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Instead of Abracadabra- SCANDINAVIAN SHORTS (Patrik Eklund, 2008)
UP-CLOSE GOTHIC DEATH AND MAYHEM! Can the Napoleon Dynamite of the magic world save the day and win the girl? ... --- D/S Patrik Eklund P Mathia Fjellström WS Swedish Film Institute L Swedish w/Engl… Read more

INVOLUNTARY (Reuben Östlund, 2008)
“Unsettlingly insistent, smartly played and bleakly hilarious.” - Empire Online ... Reuben Östlund's Cannes hit Play featured at MIFF 11, and his earlier Involuntary similarly puts the dynamics … Read more

IT MIGHT GET LOUD (Davis Guggenheim, 2008)
“A three-headed, amped-up, guitar-shredding slamdown powered by a pan-generational trio of rock gods.” - Variety ... Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) fires up the Marshall stack… Read more

IT'S HARD BEING LOVED BY JERKS (Daniel Leconte, 2008)
“We have to have this debate, because when we do, we win the argument.” - filmmaker Daniel Leconte ... Muhammad overwhelmed by fundamentalists' was the title on the front page, followed by a cart… Read more

IT'S NOT ME, I SWEAR! (Philippe Falardeau, 2008)
Léon has a novel approach to conflict resolution: when his parents fight, he sets the house on fire. ... In the technicolour summer of 1968, ten-year-old Léon is raising hell in his own small corne… Read more

JERMAL (Ravi Bharwani, 2008)
A young boy learns self-reliance in this extraordinary story filmed in a unique location - at sea, amid the platform-fishermen of Indonesia. ... Following his mother's death, 12-year-old Jaya is sent… Read more

Jerrycan (Julius Avery, 2008)
Growing up can be dangerous. Awarded the Jury Prize at Cannes 2008, director Avery won the Emerging Filmmaker Award at MIFF in 06. Australian premiere.OFLC have provided certification for this short … Read more

JESUS CHRIST SAVIOUR (Peter Geyer, 2008)
1971. The hippie counter-culture movement is in full swing. And notorious German actor Klaus Kinski stands on the stage of Berlin's Deutschlandhalle, performing a monologue while chaos reigns around … Read more

JOHNNY MAD DOG (Jean Stephane Sauvaire, 2008)
Awarded the Prize of Hope at this year's Cannes Film Festival“It was primordial for me to work with ex-children soldiers, who seemed to be the only ones capable of giving a sincere testimony of thi… Read more

KARAMAZOVS, THE (Petr Zelenka, 2008)
“The play's the thing - but certainly not everything.” - Variety ... The Karamazovs is a performance experiment by Czech director Petr Zelenka, whose claims that he wants to do the impossible: to… Read more

KILL DADDY GOODNIGHT (Michael Glawogger, 2008)
A post-modern faux-thriller about obsession, guilt and wanting to ‘off' your dad. ... Irascible and lazy, Rupert ‘Ratz' Kramer is a 35-year-old slacker who plays out his patricidal fantasies thro… Read more

KIMJONGILIA (NC Heikin, 2008)
“A totally original and ultimately inspiring consideration of the extremes human beings can suffer, and yet still hold out hope for a better future.” - Sundance Film Festival ... Kimjongilia is t… Read more

KISSES (Lance Daly, 2008)
Two young runaways spend a night of adventure on the streets of inner-city Dublin. ... On the city fringes, Kylie and Dylan live in a housing estate devoid of life and colour. When Dylan's father exp… Read more

KJFG No. 5 (Alexei Alexeev, 2008)
Three professional musicians - a bear, a rabbit and a wolf - are practicing in the forest, when suddenly a hunter comes. Screened Annecy and Oberhaussen.---D/S Alexei Alexeev P Andras Erkel WS Studio… Read more

KRABAT (Marco Kreuzpaintner, 2008)
Based on a bestselling German children's book, Krabat is a 17th-century tale of magic, love and the battle between good and evil. ... Lured by dreams of ravens to a mysterious stone mill, 14-year-old… Read more

La Battue- BEYOND THE WALLS (Guy Édoin, 2008)
Longing for escape, a young woman becomes lost in a frozen forest. But what awaits her there? ... --- D/S Guy Édoin P Sylvain Corbeil, Pascal Bascaron WS Locomotion L French w/English subtitles TD 3… Read more

LA RABIA (Albertina Carri, 2008)
“A dark exploration of human nature at its basest and most animal-like.” - Hollywood Reporter ... A film that is as harsh as the living conditions of farmers on the Argentinean pampas, La Rabia m… Read more

LAKE, A (Philippe Grandrieux, 2008)
“Confirms Grandrieux as a true original.” - Variety ... Installation artist and cinematic visionary Philippe Grandrieux (La Vie Nouvelle, MIFF 03) creates a monochromatic, snow-bound wilderness, … Read more

LAND OF SCARECROWS (Roh Gyeong-tae, 2008)
“Human life is like Pandora's Box, too ambiguous and magical to measure.” - filmmaker Roh Gyeong-tae ... Within the decaying landscape of an industrialised South Korean city, three lost souls wre… Read more

“What's the point of having a First Amendment if you're not offensive?” - Larry Flynt ... Media magnate, free-speech advocate, hustler, raconteur, pornographer and consummate believer of his own … Read more

LEMON TREE (G) (Eran Riklis, 2008)
“A multifaceted drama straddling the Palestinian-Israeli chasm that's marbled with irony, generosity, anger and pure crowd-pleasing optimism.” - VarietyEran Riklis takes a fresh look at the Israe… Read more

Lessons From The Night (Adrian Francis, 2008)
One person's workday finishes another's begins, in an homage to the menial worker and existential film about cleaning. ... --- D/S Adrian Francis P Melanie Brunt WS Feather Films TD digibeta/2008 ... Read more

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Tomas Alfredson, 2008)
“One of the strangest, stickiest, and (yes) sweetest horror movies I've seen in 10 years.” - CinematicalLiving alone with his mother in a wintry and miserable Stockholm suburb, shy and lonely 12-… Read more

LETTER TO A CHILD (Vlado Skafar, 2008)
“You are a child, even when you're eighty.” - filmmaker Vlado Škafar ... Bringing down the curtain and coaxing the true essence of human nature from his subjects, documentary filmmaker Vla… Read more

LETTER TO ANNA (Eric Bergkraut, 2008)
“[President of Chechnya] Kadyrov has publicly vowed to murder me… I have merely reported what I have witnessed, no more than that.” - Anna Politkovskaya, assassinated late-2006 ... In a po… Read more

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