
Imagine This!, from Irish filmmaker John Callaghan, is a reworking of John Lennon's 'Imagine' into 4 and half minutes of punk rock political clip art.---D/P John Callaghan WS Cal-TV TD video/col/2006… Read more

IN BETWEEN DAYS (So Yong Kim, 2006)
A Korean-born girl in the USA struggles with teenage alienation in this expressive film from first-time director So Yong Kim. First-generation immigrant Aimie lives with her mother in the north east … Read more

INDIGENES (Rachid Bouchareb, 2006)
A multiple award-winner, including two wins at Cannes and a nomination for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards. Indigènes pays its dues to the forgotten soldiers of World War II, the N… Read more

INLAND EMPIRE (David Lynch, 2006)
“Screwdriver madness! Prostitutes doing The Locomotion! A sitcom starring rabbits speaking gibberish! Welcome to the very, very (very) strange world of David Lynch.” - BBC Step inside the dark mi… Read more

INTERVIEW (Steve Buscemi, 2006)
“Relationships are universal. You can have self-destructive and abusive relationships anywhere in the world.” - Steve Buscemi Before his assassination by an Islamic extremist in 2004, filmmaker … Read more

IRINA PALM (Sam Garbarski, 2006)
Marianne Faithfull is unforgettable as a middle-class, middle-aged frump who takes a job at a sex club. Maggie's small grandson, Olly, will die unless he gets to Australia for an operation that's onl… Read more

ISLAND, THE (Pavel Lounguine, 2006)
“This is a film about the fact that God exists.” - Pavel Lounguine Set in an Orthodox monastery, The Island follows a Russian monk's quest for salvation. Haunted by the sins of his youth and que… Read more

IT HAPPENED JUST BEFORE (Anja Salomonowitz, 2006)
An artistic confrontation with the global phenomenon of trafficking in women. Taking an unconventional approach, filmmaker Anja Salomonowitz creates a ‘fictional documentary' where the true storie… Read more

JAR CITY (MA15+) (Baltasar Kormákur, 2006)
“You may imagine Iceland to be a slate-gray purgatory; Jar City will outdo your most depressing fantasies.” - Time Out New YorkA murder mystery with a story that's as chilly as its ice-cold setti… Read more

JELLYFISH (Etgar Keret & Shira Gefen, 2006)
Winner of the Camera d'Or and the Young Critics' prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival. In this comic and often magical ensemble piece, four characters in Tel Aviv, touched by loneliness, are lo… Read more

JOHN PEEL'S RECORD BOX (Elaine Shepherd, 2006)
In a two-foot-long wooden box, renowned British DJ and broadcaster John Peel kept his most precious collection of 142 vinyl, seven-inch singles. John Peel's Record Box literally lifts the lid on this… Read more

On November 18, 1978, over 900 members of preacher Jim Jones' Peoples Temple died by drinking cyanide-laced Kool-Aid in the largest mass suicide/murder in history. ... On the surface, Jim Jones and h… Read more

JOSHUA (George Ratliff, 2006)
“Do you ever feel weird about me, your weird son?” Nine year-old Joshua, the well-mannered and highly intelligent son of affluent Manhattan parents (Sam Rockwell and Vera Famiga), has a new baby… Read more

JOURNALS OF KNUD RASMUSSEN, THE (Zacharias Kunuk and Norman Cohn, 2006)
“We believe happy people should not worry about hidden things. Our spirits are offended if we think too much.” Set in the Arctic Circle, The Journals of Knud Rasmussen poetically explores the f… Read more

KANYINI (Melanie Hogan, 2006)
“Anyone coming cold to the story of Australia's Indigenous disgrace will no longer be ignorant after seeing this beautifully shot film.”- George Negus A hard-hitting and necessary film, Kanyini (… Read more

“For me, Kate Bush was always a trump card when the tiresome ‘question' of female artistic genius came up.” - ObserverArguably the most unique female musician ever, Kate Bush's eclectic musical… Read more

KHADAK (Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth, 2006)
“Beads together complex ideas and gorgeously wrought segments like pearls on a string.” - Variety Bagi is a nomadic shepherd living in Mongolia. As another harsh winter approaches, a plague desc… Read more

KIDZ IN DA HOOD (Ylva Gustavsson, Catti Edfeldt, 2006)
Nabbed all the top honours at Sweden's prestigious Guldbagge Awards this year. Peppered with spontaneous musical moments, Kidz in da Hood is an uplifting drama that centres around nine year-old, Afr… Read more

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