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BURROWERS, THE (J.T. Petty, 2008)
They wait. They hunt. They feed. ... In the Dakotas of the old west a family goes missing, and the only clues left behind are mysterious holes in the ground. A posse is rounded up and the men set out… Read more

Cargo (Jason Stutter, 2008)
Cargo is a realistic and powerful film that portrays a young boy's descent into the world of child trafficking. Believing he is about to cross a border to a new life, the young runaway instead discov… Read more

Cathrine (Mads Matthiesen, 2008)
From Mads Matthiesen, winner of the MIFF 08 Grand Prix for Best Short Film, comes the story of 16-year-old Cathrine. She has a new boyfriend twice her age - and her overbearing parents are not going … Read more

CELEBRITY: DOMINICK DUNNE (Tim Jolley & Kirsty De Garis, 2008)
"The story of Dunne's life is as much about reinvention and the courage to change direction as it is a current study of the shallow, celebrity-crazed state of popular culture." - filmmaker Kirsty de … Read more

CELIA THE QUEEN (Joe Cardona, Mario de Varona, 2008)
"Celia Cruz is the quintessential survival story. She looks like no one else. She sounds like no one else. And she's still the queen." - Whoopi Goldberg ... Erupting onto the Cuban music scene as the… Read more

CHASER, THE (MA15+) (Na Hong-jin, 2008)
“A wince-inducingly violent serial killer thriller… a sort of Asian-extreme Manhunter for the strong of nerve.” - Daily Telegraph ... First-time filmmaker Na Hong-jin immediately makes his… Read more

CHE PART 1 - THE ARGENTINE (Steven Soderbergh, 2008)
“The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.” - Ernesto ‘Che' Guevara ... Argentine Marxist revolutionary, politician, author, physician, military theor… Read more

CHE PART 2 - GUERILLA (Steven Soderbergh, 2008)
“I don't care if I fall as long as someone else picks up my gun and keeps on shooting.” - Ernesto ‘Che' Guevara ... In 1965, already an icon in his own lifetime, Che Guevara embarked on an ulti… Read more

CHEEKY GIRLS (Ute Wieland, 2008)
Based on a bestselling German book series, this raucous rock ‘n' roll adventure is about friends, crushes and surviving high school. ... Three best friends, Hannah, Mila and Kati, navigate the expl… Read more

Chicken of God (Frank Woodley, 2008)
When the face of Jesus appears in a chicken's comb, Yirri and Teresa's vineyard becomes the site of an adventure of biblical proportions. Directed by Frank Woodley of Lano and Woodley. World premiere… Read more

CHOCOLATE (Prachya Pinkaew, 2008)
A special needs girl with a special need to kick some ass. ... With its tongue firmly planted in its cheek, Chocolate unleashes a new type of heroine - a martial-arts master with lightning-quick refl… Read more

CHRISTMAS TALE, A (Arnaud Desplechin, 2008)
"Desplechin's ambitious widescreen tale overflows with inescapable emotion." - Screen International ... When Junon (Catherine Deneuve) and her husband assemble their oddball clan - all seemingly suff… Read more

CITIZEN HAVEL (Pavel Koutecky, Miroslav Janek, 2008)
“I would like to be a good president.” - Vaclav Havel ... The political life of the Czech Republic's first president - former dissident playwright Vaclav Havel - is laid bare in Citizen Havel, an… Read more

Love is a virus. It incubates silently. It strikes suddenly. It blinds your immunity. It spreads by way of intimate contacts. Its favorite breeding ground - small, crowded, claustrophobic spaces. Tak… Read more

CLOUD 9 (Andreas Dresen, 2008)
Love hurts - even when you're over 60. ... Sixty-something seamstress Inge is thrown into a torrid love affair after bringing a pair of pants she altered to their owner, the affable 76-year-old Karl.… Read more

Cobra Mist- BEYOND THE WALLS (Emily Richardson, 2008)
As the menacing relics of war return to the soil, abstract vision is in eerie harmony with atmospheric sound. ... --- D Emily Richardson P Animate Projects WS LUX L no dialogue TD betacamsp/2008 ... Read more

CRISTIAN NEMESCU SHORTS (Cristian Nemescu, 2008)
Promising young Romanian director Cristian Nemescu was killed in a car crash in late 2006, while his debut feature California Dreamin' was in post-production. Three of Nemescu's lively shorts are col… Read more

Cry Me a River (Zhang Ke Jia, 2008)
Four friends reunited reminisce and mourn for lost youth. From director Jia Zhang-ke, whose feature films were profiled at MIFF in 2008. ... --- D/S Jia Zhangke P Zhang Dong, Eva Lam WS Xtreme Pictur… Read more

DEAD ON: THE LIFE AND CINEMA OF GEORGE A. ROMERO (work in progress) (Rusty Nails, 2008)
"Sometimes I think people expect me to walk in with fangs and a cape, I think they expect me to be some kind of raving lunatic." - George A. Romero ... One of the most important voices of independent… Read more

DEAD SNOW (Tommy Wirkola, 2008)
Ein Zwei Die! ... When eight medical students head off to a cabin in the Norwegian wilderness they plan to spend their time relaxing, drinking, having fun and doing what young students do. But after … Read more

DEATHBOWL TO DOWNTOWN (Coan Nichols & Rick Charnoski, 2008)
A visceral 30-year history of New York City's skateboarding street culture, as it kick-flipped its way from marginalisation to acceptance. ... Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski (Fruit of the Vine, MIFF… Read more

DEREK (Isaac Julien, 2008)
A memorial, homage and exploration of the late and great Derek Jarman, maverick of the British film scene. ... Breaking down barriers in Thatcher's conformist England with his predominantly queer, le… Read more

DESERT WITHIN, THE (Rodrigo Plá, 2008)
"The desert grows, and woe to him who conceals the desert within him..." - Friedrich Nietzsche ... Hot off the success of last year's award-winning La Zona, Rodrigo Plá doesn't put one step wrong in… Read more

Dissection (Callum Cooper, 2008)
On his way home, a young man teeters between an absorbing state of delusion and an unremarkable normality. World premiere.---D/S Callum Cooper P Anna Kaplan TD 35mm/2008/9mins ... Read more

Dropping Furniture- BETWEEN THE WALLS (Harald Hund, Paul Horn, 2008)
Gravity is added to a commonplace room with choreographed slow motion, simultaneously filling and emptying it. ... --- D/P/S Harald Hund, Paul Horn WS SixPackFilm L No dialogue TD betacamsp/2008 ... Read more

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