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Films In 2007

Set amid the sun-drenched cotton fields of southern Arkansas, Jeff Nichols' debut feature is a powerful parable about the futility and complexity of blood feuds. Son, Kid and Boy have been raised to hate their father, Cleaman Hayes, a deadbeat who abandoned them - subsequently rehabilitating ... Read more
Documentary provocateur Michael Moore returns and, as usual, he's mad. America is the richest country on earth and yet, Moore exasperates, their global position in healthcare puts them at number 38 on the list - just above Slovenia. Rousing, provocative and sometimes incredibly funny, Moore takes ... Read more
“There must have been a world… before the partita in A minor, but what was that world like? A Europe of empty spaces with no resonance.” ... In an abstract and almost surreal set of vignettes The Silence Before Bach betrays the conventional in search of whimsy, playfulness and irony not ... Read more
"Sometimes cinema isn't cinema at all: it is a revelation. Carlos Reygadas' Silent Light will make you weak with wonder." - Financial TimesSilent Light opens with what is, arguably, the single most remarkable shot of the year: dawn breaking over a breathtaking rural landscape. One of cinema's most ... Read more
“A take-no-prisoners verite plunge into a Manila slum.” - Variety ... A fast-paced swoop into the streets of Manila, Slingshot follows the lives of a group of tiradors - or ‘slingshots' - local slang for petty thieves who operate the streets, stealing, fighting and avoiding the police. It's ... Read more
A domestic portrait of Patti Smith and her son, Jackson. Invoking urban New York and rural America, it's about picking up guitars and doing dirty dishes. --- D/P Jem Cohen L English TD betasp/2007/7mins ... Read more
Snowtime is the sequel to the multi-award winning short animation, Fetch (MIFF 07). --- D/S/P Dana Dorian L Welsh w/English subtitles TD BetaSP/2007/2mins ... Read more
“Whatever you do you must think whether it brings good to the world.”Shot entirely on location in Darra Adam Khel, a small village in Pakistan, Son of a Lion is an intergenerational drama between father and son. Eleven-year-old Niaz, who wants nothing more than an education, struggles with his ... Read more
“If you only see one Rambo movie this year, make sure it's this one.” - EmpireTrapped in 80s English suburbia, 11-year-old Will lives with his widowed mother, a devoted member of the Plymouth Brethren who stifles his imagination by forbidding television, popular music and film, restricting his ... Read more
Spear is a Yirritja story that is told in Dalabon language in Central Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. The tribe's strongest and most respected hunter creates a magical spear.--- ... D Maurice Argiro & Nathan Jurevicius S Jimmy Wesan, Gojok P Sophie Byrne, Domenic Friguglietti & Michael ... Read more
Always the perpetual prankster, Jack learns the hard way that the practical jokes he plays on his long-suffering girlfriend Jill, won't always end with laughter. As Mum used to say, it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. ---D Nash Edgerton P Nicole O'Donohue WS Blue Tongue Films TD ... Read more
A loving tribute to the poor man's Alfred Hitchcock. ... Remember when a movie producer could ride on a smile and a shoeshine and ballyhoo was as American as apple pie? This was when William Castle - the last of the great American showmen - transformed watching schlock-horror B-movies into an ... Read more
“I realised that the first Holocaust pictures I saw, as one who grew up here [in Israel], were of naked women.” - filmmaker Ari LibskerPocketbooks called ‘Stalags' - lurid novelettes of leather-clad SS women abusing prison camp detainees - were one of the few forms of pornography available in ... Read more
A freewheeling sexploration of a man lost in lust.Driven by lust, Richard (played by Mathieu Amalric in his thrid film at MIFF'08) takes some time off from his girlfriend to investigate his erotic obsession in a hands-on fashion. Embarking on a sexual exploration of the mysteries and eroticism of ... Read more
“Romeo and Juliet had Verona to contend with; Eyal and Rana have the entire globe.” - VarietyIsraeli Eyal and Palestinian Rana are two strangers who, in normal circumstances, would never meet. But a chance event sees their lives intertwine when, in Berlin for the World Cup finals, they ... Read more
Say goodbye to your last day on Earth.What's the one quality humans have that aliens don't? Empathy, of course - the lack of which has led to endless wars raging across alien worlds. Now Ulla, one of these empathy-lacking aliens, has found her way to Earth, infiltrating human society under the ... Read more
“Tighten your saddlebags, load your revolvers, pack your chopsticks and join [Takashi] Miike for an outrageous wagon ride into the wild, wild East.” - Toronto International Film FestivalIn is his first English language film the enfant terrible of Japanese cinema, Takashi Miike, (The Great Yokai ... Read more
Is there anything that can save you when the current carries you out? --- D Rui Xavier S/P Jessica Brentnall TD DigiBeta/2007/14mins ... Read more
“A twisty thriller with an unabashedly nasty streak and an almost theatrical taste for excess.” - LA Times ... After a 15-year hiatus, Jennifer Lynch (daughter of the notorious David Lynch) follows up her controversial filmmaking debut, Boxing Helena, with another violence-laden ... Read more
“You can hear lots of rocking girl singers who owe an unconscious debt to a woman like Wanda [Jackson]. She was standing up on stage with a guitar in her hand while other gals were still asking, ‘How much is that doggy in the window?''' - Elvis Costello ... Over a two-year period, filmmakers ... Read more
A German breeder sends off his monster bunnies to North Korea with unexpected results. Screened at Berlin. --- D/P Julius Onah L German w/English subtitles WS Rei Productions TD vid/col/2007/5min ... Read more
“I'd even defend Bush… provided he pleaded guilty.” - Jacques VergèsDefender of the unrighteous and downright monstrous, French lawyer Jacques Vergès presents an enigmatic and morally ambiguous figure. His career and notoriety began with the Algerian War of Independence when he saved a ... Read more
Steve Rocco left an indelible footprint on the skateboard industry. The co-founder behind World Industries, Rocco was one of the prime architects defining the irreverent style and fashion of skateboarding in the 90s. Rocco's World Industries brought a maverick sensibility to skateboard design ... Read more
A taxi-driver's sordid encounter and a concerned schoolgirl's goodwill break the monotony of the everyday. Australian premiere --- D Jeremy Cumpston S/P Jessica Brentnall TD DigiBeta/2007/14mins ... Read more
A lonely woman who lives with her daughter in disconnected silence sews herself a new man from discarded rags. His presence exacerbates tension in the mother-daughter relationship. An unconventional drama of lonliness and redemption. ... D Paul Andersen S Rachel Bowen P Sacha Rodriguez, Miranda ... Read more
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