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Films In 2008

In life there are no fairytale endings. Selected for Edinburgh 2008. Australian premiere --- D/S Katie Wolfe P Felicity Letcher/Rachel Lorimer WS NZFC TD 35mm/2008/12mins ... Read more
Two undertakers maintain their solemn countenance in spite of the obstacles confronting them. Australian premiere. --- D/S Smith and Foulkes P/WS Nexus Productions TD DigiBeta/2007/8mins ... Read more
Boys will be boys.With one night left before being shipped off to Iraq, three Navy officers on shore leave hit the town to celebrate. Dean chases down his fiancée, Sam tries to avoid his partner and Harry just wants to let rip. Gambling, women and practical jokes - all fuelled by booze - produce ... Read more
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.Awarded the Best Director award at this year's Cannes Film Festival, the latest film from Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Climates, MIFF 06), featuring his distinctive visual style, is a taut psychological thriller about a family trying desperately to hold together ... Read more
“It wasn't a fight for a belt; it was a war.” - Sundance Film Festival ... Touted as ‘the greatest fight of all time', the Thriller in Manila held in 1975 was the third and final confrontation between Joe Frazier and Mohammed Ali - two titanic men, formerly friends, who harboured an intense ... Read more
Translates the experimental prose of Brazilian poet and cultural agitator Paulo Leminski into a tactile dance of light and texture. ... --- D/P/S Cristiana Miranda L Portuguese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008 ... Read more
“A magnificently deranged study of overboard pop-culture fandom.” - Slant Magazine ... Set during Chile's darkest days under the Pinochet regime, Tony Manero follows a Saturday Night Fever-crazed loner, whose life ambition is to emulate John Travolta's disco character. His pathological quest to ... Read more
For Donna and Felicia, fearless teenage girls rolling with the punches in a man's world, things don't always go according to plan. ... --- D/S Rebecca Johnson P Dee Meaden, Sian Buckley, Rebecca Johnson WS Future Shorts TD 35mm/2008 ... Read more
A perilous black comedy. ... Serbia, 1993. A troupe of Belgrade actors takes a French farce on tour for a quick buck. The quaint Serbian towns the actors expect to find have become the scene of a civil war. Instead of bringing culture to the needy, they wander from one indistinguishable side to ... Read more
A journey into the world of photographers who make portraits of pilgrims at religious festivities in north-east Brazil. ... --- D Joe Pimentel P Isabela Veras, Valéria Laena S Joe Pimentel, Isabela Veras L Portuguese w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2007 ... Read more
“There are as many different kinds of people in this orchestra as you can imagine. And each one of them is looking for something that fits. We are on a quest for harmony.” - principal conductor Sir Simon Rattle ... In the 125 years of its existence the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has ... Read more
“A brilliantly conceived, magisterially orchestrated drama.” - Variety ... This third feature film from Erik Poppe (Hawaii, Oslo, MIFF 05) packs an emotional wallop. The drama hinges around a twist of fate that brings together the lives of a convicted child killer and the bereaved mother he ... Read more
A couple, growing increasingly distant, attempt to rekindle their relationship in this claustrophobic study of alienation. ... Mert and Selin are a young couple that seemingly have everything: good jobs, a nice apartment and each other. But as the silence between them grows, we find that they're ... Read more
Shota Bukoshi takes Two Love Stories and uses them to open a window onto the harsh daily life of modern Kosovo. But no matter how tough it gets, girls will always dream of love. ... --- D/P/S Shota Bukoshi WS Shota Bukoshi L Albanian w/English subtitles TD betacamsp/2008 ... Read more
“Those who think of Mike Tyson as just an animal unleashed upon an unsuspecting world should welcome the alternative perspective.” - Variety ... The life of one of the most notorious and maligned boxers of all time is laid bare by maverick filmmaker James Toback (Fingers, Black and White) in ... Read more
“From breathless history lesson to grueling chamber piece to tense action thriller.” - New York Times ... One of Japan's most controversial filmmakers, Koji Wakamatsu (Ecstasy of the Angels and Red Army/PFLP: Declaration of War, both showing in this year's Eros + Massacre section) reconstructs ... Read more
“I'd like you to meet a genius.” ... Some people call Lee ‘Scratch' Perry a prophet; others claim he's a madman. Seeing him in the opening scenes of this documentary - spinning in circles in his plaid shorts, oversized sunglasses, spouting the praises of Jah Rastafari - you could conclude ... Read more
As a policeman searches an apartment, he records his impressions on a dictaphone… ... --- D/S Olivier Hems P Gilles Padovani WS Mille et Une Films L French w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008 ... Read more
“I know what women want... they want to be beautiful.” - Valentino Garavani ... Valentino Garavani - known simply as Valentino - is one of haute couture's longest-standing icons, having dressed everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana. With Valentino: The Last Emperor ... Read more
The vérité spirit of the nouvelle vague lives on in this musical road movie, the latest feature from writer-director-star Anna Karina. ... Karina's second directorial effort is strongly influenced by her experience performing live with French popster Philippe Katerine, who provides the soundtrack ... Read more
“The camera is the least important thing in photography.” - Julius Shulman ... Eric Bricker's tribute to architecture photographer Julius Shulman is an intimate portrayal of a man who became an unsuspecting hero of the modernist aesthetic. The film documents Schulman's career from his early ... Read more
“You don't need medication, you need to get laid.”In the sweltering New York summer of 1994 Luke Shapiro is trying to beat his depression, lose his virginity, and make ends meet by selling weed on the streets out of an old ice-cream cart - all before college starts. His pothead shrink Dr ... Read more
“A film of transformative power… Waiting for Sancho redefines film-making.” - Variety ... Mark Peranson, founding editor of Cinema Scope, takes up the video camera to shoot the making of Albert Serra's Birdsong (MIFF 08), an improvised black and white digital video reinterpretation of ... Read more
We may forget the past, but the past won't forget us.Director Art Folman's animated documentary was surprisingly passed over for a prize in this year's Cannes competition; for many viewers the audacity and boldness of its cinematic vision marked it as a standout title. The subject matter is ... Read more
“History will judge me.” - Ryszard KukliÅ„ski ... After years of persuasion, filmmaker Dariusz JabloÅ„ski had finally convinced Colonel Ryszard KukliÅ„ski to allow himself to be interviewed, but arrived to discover he had died the night before. What followed lead ... Read more
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