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EXISTENCE, THE (Marcin Koszalka, 2007)
“The slow camera work, thoughtful shots and editing, all wrapped in the empathic approach, result in an unforgettable experience.” - International Film Festival Rotterdam ... Young filmmaker Marc… Read more

FIGHTER (Natasha Arthy, 2007)
“Quality teen drama boasts an appealingly feisty heroine and high-energy martial arts action.” - Variety ... Aicha, the teenage daughter of conservative Turkish immigrants, lives in Copenhagen an… Read more

FLIPPING OUT (Yoav Shamir, 2007)
“Looking into the mirror can be a very frightening and frustrating experience, it is a constant love-hate relationship.” - filmmaker Yoav Shamir ... Drawing on his own experiences after completin… Read more

FLOWER IN THE POCKET (Seng Tat Liew, 2007)
“A film whose genuine humor and lack of pretension, not to mention palpable warmth, set it above the general run of new Malaysian cinema.” - Variety ... On Mother's Day in some parts of the world… Read more

For the Love of God (Joe Tucker, 2007)
The story of one man's unholy fascination with God.---D/S Joe Tucker P/S Raphael Warner TD DigiBeta/2007/11mins ... Read more

FOREVER NEVER ANYWHERE (Antonin Svoboda, 2007)
“One year from now, we should meet here again, because we have been through quite something together.” An unlikely trio of men gets closer and more confined than they ever imagined when their ca… Read more

FUNNY GAMES (Michael Haneke, 2007)
“Of course this film is a provocation. It is meant as a provocation.” - filmmaker Michael Haneke ... In this shot-for-shot remake of his own 1997 feature, Michael Haneke (Hidden, MIFF 05) doesn't… Read more

GARDENS OF THE NIGHT (Damian Harris, 2007)
“Compelling drama about abducted children avoids the heartstrings and goes right for the gut.” - The Hollywood Reporter ... The issue of abducted children is dealt with in this chilling feature f… Read more

GIRL CUT IN TWO, A (Claude Chabrol, 2007)
“You can sense [Claude] Chabrol's wicked grin behind the camera in every sense… the master shows that he has lost none of his youthful energy.” - Toronto International Film Festival ... En… Read more

GLOBAL METAL (Scott McFadyen & Sam Dunn, 2007)
7 Countries, 3 Continents, 1 Tribe. ... Headbangers, filmmakers and anthropologists Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen once again hit the road to discover the impact heavy metal music has had on cultures out… Read more

“Much like Thompson at his best, this film will make you want to yell in frustration at America's continuing parade of liars, pimps and thieves.” - San Francisco International Film Festival ... O… Read more

HAFEZ (Abolfazl Jalili, 2007)
“There is no melody more beautiful and eternal than the melody of love” - Persian Poet Hafez ... After memorising the Koran and passing his exams, scholar Shams al-Din is elevated to the rank of … Read more

HAIR, LET THE SUNSHINE IN (Pola Rapaport, 2007)
No one could have envisaged that a hippie musical about a crazy-haired gang of teens, singing for peace and love, and shedding their clothes, would have such a profound effect on America. More than j… Read more

HANSEL AND GRETEL (Yim Phil-Sung, 2007)
“Puts the ‘grim' in Grimm.” - Variety ... After a distracted Eun-Soo plows his car into the forest, the helping hand of a small girl guiding him to the warmth of the House of Happy Children see… Read more

Happiest Day of His Life, The (Ursula Burton, 2007)
He's getting married and it's the happiest day of his life. A light-hearted film that reverses gender roles and assumptions, while subtly challenging the classic traditional wedding.---D/S Ursula Bur… Read more

Hell's Gates (Jonathan auf der Heide, 2007)
The true story of Alexander Pearce, Australia's most notorious convict, and his infamous journey into the wilds of Van Diemen's Land. ---D/S Jonathan Auf Der Heide P Maggie Miles WS Victorian College… Read more

HELP ME EROS (Lee Kang-sheng, 2007)
“Blessed with an intense sympathy for his vulnerable characters, Lee [Kang-sheng] confidently combines social themes of poignant authenticity with striking visual elements.” - Toronto Internation… Read more

HOLD ME TIGHT, LET ME GO (Kim Longinotto, 2007)
“The school seemed to be a metaphor for what's wrong with boys and young men in society. I'm sure that's why the impact of going to that school was so strong for me.” - filmmaker Kim Longinotto .… Read more

Hollow Tree, The (Ed Coy, 2007)
After crashing his car, a man runs into the nearby woods carrying a mysterious sack. While its contents seem to weigh on him physically and emotionally, he is reluctant to let go - even when he feels… Read more

Human Performance and Limitations (Martin Wilderberg, 2007)
This deceivingly simple and humorous documentary challenges the distanced diagnosis of a ‘very experienced and skilled' neurologist. As we fly through the air we are forced to reflect on the contem… Read more

HURT LOCKER, THE (Kathryn Bigelow, 2007)
“A near-perfect movie about men in war.” - Time ... Kinetic filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow (Point Break, Strange Days) directs this tense action/drama about the Iraq war in this unrelenting look at a … Read more

Hush (DENA CURTIS, 2007)
Ethel and her friend Mary resort to an unlikely occupation at night to top up their pensions. Ethel's daughter is horrified when she discovers they are not really 'playing cards'. ... --- ... D/S Den… Read more

I Am Famous (Hanumanth Rao Raghavapudi, 2007)
A powerful and moving film from India. Through stunning land and cityscapes a little girl wanders, strangely alone. Minnu tells us that she's famous, and she is, but the reason for this, when finally… Read more

I AM FROM TITOV VELES (Teona Strugar Mitevska, 2007)
“This is a film in search of beauty in uncomfortable places.” - filmmaker Teona Struger Mitevska ... Child actor-turned-filmmaker Teona Struger Mitevska shines a light on the plight of Macedonian… Read more

I JUST DIDN'T DO IT (Masayuki Suo , 2007)
“Recalls the intensity of Alfred Hitchcock's The Wrong Man.” - Variety ... The writer-director of the original Japanese Shall We Dance?, Masayuki Suo, makes his return to feature filmmaking after… Read more

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