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Films In 2008

“It takes a certain amount of skill, not to mention hubris, to milk laughs out of attempted suicide, severe memory loss, amputated legs and burning homes.” - VarietyFiona and Dom love Latin dance and each other; on a return trip from a weekend competition they swerve to avoid a suicidal man on ... Read more
"All we have is the truth - I'm not giving up."Soraya, like thousands of Palestinian s around the world, has never seen her homeland. Travelling from New York to Israel after her grandfather's death, she comes to reclaim her heritage both spiritually and financially, but quickly finds out how naive ... Read more
“Invokes slavishly two masters, Andrei Tarkovsky and Stanley Kubrick, with this intensely baroque and religion-inflected period horror.” - Screen International ... In 1595, decades of savage war have concluded in an uneasy peace between Sweden and Russia. Two brothers, Eerik and Knut, travel ... Read more
“Corporate greed meets an ultra-shameless reality show, and Sondheimian musical numbers... To call the whole shebang a Faustian tale is an understatement.” - Bangkok PostYeo Joon Han's exuberant debut feature is a satirical musical dig at corporate culture, complete with several silly ... Read more
A Balkan blend of melodrama and farce. ... In 1953, a Romanian village has gathered for a wedding; the happy couple, the guests and the banquet are all ready… Just at that moment, the Russian Army arrives. Stalin is dead and the nation must mourn. Under threat of death, the oversexed couple ... Read more
This is the legend of India's Ramayana as it has never been retold before. Betrothal, betrayal, exile, kidnapping, demonic torment and the whole heroic cycle unfolds while Sita, in the striking voice of 1920s jazz vocalist Annette Hanshaw, sings the blues.Nina Paley's debut feature deftly ... Read more
Actress Isabelle Adjani (Queen Margot) spearheads this edge-of-the-seat tale of a teacher spontaneously taking her classroom hostage. ... Sonia is in over her head, struggling to teach theatre to unruly students in an underprivileged Parisian suburb. When she discovers a gun in a student's bag ... Read more
A retro-future mash-up of stirring dogfights and austere melodrama. ... Renowned director Mamoru Oshii fuses grand painterly anime with enthralling 3D animation to create a film of jaw-dropping aerial combat and wistful introspection. ... Between WWII-style sky battles, a group of perpetually ... Read more
A civil war in southern Sudan has been raging for over 20 years; thousands have been killed, thousands more taken into slavery. ... --- D/P David Aronowitsch, Hanna Heilborn WS Production Company Story AB L English, Dinka, Swedish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008 ... Read more
“Humanely wrought.” - Eye Weekly ... Snow takes place amid the ruins and the anguish that followed the Serbo-Bosnian conflict. An isolated Bosnian village of mostly women and children must continue their lives in the absence of their husbands and fathers. The villagers worship, they wait and ... Read more
An audiovisual homage to that secret side of London, visible only to the solitary men in the glass boxes in the sky. Sequel to City of Cranes (MIFF 08). ... --- D Eva Weber P Samantha Zarzosa WS Journeyman Pictures TD digibeta/2008 ... Read more
“An affectionate tribute to cross-cultural friendship and the rapidly changing landscape known as Somers Town” - VarietyLeaving the Midlands behind, 16-year-old Tomo (played by This Is England's young star, Thomas Turgoose) escapes from a tough and lonely life, but finds that living in London's ... Read more
The story of a couple once on the precipice of fame. Sort of. ... Trading as the Neil Diamond tribute band Lightning & Thunder, husband and wife Michael and Claire Sardina once more or less shared a stage with Pearl Jam, and almost became world-class rock-stars in their Milwaukee hometown. But true ... Read more
“This sublimely poignant character study will likely rank alongside Ozu's classics… one of the best Japanese family dramas ever put on film.” - Time Out ... The Yokoyama family reunites to honour their eldest son, who died saving a boy from drowning 15 years earlier. The annual ritual ... Read more
“It's impossible not to be astonished by the paradox of V.S. Naipaul: that someone so fiercely clever, who writes so beautifully and humanely, can be so very unlikable.” - Guardian ... The life and ego of one of Britain's most gifted and much lauded writers are laid bare in this documentary ... Read more
In one wide shot, a tranquil pastorale unfolds in miniature, but narration is never without meta-narrative. ... --- D/P/S Flatform L Italian w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2008 ... Read more
“A small gemstone that glistens in the memory long after the lights come up.” - Hollywood Reporter ... The story of a middle-aged woman finding sexual reawakening with a young man after losing her sons during the war is intermingled with an affecting exploration of the nature of loss and grief ... Read more
Puppetboy has a hot date - he's bought chips and everything. How far will he get with Ulla? ... --- D/P/S Johannes Nyholm WS Joclo L Swedish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008 ... Read more
A documentary of humanity, old age and a vanishing way of life in provincial France. ... In a small French village, the world moves past the window of Madame Clos. Over countless cups of tea she remembers the things she's seen, the people she knew and the world as it was. ... The ever-vivacious ... Read more
A demented black comedy/fantasy populated with countless lusty women and a handful of pugilistic men. ... Having accidentally killed the last man in their village, two sisters are pledged to hunt for his replacement. What they find is a dancing ladykiller, a circus strongman and a whole lot of ... Read more
No bones about it, it's a dog's life. ... --- D Stephen Irwin P Animate WS LUX L no dialogue TD betacamsp/2008 ... Read more
The atrocities of the Bosnian war live on in the hearts and minds of those who survived, and those that took part. ... --- ... D Bartek Cierlica P Jacek Wosiewicz S Bartek Cierlica, Mojca Tir L Serbian w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008 ... --- ... D Bartek Cierlica P Jacek Wosiewicz S Bartek ... Read more
“An outrageously funny study of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il's theories on moviemaking.” - Variety ... The irony in Kim Il-sung's ideology of Juche (pronounced ‘choo-chay') - the independence of man and the spirit of self-reliance - being used as a basis for propaganda film is not lost ... Read more
“A charming indie title, suffused with the spirit of the French New Wave of the early sixties and possessed of a quirky likeability.” - Screen InternationalFrom 24-year-old newcomer Josh Safdie comes a free-flying, whimsical play-date with ever-curious Eléonore. Infused with ... Read more
Alexei Sayle narrates this hilarious ode to life and death from the animators of Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight (MIFF 08). ... --- D/S Felix Massie P Sarah Cox, Sarah Jex WS Arthur Cox TD digibeta/2008 ... Read more
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