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Films In 2006

After an absence, Jack returns to his home by the shore but things have changed. His reappearance stirs up deep emotions from the ones he loves which eventually spill out in confused and unexpected ways. The home he once knew is now broken.---D/P Stephen Carroll WS Victorian College of Arts TD ... Read more
The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra is a pan-Middle Eastern group of musicians from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia and Israel; a metaphor for peaceful co-existence in the region. Based on the notion that ‘music is the language of peace', conductor Daniel Barenboim and Palestinian-born ... Read more
Armed with mobile phones two older ladies face off in a waiting room. Who will be the Kwiz Master?--- ... D/P/S Renaud Callebaut TD 35mm/col/2006/5 mins ... Read more
La Perrera was winner of a Tiger Award at this year's Rotterdam International Film Festival. David is a slacker: a lazy, sex-obsessed pothead. His father, Ruben, despairing of David's apathetic attitude to life, decides to instil a work ethic by giving him a construction project to occupy his time ... Read more
An old family portrait comes to life. A beguiling rumination on art in the age of electronic reproduction. Australian Premiere. --- D Antonello Matarazzo TD DigiBeta/2008/2 mins ... Read more
“We've got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen.” - Lady Chatterley's Lover Lady Chatterley, adapted from D.H. Lawrence's celebrated novel, tells of the awakening of a married woman who ‘finds' herself through an affair with another man. The first of Lawrence's books to be brought to ... Read more
Karl Lagerfeld - arguably one of the most influential fashion designers of the last half-century - takes centre stage for this documentary portrait of a fashion icon. Two years in the making, and created from over 200 hours of digital and Super 8 footage, Rodolphe Marconi's latest doco takes us ... Read more
“Balances a full spectrum of views from all sides of the abortion debate without obviously taking a position itself.” - Variety Fifteen years in the making, this epic documentary by American History X director Tony Kaye evenly examines the abortion debate from all angles, including interviews ... Read more
The Last Days of Yasser Arafat tells the final chapter in the story of one of the most controversial public figures of our time. In September 2003, Palestinian-Australian filmmaker Sherine Salama travelled to the besieged compound of Yasser Arafat. She had a hunch his days were numbered. After a ... Read more
Andrew Kerr, 72, wants to be composted when he dies so that his body can continue to give others pleasure. He dreams of building a compostorium, a facility where bodies are shredded and mixed with vegetable matter and left to mature in large steaming piles. ... D/P Jason Hendriksen WS Windfall ... Read more
A woman goes to the jewellers to collect a diamond made from the remains of her dead daughter. ... D/P Jason Hendriksen WS Windfall Films TD video/col/2006/3mins ... Read more
Kevin & Gwen Upex reveal their narrowboat themed funeral plans and test the seaworthiness of a rather unique vessel. ... ---D/P Jason Hendriksen WS Windfall Films TD video/col/2006/3mins ... Read more
Told in real time using a solitary claustrophobic location, Last Train to Freo is a tense psychological drama about five individuals who discover they're not who they think they are. It starts with two ex-cons travelling on a train on a hot summer's night, poking fun at their mind-numbing ... Read more
“The Last Winter updates The Thing for our own epoch. Only this time, the villain isn't something from outer space: it's us.” - Toronto Film Festival Starring Ron Perlman as a gruff he-man, The Last Winter takes us to a remote base in northern Alaska where a motley crew of adventurers encounter ... Read more
With a sweeping grandeur and the elemental passion and curiosity we've come to associate with Werner Herzog, director Thomas Imbach's Lenz creates an unconventional portrait of a tortured visionary caught between euphoria and desperation. Lenz is also a playfully ironic version of the Georg ... Read more
“Brilliantly efficient storytelling.” - BBC Passive and isolated, our hero Koistinen is a night watchman, an outcast rejected by the other security guards and snubbed by strangers at the local bar. When the attractive and unforgiving Mirja takes an interest in him, he falls for her, unaware ... Read more
A taut psychological thriller, Like Minds was originally conceived as a documentary before turning into a fictional drama, stemming from filmmaker Gregory J. Read's fascination into what makes serial killers tick - what were they like when they were kids? Seventeen-year-old Alex Forbes is young ... Read more
“The old adage that no great movie is too long applies in spades to A Lion in the House, an astonishing four-hour documentary that takes on a very difficult subject - children with cancer - and renders it with unflinching intimacy and uncommon compassion...” - Variety ... ‘Cancer' is a word ... Read more
“[A] cracking debut feature with enough clout to kick the door in.” - The Guardian London to Brighton is a British gangland thriller by way of Ken Loach. It's 3.07am and two girls burst into a rundown public toilet in London. Kelly, a tough Cockney prostitute, has a livid black eye. Twelve ... Read more
After spending a drunken night together, Jo, a photographer, is compelled to capture the emotional truth beneath the rough exteriors of Sharpie gangmembers, Darren and Jason. But to what lengths will she go in the name of art? Look Sharp is a gripping one-scene psychological drama set in 1970s ... Read more
Sex, greed and a little bit of love make the world go round in Lost in Beijing, Li Yu's tragi-comic view of life in the new China. Foot masseuse Liu Pingguo and husband, An Kun, a high-rise window cleaner, are struggling to get by, barely able to pay their rent. When Pinggauo gets drunk with her ... Read more
Recently restored colour films of Tibet shot in the 40s and 50s elucidate what this magnificent land was like before its brutal occupation by China. Now in exile in India, the Dalai Lama and 120,000 other displaced Tibetans are waiting to return to their homeland. Over half a century ago, they ... Read more
“I don't like nostalgia unless it's mine.” - Lou ReedLou Reed's Berlin album, released in 1973 to commercial failure and media excoriation, has been called Lou Reed's unknown masterpiece. A concept album about Jim and Caroline, two junkies stuck in an abusive relationship, it has never been ... Read more
A decade in the making, Lovestruck is the love child of film critic and former The Movie Show co-presenter Megan Spencer. After a chance meeting with wrestling fanatic Sue Chuter in a CD store, Megan put forward her own money to bring Sue's unique story to the screen. What you see is the ... Read more
Luxury Car was winner of Un Certain Regard at this year's Cannes Film Festival. “Wang Chao finally attains an almost perfect balance between style and content in Luxury Car… a tightly written and beautifully played drama.” - Variety In what filmmaker Wang has called the last in his ... Read more
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