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Films In 2007

Pioneering filmmaker Hu Jie uncovers the tragic story of the Cultural Revolution's first victim. ... Made as a follow-up to his stunning Searching for Lin Zhao's Soul, Though I Am Gone sees Hu Jie return to the Maoist era to tell the story of Bian Zhongyun, a deputy headmistress at a top Beijing ... Read more
New Age shamanism. Fire walking. Tantric sex. An Australian rugby coach. ... Every year Angsbacka, an idyllic lakeside forest in the north of Sweden, becomes a gathering point for people seeking spiritual fulfilment. At the No Mind Festival participants throw their material desires to the wind in ... Read more
Images from a significant place from my childhood; a beach where I grew up, are ordered and structured in repetitive clusters, each moment in time sliced and woven to form a chaotic, rhythmic mix. --- D/P Marcia Jane TD Digibeta/2007/4 mins ... Read more
Reisbig brings a unique visual approach to his theme as villagers flee an air-raid. Selected for Annecy 08. (Not in comp). --- D/S Marc Reisbig P/WS Royal College of Art TD BetaSp/2007/6mins ... Read more
“Time to die? Are you crazy?” ... Starring the inimitable 91-year-old Danuta Szaflarska, Time To Die is a comical rendering of the everyday routines of an elderly woman as she winds down the days of her life, surrounded by her treasured possessions and her beloved dog, Phila. Feisty ... Read more
The worlds of a flamboyant diva and a straight-laced bookkeeper collide in a feel-good comedy from Dutch director Paula van der Oest. ... Despite sell-out crowds and a string of successful performances, Anne - flamboyant star of the stage - is past her prime and in financial ruin. Enter Jacob, an ... Read more
“Who wants to deal with the evil within himself?” - former Israeli army medic Meytal Sandler ... With work that included scrubbing the corpses of detainees to hide evidence of abuse, Israeli army medic Meytal Sandler is one of many soldiers trying to live with the atrocities they witnessed or ... Read more
Tony is a 28 year old who has inherited a remarkable physical idiosyncrasy. Screened at Clermont-Ferrand 08 --- D/S Adrian Sitaru P Horea Murgu L French w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/20mins ... Read more
WORLD PREMIERE ... A bold, intelligent and unashamedly cinematic rendering of the Shakespearean classic drawing from the talents of Melbourne's leading thespians. ... This modern version of Hamlet comes from the back alleys of Melbourne's CBD. It borrows from French New Wave, Dogme 95 and ... Read more
“The beginning, middle and end of Triangle are directed by three different directors… it is like tasting an exquisite dish with three different flavors.” - Pusan Film Festival ... Combining the might of Hong Kong's most celebrated filmmakers - Johnnie To (Election, MIFF 05), Tsui Hark ... Read more
“A pitch-perfect portrait of working class life in a provincial town and of growing up as the much younger brother of an adored older sister.” - Variety ... Stefek and his much older sister Elka are both affected by the absence of their father, who left years earlier for another woman. When ... Read more
A soft-centred contest where the vanilla-slice is more than just a delicious pastry. --- D/P Scott Baskett WS VCA School of Film and Television TD Vid/Col/2007/11min ... Read more
“He was probably the best writer of that time.” - Kirk Douglas ... Blacklisted during the 40s and 50s, screenwriter Dalton Trumbo was among the first victims of the anti-Communist fear mongering brought about during the McCarthy era. Cited for contempt of congress and jailed, Trumbo unwittingly ... Read more
Progress comes at a price: a two and three-dimensional flight across now destroyed neighbourhoods in Shanghai. --- D/P Zhenchen Liu L Chinese w/English Subtitles WS Heure Exquise TD BetaSP/2007/10mins ... Read more
“A brilliantly uncomfortable character study of a woman in her forties still struggling to find her identity.” - The TimesTurning up in the dead of night to her friend's Italian holiday villa without her husband, Anna is alone and holding her cards close to her chest. Childless, in a marriage ... Read more
“Clothes, a layer of substance in close contact with our skins, also have memories.” - filmmaker Jia Zhang-ke ... Jia Zhang-ke (Still Life, MIFF 07) picks at the fabric of the textile industry of China, the largest exporter of garments worldwide. Lingering among the cognoscenti of Paris Fashion ... Read more
“A courageous representation of a conflicted human reality, full of pain, hatred and ethnic tensions.” - Jerusalem Film Festival Jury ... Growing up on the tough streets of Be'er Sheva in southern Israel, each suffering from a harsh family life, three teenagers - Shlomi, an Israeli pizza ... Read more
From a stand of trees to the end of time, think Michael Snow on crystal meth. Australian Premiere. --- D Johan Lurf WS Six pack Film TD 35mm/2007/19 mins. ... Read more
A small-town vet deals with life, death and loneliness on his daily rounds. Screened at Stuttgart.---D/S/P Signe Baumane TD DigiBeta/2007/17 mins ... Read more
A lonely woman who lives with her daughter in disconnected silence sews herself a new man from discarded rags. His presence exacerbates tension in the mother-daughter relationship. An unconventional drama of lonliness and redemption. ... D Paul Andersen S Rachel Bowen P Sacha Rodriguez, Miranda ... Read more
“A heartfelt human drama that sneaks up and floors you.” - Rolling StoneMiddle-age college professor Walter Vale is a visitor in his own life. Trapped in a malaise of inertia and depression, he shuffles through life doing as little as possible. Returning to his rarely used apartment in New York ... Read more
Features new footage of Warhol, Edie Sedgwick and what may be the earliest known film of The Velvet Underground. In 1966, Danny Williams, Andy Warhol's lover and a permanent fixture at the Warhol Factory, disappeared. Williams had been living life in the fast lane, documenting the goings-on at the ... Read more
A lifelong bond between a teenage boy and his dog is coming to an end. Bottled up, his grief becomes a wall that sits between him and the people that he loves. Staying strong can be hard, especially when you're losing your best friend. ... ---D/S Amy Gebhardt P Donna Sennett WS Australian Film ... Read more
WAn enraged ten-year-old boy flees into the wilderness to start a tribe of his own.--- ... D/S David Garrett P Kaer Vanice TD video/col/2007/10mins ... Read more
In Southern Lebanon, beneath a crumbling crusader fortress, Beaufort Castle marks a spot that has seen hundreds of years of conflict. Beaufort was held by Israel from the early 80s with the last Israeli forces pulled out in 2000. Although the fort was subjected to a barrage of Hezbollah rockets ... Read more
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